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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 7

“Anochie be fast let’s go to the stream” Ada

called on Anochie who hurried out with his

water pot and they left. Mrs. Nworie has not

even woke up by then.. They left for the

stream very early that morning so that they

will fetch before the stream becomes crowdy.

On their way to the stream, they met Nwamma

again with her own water pot, probably she has

been watching their every move.

“Good Morning Ada” Nwamma greeting from

behind running towards them and they turned


“Ha!! Nwamma, have you been following us”

Ada asked jokingly

“No.. I can’t do such thing” Nwamma said and

greeted Anochie who reciprocated. Ada and

Nwamma did the normal ladies talking and

laughing as Anochie patiently waited for them

to finish. They later went to the stream and

fetched water. Anochie helped them place

their pots on their head and carried his own

“Ada, you have been enjoying oh” Nwamma

said breaking the silence while on their way


“How?” Ada asked surprisingly

“Having a handsome caring brother” Nwamma

said turning and looking at Anochie

“Why can’t you ladies focus for once” Anochie


“Don’t mind him my dear” Ada said

“He is the best brother I ever had” Ada boasted

about it

“Ada, that’s enough” Anochie said and smiled

“I have not even started talking” Ada said and

they laughed..

“Can I come to your house this afternoon I will

be so lonely at home” Nwamma requested

from Ada whoo didn’t refuse. Ada turned to

Anochie looking at him

“What?” Anochie asked

“Hope you won’t mind both of Us coming to

your house this afternoon” Ada requested from


“Will I give you an Invitation. You are my sister,

you can come on” Anochie said and they all

agreed on seeing in the afternoon. Nwamma

smiled but evil filled her heart..



“Nwadike, I am still wondering on the action of

the Igwe the other day” Egwudike said to his

twin as they were coming back from hunting

“It marvels me my brother” Nwadike said

“Ete said it all but we didn’t believe” Nwadike


“Hmm.. What is this village turning into”

Egwudike exclaimed

“Not only that, I heard the royal family, the

elders and the Priestess are no longer in good

terms” Nwadike said

“Chi m oo” Egwudike exclaimed

“We are finished” He added and Ete walked in

“What is finishing you?” Ete asked under the

influence of Alcohol

“Haa!! Nna anyi Ete I greet you” Nwadike


“Get away!! Do I look like your father?” Ete


“Ooh… Sorry” Egwudike apologized

“Better” Ete said

“I learnt the Igwe chased you out because I still

see the Urchins Ikemba and the idiot friend

jumping like monkeys looking for another

Banana to lick” Ete said staggering and the

twins were speechless

“I told you, My Wine never lies” Ete said and

laughed stupidity into them

“You want to report to the King, Mtcheew. I am

wasting my energy talking to deaf and dumbs.

Let me start going” Etewine said as the twins

never said anything nor reply him. Ete left

staggering almost falling to the ground.. The

twins later left after watching him walk a long

mile away..



Amara, Chimma and Adanna were seen sitted

in front of Adanna’s house chatting. Probably,

they have forgotten the incident that happened

the day she was nearly raped.. Amara began to

tell them about herself and Nwadike the

younger twin hunter. She uttermostly

exaggerated everything which made them to


“Amara, you won’t kill me” Adanna said

laughing aloud

“This Love has plucked out your mind ooh”

Chimma added

“So, you think I am lying?” Amara asked not

feeling too happy

“Noo ooh, we didn’t say that” Adanna and

Chimma covered

“But Amara wait ooh, did this love made you

stop gossipping becausr I can’t remember last

you gossiped” Chimma said and they laughed

again, this time Amara joined the laugh

“Chimma, you are not serious” Adanna said

hitting Chimma on the hand playfully

“Don’t insult me ooh” Amara said trying to be

mean, but the laugh still overtook her….



“Mama Ada!!” Ukadike called and Ada’s mother

replied from the back yard

“Yes Nna anyi” She said running in

“Let me go and see the Onowu, I will be back

very soon” Ukadike said

“Ook Nna anyi, go well” Ada’s mother said and

Ukadike left.



“I can’t keep this in my mind” Amaka the maid

said worried as her conscience couldn’t let her


“I have to tell Anochie about this” She

concluded and thought more

“What are you thinking Amaka” One of the

guard who was passing asked her and she

shock-Stood facing the guard

“Nothing” Amaka said and left immediately to

avoid more interrogations.. As she left she

spied on every corner of the Palace, seeing that

no one was nearby she ran to the house of

Anochie through the bushes. Meanwhile, Mrs.

Nworie went to the market after Anochie and

Ada left for the stream, so Amaka met no one

at home. She knocked and shouted names but

no one was at home. She became more

worried as she waited to know if she could find

someone but she found nobody. Tears of pity

rolled down her eyes as she ran back to the

palace knowing that Lolo must have called her.

Immediatelt she left Anochie’s house, Anochie

walked in with his water pot on his head…..


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