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The Dark Realm – Season 1 Episode 3

She woke up later in the night, the room was in a little bit dark but the light from the headlamp illuminated the room.
Looking at the clock beside the headlamp, it was 8:00pm.
“Geez, can’t believe I slept that long,” she said uncovering the duvet.
“I stink, I have to shower”
She wore her slippers and was going to the bathroom when she stopped due to the faint voices she heard coming from the sitting room.
“We don’t usually have visitors. Who could they be? She asked herself.
She removed her slippers and wore her socks, then tip-toe to the door of the sitting room where she traced the voices to and eavesdropped on their conversation.
“Are you sure she is going to do this for us? The girl asked Jason, Iris’s brother.
“Where is she?
Iris barged into the sitting room interrupting the discussion.
“Do what Jason?
“Oh, you are awake”
“Who are these people Jason?
“Go to your room I’ll explain, let’s go,” he said as Iris led the way to her room.
“Explain, now” she requested immediately they got to her room.
“I tried too, I wanted to but you just barged in on us”
“Answer me, who are those people? She asked.
“I met them online; they saw some of my videos and said they had this idea”
“What idea is that? She asked staring intensely at her brother.
“You’re going to freak out if I tell you”
“That’s my problem, just spill the shit out”
“Okay, just keep your voice down. Barry lost his girlfriend, he was drunk and he mistakenly smashed a bottle on her head killing her, He lived his life wishing to see her one last time to apologies, while Ace wants to see her young dead brother”
“And how is that any of your problems? Are you trying to get yourself in playing a witch board game or what?
“Barry found this ritual online that if you let yourself completely pass on in death for a while, you would be able to connect with your dead loved ones”
“Jason, I can see you have finally lost it. Like what the f–k!!!”
“It’s called SEANCE, people have done it before and it works”
“You want to see mum, right?
Jason stood still for a moment and replied “I want to do it for my video, Iris”
“Are you on drugs? Because only a drug addict would say such? Jesus; Jason, can you hear yourself”
“I thought it will be a cool experiment that would get a lot of views. I wanted to ask you if you will be there, we would need someone to film the whole thing”
“I get it, you’ve finally gotten crazy”
“You think I am crazy, don’t you feel sorry that mum died and I am getting a chance to see her and bid her farewell” Jason shouted.
“So it is to see mum. Do you think mum will be happy you came to see her in the realm of the dead?
“Do you think mum will be happy that you didn’t come to bid her farewell properly when there was a means of doing so, huh?” Jason asked.
“Fine what again do you want me there for?” Iris asked moving away.
“In case anything goes wrong, you will be the best person to help us with your expertise”
“Wait, what do you mean go wrong and expertise?” she asked.

In the sitting room
“That’s how it’s done Iris, we would have to suffocate ourselves so we can die temporarily and pass on to meet them,” Barry said.
“You mean you guys practically want to kill yourselves for this experiment,” said Iris.
“Yeah and you will revive us” Jason replied
“Jason am not a doctor, am a trainee nurse”
“We are not actually killing ourselves,” Ace said.
“Then what do you call what you just described, blackout, huh. I can’t believe am having this conversation”
“That’s why we are doing it”
“We wouldn’t be doing this if we hadn’t done research on it,” Barry said.
“Jason this is crazy and you are actually considering filming them, you’ll go to jail”
“Am not considering filming them, I’ll be doing it with them?” Jason said making Iris laugh.
“You are kidding me right, I hope you are”
“Am not, Iris do this for me, do it for us okay. Please, if you don’t we’re just going to do it anyway, even without you”
Iris holds her head thinking deeply
“We leave in the morning,” said Jason retiring to his room.


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