The Cry – Season 2 Episode 6

The Prince walked proudly with his guards on

the road of Umuanyanwu. From his steps, one

can depict that he has a destination, his steps

increased in fastness as he walked the more…

Nwamma, on the other hand was waiting by the

bushy part that led to the stream. It was so late

the evening that no one walks the way of the

Stream at that time.. The Prince immediately

arrived at the stream path and met Nwamma

“You kept me waiting. Do you know how long I

have been waiting for you here” Nwamma

complained to Azuka who kissed her as a reply

“I’m sorry” He later said after breaking the kiss

and Nwamma smiled touching his cheeks


“Leave Us” Azuka ordered the two guards that

followed him and they left immediately waiting

at the other end of the path. Nwamma was

never the ugly type, she was a beautiful figure

with an attractive shape. Fair in complexion

with a fine locally braided hair adorned with

beads which made her look more beautiful..

Azuka looked deep into her eyes and they

kissed romantically again but Nwamma broke

the Kiss

“I thought you came here for business”

Nwamma said and the Prince adjusted his robe

“Oh.. Yes” He said

“So, how did it go?” Azuka asked her

“It is going just as planned, I am trying to make

friends with them and then I will attack”

Nwamma said

“Good, I trust you. Make sure you make no

mistakes” Azuka said

“Of course I won’t” Nwamma bragged

“But…” She changed her mood

“But what?” Azuka asked

“Remember my Price as being the next queen

of this Land and other things you promised”

Nwamma reminded Azuka

“You know I won’t forget that. Who won’t like to

have a sweet angel like you as a wife” Azuka

asked rhetorically and Nwamma smiled

bringing her head closer and they kissed again.

The Prince tried taking the kiss to the next

level but Nwamma refused

“We can’t do it here” Nwamma said

“But, there is no one here” Azuka insisted

“No.. I disagree, if you need me, It won’t be in

a bush” Nwamma disagreed his statement and

shook away his hands

“Alright” Azuka said still feeling high in sexual


“Better, If you need me, you know where to

call me” Nwamma said

“Now it’s time for business” Nwamma

concluded and left shaking her buttocks very

attractively that Azuka kept looking at her…

He later went to meet his guards at the other


“Let’s go” He said to them and they left..



“Mama, I am wondering why the Prince hates

me so much, I haven’t done anything to him or

his mother” Anochie said to his mother who sat

besides him on the bench and a lamp in front

of them

“My Son, maybe it was since the day he claimed

you used evil powers to slap him in the bush”

Nworie said

“But, I didn’t do that Nne” Anochie said

“I know my Son. It might also be because of the

incident that happened between you and the

guards the other time they came” Nworie said


“That also wasn’t my doing. We all saw it

happen. I don’t know how” Anochie said

“It’s alright my Son” Nworie said

“He may not hate you, maybe it’s just because

of all these things” Nworie said and Anochie

fell on her chest

“It’s alright my Son, I know how you feel”

Nworie said to him and they stood up. Nworie

took up the Lamp and both went inside..



It was dark enough, but the palace of the Igwe

was still a bit interactive as maidens were still

moving about trying to conclude their daily

work. Igwe Ebubedike was still on his throne

and the guards were still up and active..

“How is it going my son” Lolo asked Azuka as

they sat on her bed in her room

“Mum, perfect. I told you she won’t fail” Azuka


“That’s good” Lolo said in smiles, ” we will take

them out one after the other” Lolo said…

Amaka the maid took the Night palm wine to

Igwe Ebubedike and he told her to also give to

Azuka his son. She went to Azuka’s room but

didn’t find him there so she decided to search

for him in his mother’s room as she already

knew he must be there.. On getting to the door

that led to Lolo’s room, she heard words and

murmuring then she slowed down her step

standing beside the door..

“Anochie! Anochie you will smell the wrath of

royalty” Lolo said in anger

“I will make sure you suffer” Lolo added and

Amaka was shocked

“Mom, let’s just wait till the day he will be

called up for his judgement” Azuka said and

they laughed. Then Amaka swallowed her fears

and Fright and knocked on the door

“Yes, come in” Lolo said adjusting their sitting

posture and Amaka came in

“Greetings Lolo.. Greetings my Prince” She


“What is it?” Lolo asked not even reciprocating

her greeting

“I want to give my Prince his wine” Amaka said

a bit shaking and handed the wine to Azuka who

collected it

“Why are you shaking?” Lolo asked noticing her

shaky body

“Nothing my Lady” Amaka said

“Are you alright” Lolo asked further

“Yes My Lady” Amaka said and went out

“Are you sure she didn’t hear our

conversation?” Azuka asked

“Even if she did, what can she do about it?” Lolo

replied with a question and Azuka drank his


“What an evil Plan they have for a poor boy.. I

can’t tell Anochie this. If they find out, they will

kill me” Amaka thought in her mind as her

conscience bites her to tell Anochie but she

couldn’t fall for it…


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