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The Deadly River Goddess – Season 1 – Episode 6



Written by Chichi Tonia

(Not Edited)

Through out that day, agunnaya was not himself, he kept on crying thinking about his friend.
Agunnaya: all my love ones are gone, my childhood friend ekemba was sacrifice to the goddess today, also my mother was sacrifice seven days ago, am sure that it will be my turn oneday, i have missed my loved ones, so this is how we will all perish in this village all in the name of custom, i just feel like killing myself, what am i living for because i know it will be my turn oneday and there is no way i can leave this village because the warriors are everywhere (crying and talking to himself)


The whole villagers was gathered in the village square as usual for isionwu to choose the next person to be sacrifice.
isionwu: quiet everyone, we have gathered here again to point out the next person to be use for the sacrifice to our goddess, am sorry your highness you will not like to hear who the goddess want as a sacrifice.
king: say it great one, and i shall order the warriors to get that person
isionwu: am sorry your highness, the next person to be use as a sacrifice, is your son prince emenike and he must be use for the sacrifice to our goddess.
king: no way, you must be out of your mind, how can you say that the only heir to my throne should be use for a sacrifice .
isionwu: remember your highness, that no one try to question the goddess, she have chosen your son as the next sacrifice.
king: go and tell the goddess that i cannot release my only child to her.
isionwu: give us your son to use as a sacrifice, or you shall face the riot of the goddess.
king: my son cannot be use as a sacrifice and that is final (with anger, he stood up and left with his family)
As the king left people began to murmur
1st youth: can you see what the king just did now
2nd youth: don’t mind him, he don’t want his own son to be use as a sacrifice, but he have been in support for other people to be sacrifice, is now his son’s turn he don’t want to release him for sacrifice.
3rd youth: wicked king, his son must be sacrifice whether he like it or not, because this have always be our custom right from time, so he must abide by it.

1st youth: don’t mind him, he only care for himself and his family, he don’t care about other people, sense man.
2nd youth: his son must be sacrifice there is no two ways about it (they all talk for that moment and later went on their seprate ways)
when the king got home, he could not consectrate, he kept on thinking of what next to do.
king: i will not be alive and watch them sacrifice my only child and also heir to my throne never that won’t happen.

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