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The Dark Realm – Season 1 Episode 8

The next day, Jason is woken up by a strange scent. He traced the scent to the kitchen where it came from. He saw iris preparing food and sneaked behind her.
“Am here for you, surrender?” he said with a spooky voice.
Iris held the iron plate and hit Jason and he shouted in pain.
“Ouch, it’s me, Iris,” Jason said touching the part of his head the plate hit”
“Jesus, Jason. You scared the Crap out of me”
“I know”
“Why did you pull such a stunt?” She asked.
“Come on, I was just kidding around” He replied.
“Well serves you right. Take, put pressure on it” Iris instructed and threw a small bag of ice at Jason which he caught and placed on the part which had gotten swollen.
“What were you doing here in the first place, apart from murdering me?”
“Your delicious food aroma woke me up” Jason replied with a wink.
“I’ll dish your food for you. Can you please get out of my kitchen?”
“Okay fine. I’ll be waiting”
At 12pm Barry and Iris came from the house and went to the car. Barry sat at the back seat while Iris sat beside her brother who ignited the car and drove to the church. They all alighted from the car after Jason had put the car to a stop and headed to the door. Iris knocked on the door and the door was opened, revealing a tall, handsome man who was in a priest robe.
“Henry!” Iris exclaimed.
“Hello Iris, what a coincidence. The name is Father Henry”
“Do you know him?” Jason asked.
“Of course I know him but it’s a long story” She turned to Father Henry. “We need your help”.
“Come in,” Henry said with a gesture leading the way to his office.
They all sat down and he stared at each one of them before adjusting his seat.
“So, what is the problem?”
“We are being chased by a monster,” Jason said but was interrupted.
“How is that possible?” Henry asked.
“We did a ritual to see our dead love one and we have since then been chased by this monster” Barry concluded.
“Wait, you did a ritual and now a monster is chasing you. Did the monster wield a long curved knife?”
“Then you are in big trouble. You didn’t just mess with any demon, you messed with Thanatos; the god of death” He said doing a sign of the cross. He stared at them who didn’t comprehend what he was saying.
“I’ll make it easier for you,” He said and went to his shelf and brought a big book which he opened gesturing with his hands for the others to come closer.
In the book was a bold writing which was in the Greek language.
“It says Gods of the Earth”
He opened the book to the middle page and looked up at them.
“Thanatos is the god of death”

“We already know that, can you tell us how to escape from him,” Jason said.
“Let me explain. Thanatos was the child of Nyx, the goddess of night. His brother Hypnos was the god of sleep. Hypnos caused people to fall into a deep sleep when their time on earth was expired and Thanatos would carry them peacefully to the underworld.”
“Then why is he after us? It’s not like our time on earth has expired” Barry asked.
“You breached into his world.” It’s like entering into a bank vault; the police will surely come for you.
“I searched who to escape death and what I saw we have to do is to lock him in our shackles and we had to use some materials like knife, candle, light, salt and a CROSS” Iris commented.
“Those are some of the materials needed to perform the ritual but the shackles won’t stop him”
“What ritual?” Barry asked.
“A protection ritual” Henry replied.
“You said the shackles won’t work, why?” Iris asked further.
“A long time ago, a mortal deceived him and locked him in his shackles; he won’t make the same mistake. Coupled with it, he is a god and you are no match for him” Henry said and paused. “The only way to stop him is to stab him in the heart with a purified cross”
“I’ll do it,” Jason said and Henry laughed.
“Why are you laughing?”
“You think this is a joke, you can’t because you have gone there before. Thanatos plays with the mind of his victims; we need someone who has gone there.
“I’ll do it” Iris volunteered.
“Let us get to work, luckily, I have all the materials we need” Henry concluded.

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