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The Fantastic Foursome – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 4]

The Fantastic Foursome

The Fantastic Foursome

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Story Title: The Fantastic Foursome

Episodes: 5

Category: Erotics

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Episode 1

“You must make love to me today Felix, I swear. Unless you make love to me you are going nowhere!”

That was me and my husband quarrelling again because of his……I don’t even know what to call it, maybe I should just call it distaste or phobia for sex…. Myself and Felix had been married for more than three years and we have had sex just only twice since then; he was even forced those two times. He just hates sex!

His family members kept pressuring me to give them a child, but they never knew it was the fault of their son, it was their son who had a phobia for sex! Or is it possible to get pregnant without having sex?

I needed no one to tell me I have a body to die for. From my head to toe, I was damn beautiful, sexy and hot. My butt and boobs were both curvy and huge respectively and also in the right places. Any man I pass by must look back just to have a second view of my sexy body.

I should have known Felix’s a misogynist a very long time ago since we had been courting but I was blinded by love.

For the whole two years that we courted, he never for once touched me, even when I needed it; he kept saying he was reserving me for our wedding night. It was even three months after our wedding that he finally had sex with me.

I stood akimbo in front of him that Friday morning hindering him from getting to the door. I told him unless he makes love to me, he’s going nowhere.

“Shade, please, just spare me your wahala this morning and let me go. I don’t want to miss this meeting please”.

“Gentleman, I repeat, you are going nowhere. Make Love to me! I wanna feel your gaddamn preek inside my already wet pussy, and unless I get satisfied, you are not moving an inch out of this house”.

” Ok, I’ll try to meet your demand when I come back, I promise.

Felix said again.

“Don’t promise Felix, do it now!”

I replied him.

When he saw I was adamant about him having sex with me and I was not ready to let him leave unless he make love to me, he went down on his knees and started pleading that I should let him go; he promised to make love to me when he comes back.

“Felix, you are selfish!”

I replied with so much pain and agony from my heart.

“You keep starving me with sex all in the name of ”work” and whenever you return, you kept complaining of getting tired, like… Do I need to be begging my husband before he agrees to have sex with me?? I hate you Felix! I hate you! If I had known this is the type of man you are, I would have prefer staying single all the rest of my life than marrying you”.

I told him and got out of his sight. He tried to call me back but I didn’t even care to listen to whatever he wanted to say; afterall, he won’t still have sex with me.

Felix eventually came back from work that evening. I welcomed him well, with the hope of finally getting laid after over a year. I dished out his food, his favourite!

After he was done eating, he went to the bathroom to take his shower and later went to the bedroom.

With the hope that he would have sex with me that night, I went to the bathroom and took my shower, went to my wardrobe and selected the most sexy of my nightgowns to wear.

The only thing that was on me was the nightgown, not even a single pant was on me; I was clad only in my sexily transparent nightgown. I applied a little make-up; I looked at myself in the mirror and I needed no one to tell me I was super hot,…and off I went to the room to meet my sweetheart.

I got to the room and met Felix snoring, and at that moment, I got really dissapointed and sad.

“Is this not the person that promised to have sex with me this night snoring like this?”

I said pitifully to myself.

I went to the bed and climbed it. I called his name several times but he refused to answer me, though I knew he heard me very well… When I saw he wasn’t ready to answer me, I tapped him violently that he jumped up from the bed.

“Ooooh, Shade, let me rest now, am very tired”

Felix said to me.

“You say??” was the word that came out of my mouth next.

“You heard me well Shade, I said am tired!”

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