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The Deadly River Goddess – Season 1 – Episode 5

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Elder uba: hmm….. this is getting out of hand, for how long will they continue using us for sacrifice and there is no way to escape from the village, because the warriors are everywhere monitoring everybody’s movement.
elder okafor: o gods of our land come to our rescue before we all perish in the hand of the goddess.
elder uba: and the king is even in support of the human sacrifice, instead of him to appease on our behalf, instead he will send his warriors to take the person to the river where the sacrifice will be done.
elder elebuo: what a wicked king, and a bad custom we have in this kingdom.
elder okafor: hmm….. let us accept the fate that we are all going to die oneday, nobody knows who will be the next to be sacrifice (after they finish talking, they left to various home)


Isionwu gathered the whole villagers again to choose who will be use as a sacrifice to the goddess, because according to the tradition of the land everybody must come to the village square for the gathering for isionwu to choose who will be use as a sacrifice, and whoever fail to come to the gathering shall be stone to death, that was why if isionwu call for the gathering they will all rush to his call.
so they all gathered in the village square as usual with their heart beating so fast to know who will be use for the sacrifice to the goddess. the king and his family were there, including agunnaya and also ekemba and his family members were also there, and the whole villagers were also present.
isionwu: i greet u everyone, and i also greet u your highness, we have gather again to choose who will be use as a sacrifice to our goddess, the next person to be sacrifice is ekemba (Agunnaya almost dropped dead at the hearing of his friend’s name and even ekemba’s mother fell on the ground rolling herself crying and also his siblings)
Adaku: please spare my son, don’t take him away from me (crying)
Agunnaya: let him go i beg you, please don’t kill my friend (pleading on his friend’s behalf and also crying)
ekemba: (crying) am sorry mama, that i have to die this way, i will miss u all please agunnaya, you are my best friend and also like a brother to me, please take care of my mother and my siblings for me (so he went close to them and hug them all with tears in his eyes, after that the king order his warriors to take him to the river where he will be use for the sacrifice with isionwu following them to perform the sacrifice)

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