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The Dark Realm – Season 1 Episode 2

Five days later
Location: Briton University
Iris, a student in her twenties walked to the counselor’s office and knocked gently on the door.
When she didn’t get a reply, she quietly opened the door and entered the office. Looking around the office admiring it; the wall was painted blue and the ceiling pink.
“Why would he choose pink, that’s a girl color,” she thought and shoke her head erasing the thought from her mind.
On the desk was a small glass with the name Mr. Sin written boldly on it.
“Sometimes I wonder why a parent would name their child SIN,” she said aloud sitting down on the chair opposite to that of the counselor’s waiting patiently for him to arrive.
“Maybe he reminded them of their sin or he was a sin” she smiled stupidly at her silly statement.
Few minutes later he arrived adjusting his tie while sitting on the chair.
He smiled looking at the small glass on his table, on which his name; Mr. Sin and his position; counselor was written boldly on it.
“You sent for me, Mr. Counselor,” Iris said looking straight at him.
“Yes Miss Iris, I sent for you”
“Okay, here I am”
“I have an important matter to discuss with you”
“Am on all ears” she replied stretching her hands.
“Well, the thing is that you have not been performing well in your line of course and I am really worried,” said the counselor studying her reaction as he continued.
“If you feel you can’t balance or cope with it, I’ll advise you to drop out on this course, like your brother did and cross-over to another course. Nursing is not a course you can play with, judging by your recent grades and behavior you may fail and repeat the course which I don’t want you to. I know you are still shaken about your mum’s death but you have to let it go and find someone to share your problem with…………
“I get it, Sir, I messed up last semester and I won’t let it happen again,” Iris said cutting the counselor off.
“In case you need someone to talk to, I…..”
“Thank you, sir, but I won’t need it. I will like to take my leave” Iris replied cutting him off once more.
She stood up from the chair and went out slamming the door leaving the counselor in total awe.
She had always been his best student right from her college where he taught biology before he became a lecturer here. A few years later he saw her in his class where he taught biology 101, she picked up also as the best student in her course that year but she suddenly changed after the death of her mother and that got him worried.
“To hell with him, I hate people poking into my privacy and family life,” she said as she kicked the waste bin while coming out of the school.
“Calm down girl or you are going to bring down this school with your temper,” Jake who happened to be her department mate said smiling. He was very funny and was known for making fun of people when they are angry.
Iris shot him a glare and the smile on his face was replaced with fear, they were always scared whenever she shot anyone that glare because they know what would follow next.
Surprisingly she didn’t do anything to Jake.
“You are lucky that you’re cute” She stared at him for a while and turned around heading to her abode, leaving a stunned Jake with his mouth agape.
“This is absolutely not real,” Jake said and pinched himself.
“Ouch, it’s real. I am not dreaming, am not f—–g dreaming” he exclaimed!
“You like her, don’t you? A pitch dark voice asked from behind.
“Of course I do”
“Well, she’s mine” the voice trailed off.
“Who the hell are you…!!? Jake paused when he turned and saw no one. He jumped up scared and ran like a man pursued by an evil spirit.
Iris waved at a cab which stopped right in front of her.
“Georgia’s close”
“That’s 10 dollars miss”
“Okay,” she said entering the cab.
The cabman ignited the car and set it in motion.
During the journey Iris was moody and the driver saw it on her face through the mirror.
“You look, moody miss, something bothering you?”
“Yeah, and it is none of your business. Just drive this god d–n car faster and drop me home” she replied harshly.
“Am sorry miss”
“Just try and stop poking your nose into other people business”
“Okay miss”
Few minutes later the cab stopped right in front of her house. She alighted and brought out money to pay him.
“Here is your pay,” she said stretching the money to him.
“Don’t bother about it miss, the ride is free”
“Yeah, you heard me right”
“Okay, thanks”
“You are welcome,” he said walking to his cab.
“Hey, about what happened earlier? Am sorry, I was really pissed off today” She said pouting her face.
“And you find me suitable to aggravate your anger on”
“I said am sorry”
“I get it, I was kidding. Off the record; the name’s Henry”
“Am Iris”
“You mean like the iris in our eye”
Iris made an angry face.
“Oh the queen is angry, who is going to save me from the wrath of the queen? Kill me, my queen, for I am not worthy of being your servant” He said while demonstrating which made Iris laugh.
“Rise Sir Henry of Camelot, your sin has been forgiven. She replied and they burst into laughter.
“That was funny, are you a comedian?
“Nay my Lady, I am a comedian”
“F–k, you are d–n funny,” she said admits laughter.
“I have to go”
“I wish you could stay, why not come in for a cup of coffee”
“I would like to but am late for an ordination.
“Bye, have a nice day, Lady Iris”
“Bye, Sir Henry.”
Iris turned and moved to the door where letters laid. She picked up the letters and opened the door leading to her room.
“It’s good to be home!” She exclaimed dropping her bag off her bed.
She brought out the letters and read through. They were letters from people feeling sorry about the death of her mum and expressing the sincere condolence.
“Condolence my foot, they hated her mum when she was alive and they had the gut to send a condolence message.”
“Screw them” she sobbed and drifted off in sleep.

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