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The Erotic Hotel (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

The Erotic Hotel

The Erotic Hotel

by Cristiano Caffieri

When Marty’s car broke down, seemingly miles from anywhere, he managed to thumb a lift with a truck driver who dumped him off in the nearest town. The community had once been a depressed area after its cotton mill closed down but now they had revived its fortunes with an unusual hotel and casino called “The Erotica.”

As the local garage said they couldn’t tow his car until the next day he decided to book into the hotel, which was housed in what used to be the old mill. Of course, it had been tastefully modernized and re-furbished but there were some pieces of equipment re-assigned as sculptures just to let you know something of its history.

Marty was a little surprised by the fact that the girls at the reception desk were topless and the bellboys looked like they belonged to the Chippendales. The walls were covered in murals of erotic art and a large penis fountain shot water into an open vagina shaped bowl in the center of the reception.

When he approached the desk a very beautiful young woman with enormous tits smiled and asked his pleasure. He was somewhat confused when she asked if he wanted a private room or to share.

“To share?” he repeated.

“Yes we have several young women if young is your preference, and several men who are looking to share.”

“You’re saying,” he stammered, “That you offer room sharing to people of the opposite s*x.”

“Of course but if you’re gay we also have several gentlemen who are looking for partners for tonight.”

Marty wasn’t a prude but this did seem a bit over the top and so he decided to go it alone. The girl was a bit surprised but proceeded to look at the availability on her computer. After a few minutes, she shook her head, “I’m afraid we don’t have anything available for an individual but we can put you on a waiting list – you could spend some time in the casino and we can page you.”

He began to think he was being taken for a sucker and decided to go along with her little game.

“OK,” he said, “Who are the women that want to share?”

“Well I think you would like Melody Bridges,” she replied, spinning the monitor so he could get a look at his prospective companion. She turned out to be a really great looking brunette, maybe be a little older than him but certainly not someone you’d kick out of bed.

“Of course Ms. Bridges will have to have a look at you first,” she said, guiding him to an area at the end of the reception, where a full-length photo was taken. After a few more minutes diddling with her computer she smiled, “Ms. Bridges agrees to the share,” she said, “She’s a charming person, I think you two will get along fine.”

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