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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 9

Nwamma has prepared for her evil assignment,

carried few fruits as usual in a small bag and

left for Ada’s house. On her way she met

Ikemba and Egwuatu who was walking like they

owned the city

“Nwamma, it’s been long oh” Ikemba said

“Long when you no longer ask of me” Nwamma

said and they pleaded to her in a not too

serious manner

“It’s alright, I have heard” Nwamma said

“Where are you going to?” Egwuatu asked

looking at her bag

“Oh, I am going to see someone” Nwamma said

“Hmm.. Someone?” Ikemba asked

“Of course yes” Nwamma replies almost

immediately and Egwuatu whispered to her


“Why not visit us first. We will make it very

fast” He whispered and Nwamma bit her

tongue seductively

“No!!” She later refused and began to walk


“Alright, give us some fruits” Ikemba asked

dipping his hands into the bag of fruits but

Nwamma hit out his hand

“It’s not meant for you” Nwamma said and left

“Chaii, Nwanne lekwa ukwu (My Brother, look

at this waist)” Ikemba said to Egwuatu as they

looked at Nwamma shaking her buttocks like a

swinging rope.. They later left walking through

the other path..


Nwamma got to Ada’s house, greeted her

mother who unwillingly reciprocated

“Welcome” Ada said and offered her a sit. Ada

went in and came out again standing in front of

her mother.

“Nne, we are going” Ada said. Nwamma

behaved like a saint which died down Ada’

mother’s suspicion about her

“Alright, but come back in time” She said

“I will Nne” Ada said and they left…


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