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The Deadly River Goddess – Season 1 – Episode 8


(Not Edited)

Goddess: i requested for your son, and you dare go against my order, no one dare disobey me and go scot free, so your punishment will be death (so she strike the king to death and disappeared, after that she appeared to isionwu in his shrine)
immediately isionwu saw the goddess he bow his head down.
isionwu: i greet u the great goddess of our land.
goddess: the king try to play a trick on me by telling his wife to take their son out of the village to another place, so i killed the king, no one dares the goddess and go scot free, now go and gather the warriors, send them after the prince because the queen is trying to escape with him, when they get him u know what next to do because am very hungry.
isionwu: i will do as u said, great goddess of our land.
goddess: go now and do what i ask you to do (after saying that she disappear) immediately the goddess disappeared, isionwu the native doctor went and gather the warriors that same night and he sent them to get the prince.
meanwhile the queen and her son continue their journey, until the prince became tired .
prince: mama, am tired lets rest a little before we continue.

queen: please my son, we are almost getting there lets go before the villagers will see us (as they were about to go, the warriors caught up with them)
queen: what do u people think that u are doing, how dare you surround me and my son, will you leave the road for us to pass or i shall order for your heads.
1st warrior: we are taking the prince with us to be sacrifice to our goddess.
queen: how dare you say such thing, leave my way or i shall report to the king right away.
2nd warrior: sorry my queen, but the king is dead, we are now following order of isionwu.
queen: what happened to my husband (crying)
prince: don’t tell me my father is dead
3rd warrior: am sorry my prince the king is dead and we are taking you along to be sacrifice to our goddess.
prince: please spare my life i beg you
queen: he is my only child, don’t take him away from me (pleading and crying)
1st warrior: we are taking him (so they drag the prince, but the queen was blocking them from taking the prince, as she was holding him tightly preventing them from taking him, when they saw that the queen was proving stubborn from allowing them to take the prince, they have no choice but to use there sword to kill the queen)
After they killed her, they took the prince away to isionwu’s shrine.

The next day isionwu and the warriors took the prince to the river where they sacrifice him, and the goddess feed on him.
This continue to go on in the kingdom, they keep on sacrificing people to the goddess, the whole villagers live in fear. oneday agunnaya was in the farm harvesting some cocoyam (when all of a sudden ojigi the great native doctor from umuofor kingdom appeared to him with fear he ask)
Agunnaya: who are you? and what do u want from me.
ojigi: iam ojigi the great eyes of the gods from umuofor kingdom, iam here to deliver the message the gods sent me to tell you.

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