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The Dark Realm – Season 1 Episode 4

Iris walks to the kitchen and pours herself a cup of coffee, she sips it and Jason entered the kitchen.
“Good morning sis, I can see you are drinking coffee”
“Yeah, I will need it today” Iris replied
“Okay,” Jason said moving to his laptop
“Camera, check”
“Lights, check”
“Defoliate, check”
“What’s a Defoliate?” Iris asked
“I saw some girls using it online, said its good can’t help but try it out”
“F–K Jason, you want to look sexy when you die”
“Yeah, not a bad idea”
Jason moves closer to his sister and stand in front of her
“Look, I am not just doing it for fun or for the fame or video. Am doing this to see mum one last time and bid her goodbye, it’s a risk worth taking”
“I don’t want anything to happen to you Jason”
“Nothing will happen to me, okay. Thank you for always been there for me; it means a lot to me. Alright come on let’s get going, we’ve only got a few hours” Jason said heading out.
They arrived at a church and alighted from the car walking into the old abandoned compound. Graves of dead people occupied the compound as it was a custom of the church to bury any members who dies, in the compound.
They believed that it would prevent wicked spirits and demons from distracting or confusing the spirit of the dead member from entering purgatory which is a gateway to the afterlife.
“Is this the place, because it looks scary?” Ace commented as to start a conversation since they’ve all been quiet since they left the house.
“Well I have a little question,” Iris said while Jason stooped and faced her.
“What is your question?”
“Why are we doing this in an old, abandoned God forsaking church? This place is creepy” Iris asked.
“Where do you expect we do it huh, in a public and risk looking like a physicist. Barry’s research says all the partakers did it in an abandoned church and also Holy Mary will be here to pray for us if anything goes wrong?”
“Nice speech brother lets proceed.”
They walked to the church door with Jason leading the way, pressing the doorknob it creaked as Jason slowly opened it.
On a grave which faced the church front door stood a small spooky blackbird which looked malnourished, it stared at the teenagers as they entered the church and the door.
Its eyes shone red and it disappeared into thin air after the door had been shut.
Jason scanned the church, pointing to the alter he suggested they execute their plan there as a picture of Holy Mary was pasted there signifying she was watching them.
“Don’t tell me you believe in the myth that Mary is actually watching you”
“Come on, Pope always teach that Holy Mary is always watching and praying for us” Jason defended.
“Well if she is truly watching you she ought to tell you that this whole thing is a bad idea” Iris fired.
“Can we just carry on with what we are here for? Ace said moving to a chair which she sat on immediately.
Checking the camera, Jason sat in a chair in the middle of Ace and Barry.
“We are good to go,” Iris said recording them.
“Good day guys, its Jason your daredevil master. We are going to try a dangerous stunt, something I have never done before; we are going to the underworld to meet our love one but first, we have to die. Viewers discretion, don’t try this at home, everything filmed now is absolutely real, let the journey begin”
“I’ll go first” Ace volunteered.
Jason, with a big sack, covered Ace’s face suffocating her. The same thing was done to Barry and Jason.
Ace struggled to set free till she passed out awakening in the dark realm. She walked about in the dark until she heard her voice, she turned towards the direction the voice came from and she saw her long-dead brother.
“Lance” she called
“Welcome sis” He replied with a smile.
“Am glad to see you; I never thought I would see you again?” She said hugging him tight.
“You are here now and we will be together always”
“I can’t stay Lance; I have to go back”
“I thought you came to see me, Ouch my head hurts” He winced in pain.
“What’s the problem?”
Ace steps back fearfully after seeing the skeleton-like creature. Lance stood and the creature talked.
“You can’t leave; this is now your home”
In the human realm, Iris watches the timer she had set at three minutes and had agreed to wake them up after the given time had elapsed. That of Ace rings and Iris administers oxygen to her.
“Come on Ace,” she said pumping the oxygen bag.
“HO!” Ace exclaimed breathing rapidly.
Barry woke up in the dark realm; he called out his girlfriend name Sophia.
“Am right here Barry?” She said and Barry looked back to see her.
“It’s so good to see you, Sophia, I’ve missed you so much,” He said moving closer to her. “Am so sorry for what I did”
“NO, don’t be, I missed you too,” she said closing the distance between them and they locked their lips, kissing each other hungrily.
She broke the kiss and began kissing his neck then deep her fangs into his neck biting and s—–g his blood while he moaned in ecstasy. Barry timer also rings and Iris gives him oxygen.
“Ho, Ho” I am back.
“Remain Jason”
Down there in the dark realm, Jason walks about in no direction looking for his mother.
“I thought if you think of the dead person you want to see before you die, you will be able to see them or did something go wrong,” Jason said in thought.
“Jason” his mum called and he looked ahead and saw her
“Mum” he called, walking towards her direction. “Is that really you?” he asked
“Yes, it’s me, Jason”
Jason ran and hugged his mum tightly.
In the human realm Jason’s timer goes off and iris pumps oxygen through his nose but he doesn’t respond.
“Come on Jason,” Iris said while Barry and Ace stared worriedly.
“Something is going wrong,” Iris said bringing out a syringe and a bottle.
“What could be wrong?” Barry asked
“Wake up Jason, please” Ace sobbed
“I don’t know,” she said draining the content in the bottle into the syringe and injecting it in Jason’s arm.
“I’ve missed you so much mum, I didn’t get a chance to bid you farewell”
“It’s okay, you are here now and that’s what matters” she replied picking up a cake from the ground.
“I baked this cake for your birthday the night I died but I didn’t get to eat it with you”
“I couldn’t eat the cake the next day which was my birthday”
“I know, that’s why it’s here. Happy birthday, son” she said with a smile.
“Blow the candles,” she said.
Jason with tears in his eyes blew the lights and stared at the cake. Drips of blood fell on the cake and he looked at his mother’s face to see her laughing as more blood dripped down on the cake.
“Mum” he called but she changed to something I can’t explain.
“You are not leaving Jason,” she said while he moved back.

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