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The Deadly River Goddess – Season 1 – Episode 7


(Not Edited)

King: i will not be alive and watch them sacrifice my only child and also heir to my throne, never that won’t happen, hmmm…… i know what to do, i will tell the warriors to take a day off, with that i will use that opportunity and tell my wife the queen to take my son away from this village in the night (after saying that, he summoned the warriors)
1st warrior: your highness you sent for us.
king: yes, i sent for u all
2nd warrior: i hope there is no problem your highness?
king: no problem at all, just that have been thinking about you warriors.
3rd warriors: and what happened to us your highness.
king: nothing much, just that you warriors need to spend sometime with your family, so have decided to let you go home and be with your family for today, then tomorrow you resume back your duties, is good to take a day off.
4th warrior: but your highness, we are not complaining.
king: i insist, you should go home and be with your family for today.
1st warrior: if u say so, who are we to question your order.
2nd warrior: thank you very much your highness we will do as you said (after that they left to be with their families, without knowing that the king was up to something)


Queen: am ready my king
king: have you pack everything you will be needing?
queen: yes have pack what me and our son will use.
prince: so where are we going to?
queen: to my maternal home, we are doing all these for your safty, because you are our only child, we can’t afford to lose you in the hand of the goddess.
king: my queen, please take care of our son very well, when you get to your maternal home.
queen: i will do so, and do take care of yourself.
king: i will do that, please take him and go immediately before the villagers will know what we are about do.
queen: ok (so she and her son the prince left)
later that same night, the king was in his chamber, when the goddess appear to him, he became very frightened.
goddess: how dare you disobey my order.
king: emm….. am sorry my great goddess, please spare my life (shaking).

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