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The Deadly River Goddess – Season 1 – Episode 3



Written by chichi tonia

(Not Edited)

Agunnaya: Am sorry my friend for what happened to your father (talking to his friend)
Ekemba: they took my father and sacrifice him to the goddess, making my mother a widow and also making us to be fatherless, when will all this be over? are we going to fold our hands and watch them sacrifice everyone of us to the goddess
Agunnaya: there is nothing we can do for now, unless the gods intervene for us that is the only way we can be free from this evil custom.
Ekemba: in three days time another person will be sacrifice again to the goddess and we don’t know who will be the next person.
Adaku: the goddess is so wicked, she killed my husband and make me a widow, now in three days time they will offer her another sacrifice, o gods of our land come and fight for us, do not let your children perish in the hand of the evil goddess, even the king is wicked all he does is to send his warriors to take the person to be sacrifice, what an evil tradition.
Agunnaya: the gods shall fight for us oneday
Ekemba: i hope so, because if this continue we will all finish.
Agunnaya: may the gods forbid that.


The king and the elders of the village were in the palace talking.
king: i greet u elders of our land, in three days time another sacrifice will be made to our great goddess.
elder elebuo: hmmm….. but who will be the next person to be sacrifice, because i don’t want to lose any of my family.
king: do u want to question the goddess of our land?
elder elebuo: Am sorry my king
elder okafor: why not we sacrifice animals to the goddess, rather than killing humans.

king: shut up your mouth, elder okafor or i shall have you beheaded, how dare you question our goddess, whoever she choose to be sacrifice, who are we to question her. since is human sacrifice that she want, we will be giving her.
elder uba: but my king, how can we be losing our loved ones every seven days, why not we appease to isionwu to talk to the goddess to change her mind for the human sacrifice, because no one knows who will be the next person, the earlier we look for solution the better for all of us.
king: how dare u say such thing, one more word from you, i shall call the guards to lock you up.
elder uba: am sorry my king, if what i said offend you (so after the discussion, the elders went to their various home)


Isionwu the great native doctor the land gathered the whole villagers in the village square to choose who will be the next to be sacrifice, and everbody’s heart was beating so fast, because no one want to lose his or her life, but there is nothing they can do because that is their custom, one person must be use as a sacrifice every seven days.
isionwu: we are here again to choose who will be sacrifice to our great goddess according to our custom. so the next person to be sacrifice is nneka
Agunnaya: please noooo……. not my mother (he fell on the ground crying pleading for his mother’s life, but isionwu and the king refuse to listen to his plead)
isionwu: is the goddess that choose her not me, am following order of our goddess and there is nothing i can do.
Agunnaya: please spare my mother and take me instead (still crying and pleading)
isionwu: no, the goddess will reject you and punish me, if i fail to give her the rightful sacrifice, which is your mother.

Agunnaya: pls don’t take my mother away from me, she is all have got (he pleaded and pleaded, but isionwu refused to listen to him, so he went over to the king and also plead)
king: young man, this is our custom there is nothing anybody can do about it, your mother must be sacrifice to our goddess.
Agunnaya: please my king do something, she is all have got (crying)

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