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The Dark Realm – Season 1 Episode 6


Ace slowly bring the car to a stop at the residence of Iris, she alighted from the car and knocked on the door which was opened by Iris who led her in.
“Hope no problem?” Iris questioned
“There is, I saw Lance” they are holding their head and sighed.
“I know am not crazy, he was right there, it was like I brought him back from the dead. It felt real, exactly how it was when we did the ritual”
“I know Ace,” Barry said. “I heard Sophia call my name but I didn’t see her”
“Wait, does that mean we are being hunted”
“I think you guys are just paranoid. You have been dreaming to see them and now you do, your mind is messing with you. Ace just go home, get a rest and you will be fine”
“This is not my mind messing with me Jason. This is d–n real; Iris please say something!”
“I don’t know what to say or think, maybe Jason is right. Get some sleep and let’s see what happens tomorrow”
“Am not going back to the house alone, am scared and I saw that thing again”
“Saw what?” Barry asked
“That monster, I’m really scared. Can I stay here?”
“Sure, I don’t mind” She gave Jason a quick look and faced Ace.
“Come let me show you your room” she stood up while Ace followed suit while Barry left for his home.
At midnight, in the Ace room, she heard a bird screech and she woke up frightened to see the bird standing there at the window. It stared at her with its red eyes. At Ace back was Thanatos. She picked a rod that lay on the floor and followed the bird out of the window determined to kill it.
Iris took her laptop and searched on Séance. A list of Webpages opened and she clicked the first one which had a headline “FOUR TEENS DIE MYSTERIOUSLY AFTER A SÉANCE SESSION”. She browsed through the page and saw that which took place in the attendant workshop she also read they saw a blackbird in reality then Thanatos would appear to kill them. Moving down she saw another headline on how to stop death after performing the ritual. It read: The way to stop death is to trap Thanatos in your shackles, see a priest.
“F–k is that all. Gosh”
The bird flew and landed on Ace’s car in front of the house. She was about to hit it when she heard her name. Looking back she saw her brother and smiled.
“You are back”
“Yes sis, to take you”
“Wait, to where?”
“To the underworld, where you belong,” He said.
She looked up and saw the monster. She threw the rod at him like a spear but he disappeared and the rod flew across. Running to pick the rod, she tripped, fell and winced in pain, her leg joint dislocated. Thanatos appeared and looked down at her.
“What in the devil name are you?” she asked knowing it was her last minute on earth.
“I am Thanatos” the god of death. He answered with a spooky voice and stabbed her heart with his knife and disappeared. She screamed. Jason and Iris ran out. Iris ran to her and held her head up.
“No, no. Stay with me Ace”
“What happened here Ace? Who did this?” Jason asked.
“Than, tha-na” she said and died.
“Who Ace?” Jason asked shaking her vigorously.
“She’s gone, Jason. She’s dead”
“F–k” Jason shouted.
Jason went to the garage and took a spade digging a grave in which they buried Ace afterward. The next day, Barry stops at their house after receiving a text from Jason to come over.
“I got your message, Jason. What’s the problem?”
“Ace’s dead man, she’s dead”
“What! How, when?”
“Last night, we heard her scream and traced her voice outside and saw her lying helplessly on the grass. She was stabbed”
Jason narrated.
“Did you see the killer?”
“NO, but when I asked her, she said Tha-na… but didn’t complete it before she died”
“She meant Thanatos,” Iris said
“Who is that?” Barry asked
“The one who killed Ace” Iris replied
“How do you know of this?”
“Well, I searched about the ritual you did and saw a lot of people had done it. Do you know that none of those who did the ritual are alive?”
“What do you mean?” Jason asked
“They all died, Jason. They all f—–g died” she said hitting the wall with her fist which left a dent. “According to what I read you will see a blackbird with red eyes later on Thanatos will appear and kill you.”
“Oh shit!” Barry exclaimed “it was the one I saw yesterday when I said I heard Sophia called me but didn’t see her; instead it saw the bird I saw”
“While Barry talked, Jason saw the blackbird staring at him with its red eyes”.
“Jason am talking to you, have you seen this bird?” iris asked.
“NO, what bird, haven’t seen it” he answered but Iris says the worried look on his face.
“Jason, you have seen the bird right. Stop lying and tell me the truth”
“Fine, I saw the bird. What do we do now?” Jason revealed.
“We find a priest who is into spiritualism”
“And why are we doing that?” Barry asked.
“When I clicked on how to stop him, it said we have to trap him in our shackles and stab him in the heart with a cross”
“What does that mean?”
“I don’t know, that why we are finding a priest”
“I still don’t get why a priest is involved,” Barry said.
“Because it said we should find a priest and fortunately I know a priest who does just that. Let’s go pack our bags, we are leaving for Texas” Iris concluded and they all entered Ace car and drove home to pack their things.

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