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The Dark Realm – Season 1 Episode 9 [Completed]

Henry went into the church store and got the items needed. He drew a big circle with salt and place candles around it. The lights off and everywhere became dark.
“He is here. Quickly get in the circle and do not leave the circle no matter what” Henry commanded.
He said and incantation and told Iris to lie down in the middle of the place of the candle in the circle. He then faced Iris.
“Take this cross, it’s purified. When you get there, find his throne and destroy it. It will force him to do back. The cross will protect you”
“Okay I got it”
“Close your eyes iris”
Iris closed her eyes and Henry stabbed her. She exhaled her last breath and lay dead waking up in the underworld.
She looked around hoping to see a dead soul flying around but didn’t.
“This is not what I pictured the underworld to be,” she thought aloud looking for any sign of the chair.
“Welcome,” a voice said followed by an eruption of laughter.
“Who is there, show yourself,” she said.
Emerging from the dark was a tall dark man with bold dark eyes.
“Who are you?”
“I am HADES, the god of the dead and you dear are not going anywhere”
“Shit” Iris ran while Hades chased her.
“You can’t escape,” Hades said and laughed devilishly.
Iris continued running and fell in a deep endless hole.
Meanwhile, Thanatos walked into the church circling them while dragging his knife which made a loud noise. He couldn’t breach the circle. He stopped and made eye contact with Barry hypnotizing him.
Barry looked up and saw Sophia.
“Sophia, is that really you?”
“Who else would it be?”
“No, he’s playing tricks on me”
“Barry stop, you are drunk, please stop. Drop the bottle” she said while the events that lead to her death played in Barry’s mind.
“Stop” he pleaded.
“You killed me Barry, murderer”
“I can explain,” Barry said moving close to her. He realized he had crossed the line and looked at Sophia but instead it was Thanatos.
Thanatos smiled and grabbed Barry by the leg dragging him.

“Barry” Jason shouted making an attempt to save him.
“Don’t cross the line Jason” Henry shouted.
Iris woke up, with the cross in her hand and ran towards Thanatos. Thanatos upon seeing Iris let go of Barry and aimed his knife at her head. She bent down and slide then t—-t the cross into his heart.
He screamed and dispersed into dust.
“You did it, Iris,” Jason said hugging her.
The lights came up and they smiled. Iris walked up to Henry and kissed his hand.
“Thank you Father Henry”
“Anytime Iris”
They bid Father Henry bye and went home. They narrated their experience to granny and laughed at the jokes Iris made up.
The next day, Iris came down from her brother’s car and ran towards Jake who was close to the school gate.
“Jake, wait up” She called and went over to meet him.
“Good morning, Iris”
“Good morning, Jake”
“Hope you slept well?” Jake asked.
“For the first time in two days, yeah I did”
“Well that’s nice”
“It really is. Let us go, we are almost late for the first lesson”
“Okay,” he replied. Iris held his hand and they both stared at each other and smiled.
“Race you to class,” Jake said and released her hand, running to class.
“Hey, that’s cheating” Iris shouted running after him but stopped abruptly after she heard her name. She proceeded to leave again when she heard her name again.
“Iris” Hades called.
Iris felt strange and looked back. Her eyes widened as she saw Hades staring at her from a tree far away with a menacing smile on his face.



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