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The Deadly River Goddess – Season 1 – Episode 9


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Ojigi: iam ojigi, the great eyes of the gods from umuofor kingdom, iam here to deliver the message the gods sent me to tell you.
Agunnaya: you mean that you are ojigi the great eye of the gods from umuofor the neighbouring village?
ojigi: yes and i have a message for you from the gods.
Agunnaya: i greet you great one, but what message does the gods have for a commoner like me?
ojigi: you shall be the next king of this kingdom, the gods are not happy of what is happening in this land, and you shall also defeat the goddess and set the kingdom free from this bloody custom.
Agunnaya: me? the next king that is impossible, because am a nobody, am not up to that level to be the king, talking of defeating the goddess is like me going on a sucide mission, i dare not challenge the goddess, because she will kill me without mercy. maybe you are mistaken me to someone else.
ojigi: how dare you question the gods, you shall be the next king of this kingdom and you shall also defeat the goddess and set the kingdom free, because the gods have heard their cry and appoint you to rescue them.
Agunnaya: but great one, how will i achieve that?
ojigi: the gods shall be with you in all you do, now take this (handing him a black stone) tomorrow go to the river in the afternoon call on the goddess, when she appear on the river and want to attack you throw the black stone into the river, a fire will come out of the stone and consume the goddess, once the goddess is gone, the kingdom will be free. now take this stone and make sure you do as i said.
Agunnaya: thank you wise one, i shall do as you said (collecting the black stone)
ojigi: may the gods protect you in everything you do (after saying that he disappeared)


Agunnaya went to the river as ojigi instructed him to do, and call on the goddess and she appear on top of the river.
goddess: how dare u come to this place, who gave you the right and power to step your feet here, no one come to this place and go back alive, unless i instructed the person to come. for stepping your feet here without my order, i shall kill you and use for my meat (with her eye sparkling with lighten)
At first agunnaya was scared, but later remembered what ojigi told him and he have the courage to stand her.
Agunnaya: there is nothing you can do you bloody goddess, because the gods of our land is on my side, i shall destroy you today and set the kingdom free from your hand…. ( cut in)
goddess: the kingdom belongs to me, the people are what i feed on, for saying that i shall end your miserable life right now (so she strench her hand and was about to strike agunnaya).

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