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The Deadly River Goddess – Season 1 – Episode 2



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Nneka: i just hope so, because i cannot afford to lose u
Agunnaya: you will not lose me mama, any way let me go and see my friend ekemba (so he left)
Ekemba was the first child of his parent and also the friend of agunnaya, ekemba was a fisher man, while his father mbafor was a great farmer in the village, and his mother adaku also assisting her husband mbafor on the farm , ekemba have two brothers and two sisters, making it five children their parents have.
ekemba was at home eating when agunnaya came.
Ekemba: Ah welcome my friend, come and join me
Agunnaya: No thanks, i have eaten before coming ( so he waited for his friend to finish, before they started talking)
Ekemba: hmmm….. my friend am really scared of staying in this village.
Agunnaya: why? what happened?
Ekemba: you are asking as if u don’t know what will happen in two days time.
Agunnaya: am even scared also, because nobody knows who will be the next to be sacrifice.
ekemba: nobody know ooo….. and we cannot escape, because the warriors are every where to monitor everybody’s movement
Agunnaya: we are real stuck in the village, and besides we cannot leave our father’s house and escape to another village.
Ekemba: you are right, but when will all this be over? for how long will they continue to sacrifice human life to the goddess.
Agunnaya: i don’t know my brother, because if this continue the entire villagers will all finish (so after their long discussion, agunnaya later left)
Isionwu the great native, gathered the whole villagers in the village square to appoint the next person to be use for the sacrifice to the goddess.
Everybody gathered in the village square with their heart beating so fast, even the king, queen and their son the prince was also there to know who will be use for the sacrifice.

Agunnaya was there with his mother, and even ekemba was also there with his father, mother, his brothers and sisters, all were present at that moment.
Isionwu: silent everyone, this is the time to make another sacrifice to our great goddess and i shall choose the person, that will be use for the sacrifice to our goddess, which have always be our custom in the land, your highness should i proceed?
king: yes great isionwu, tell us who will be use for sacrifice.

isionwu: quiet everybody, the next person who will be sacrifice to our goddess is mbafor the son of late ogbuagu.
Ekemba: noooo…… my father can’t be sacrifice i beg you (so he and his mother went on their knees and plead to isionwu, while some were crying because mbafor was known as a great farmer in the village)
Adaku: please i beg of you great eye of the gods, spare my husband (crying)
isionwu: the order is from the great goddess, she choose your husband for the sacrifice and there is nothing i can do.
Ekemba: have mercy on us, and spare my father (as he was still pleading and crying, the king told the warriors to take mbafor away, so they took him and isionwu followed to perform the sacrifice)
when they got to the river, they tied mbafor’s hands and legs, then isionwu did some incantation, after that they throw mbafor ekemba’s father into the river and the goddess feed on him.
one afternoon agunnaya went to pay a visit to his friend ekemba, on getting there he saw ekemba and his mother still mourning for his father mbafor who was use for sacrifice four days ago.
Agunnaya: am sorry my friend for what happened to your father (talking to his friend)

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