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The Dark Realm – Season 1 Episode 7

The journey to Texas was quiet as everyone was deep in thought. Five hours later, Iris put the car to a stop and they all came down scanning the environment. A woman in her eighties came out of the house. A smile engulfed her face seeing Iris. Iris walked up to her and hugged her
“Iris, is this really you?”
“Yes granny, it’s me Iris” She answered hugging her tight.
They disengaged from the hug and Jason went closer to her.
“Hi, granny”
“My boy is now a man. Come here” she gestured for him to come closer, embracing him.
“Who is that? I don’t recognize him”
“He’s our friend and we need the help of the village old priest. Is he well?” Iris asked.
“He’s dead” she replied. “Don’t just stand here, come in?” she said ushering them in.
“We are doomed,” Barry said as they walked into the house.
Taking their seats, they were served food before Iris narrated the whole event and how their friend died.
“This is huge and bad” granny exclaimed
”That’s why we came here, granny. Please help us”
“You don’t go about messing with the dead realm. Anyway, like I said, the village priest is dead but his successor, father Henry is also a spiritualist. He should be able to help you”
“Where is he?” Jason asked.
“At the church”
“Does he live there?”
“Where is the church,” Iris asked further.
“Down the road”
“Can we go to him this night? Iris asked.
“Yes but it can wait till tomorrow, let’s go sit outside and talk for a while,” Granny said standing up while Iris helps her up.
“Thank you, dear”
They all went outside and sat around the fire, on the chairs which Iris brought out from the room. Jason made up a joke which they all laughed at. They talked and laughed, forgetting their worries when suddenly Barry heard a voice whisper his name.
“Yes Iris, what’s the problem?”
“What problem, Barry?”
“You called my name”
“No, I didn’t”
“Who then did?” He asked but heard his name again. They all became alert and silent as a graveyard.
The blackbird flew and perched on a tree close to them. It screech and Iris who heard the screech turn to the direction it came from and saw Thanatos coming towards them
“He is here,” She said.
“What do we do?” Barry asked, sweating profusely. The thought of been killed by Thanatos had activated his hormones.
Quickly, Jason carried granny and ran into the house followed by the rest. Iris missed her step while running and fell. She winced in pain and crawled fast after seeing Thanatos coming towards her.
“Am coming to Iris?” Jason said as he picked the door keys which lay on the table.

“Lock the door Jason” Iris shouted.
Thanatos took Iris by the leg and dragged her close to the fire and let go of her leg. He raised his knife to kill her but stop when Iris shouted.
“You foul spirit; you are not allowed to touch the anointed. I rebuke you” she said pointing the cross of Jesus she hung on her neck at him. He wailed spookily and Iris used the opportunity to run to the house. Jason, who had been watching the scene with Barry and granny, opened the door for Iris to enter and locked it immediately she got in.
Thanatos walked menacingly to the door, banging it hard.
“We are going to die!” Barry exclaimed.
“Not this night,” Iris said. She stood up and walked to the door, placing the cross she hung around her neck to the door.
Thanatos attempted to hit the door again but couldn’t. A barrier that looked like a mirage stops him from hitting the door. He hit the big table beside him with his knife and disappeared. The table cracked and broke into two.
“Go get some sleep Jason, I’ll keep watch,” Iris said.
“No, you get some sleep while I watch but first we have to treat your leg. Hold on let me get a water and a towel” Jason said leaving but stopped and turned to Granny. “Where do you keep your first aid kit granny? He asked.
“In the tallest wardrobe that’s in my room”, Granny answered while Jason went to the room to get the first aid kit.
He straightens the bones that were dislocated in Iris leg and applied a bandage to it.
“Done, how is it?” he asked while Iris stretched her legs in a conical way.
“It’s good. Thanks”
“Good night Iris,” said Jason. He kissed her forehead and sat on the chair opposite her, keeping watch. He looked at Granny and Barry and saw they were fast asleep.
“Good night Brother” Iris replied, lied down and drifted off in sleep.

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