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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 8

Anochie walked in and dropped his water pot,

he went into the house but didn’t find his

mother, he went to the back yard and didn’t

find her market basket so he knew she went to

the market so he went into the bathroom,

freshened up, ate the food his mother kept for

him and sat outside playing his flute.


Ada also got home, dropped her water pot and

was thanked by her mother who has already

finished cooking. Ada took her bath also,

braided her hair and shined light the morning


“Where is Papa” Ada asked

“He went to see the Onowu” Ada’s mother

replied and Ada began to eat her food as her

mother watched her

“Where are you going dressed up like this?”

Ada’s mother asked

“I will be going to Anochie’s house with

Nwamma” Ada said concentrating on her food

“Who is Nwamma” Her mother asked

“The orphan that lives with her Uncle” Ada said

still face down on her food

“Since when did you become friends” Her

mother asked her further

“Why asking me all these questions mother”

Ada asked back but this time looking at her


“I never liked that girl. She is not a good girl”

Ada’s mother said to her

“How do you know Nne” Ada asked

“I don’t just know, but as I heard, she is not a

good girl” Ada’s Mother said

“Nne, stop listening to gossips. It’s just a mere

gossip about her. She is very nice Nne” Ada

said and her mother sighed

“Alright, if you say so. But be careful with her”

Ada’s mother said

“Nne, I will” Ada said and continued with her

food but her mother was still worried..



“Amaka where have you been?” Lolo queried

Amaka who heard her voice from afar on her

way back and ran to the Lolo’s hut

“Sorry My Lady, I went to ease myself” Amaka

lied to herself

“Alright, go get my son for me” Lolo said and

Amaka left immediately

“Don’t forget to get my food ready in minutes”

Lolo said while Amaka was still at the door

“Ok Her Majesty” She said and left. Her heart

pounded as she thought of how to enter the

Prince’s room to call him. She gathered a little

courage and knocked on his door

“My Prince” She called and the Prince opened

the door bare chested with only a wrapper

around his waist. He looked at Amaka who

shifted a bit

“Her majesty is calling you” She said shifting

back the more

“Why are you shifting back, come closer and

tell me what you said cause I didn’t hear you”

Azuka said luring Amaka to come closer. She

sluggishly came but before she could say

anything Azuka drew her in and held her tight

romancing her angrily..

“My Prince Please, Lolo is calling you” Amaka

struggled to free herself but Azuka paid deaf

ears so Amaka began to shout which made

Azuka leave her immediately and slapped her

“Are you crazy?” Azuka asked angrily and

Amaka held her cheek in tears

“Thank your gods my Mother is calling me, your

shouts wouldn’t have saved you. Nonsense!

Now get out” Azuka ordered and Amaka ran out

immediately. Azuka dressed up and walked to

his Mom..


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