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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 5

The next morning was so bright and wonderful

as Anochie woke up even earlier than others.

He swept everywhere and did every morning

work that needs to be done. He then went to

his normal bench and began to play his flute.

Probably, the melody of the flute woke Ada up.

She came out looking at Anochie

“Brother good Morning” She greeted from the


“Morning Ada, hope you slept well” He asked

with smiles on his face

“Yes, I did” she replied

“Hope you are feeling better” She asked

“As you can see, I am now strong enough to kill

a Lion” Anochie said and they both laughed.

Ada then left for the backyard. She went

around to see everything and everywhere

cleaned up, so she was surprised. Mrs. Nworie

woke up yawning and Stressing as she walked


“Nne good Morning” Ada greeted and she


“Where is Anochoe” Nworie asked

“He is outside Nne” She said and tried leaving

but Ada called her back

“Nne, where you the one that cleaned

everywhere?” Ada asked and Nworie was


“No, as you can see, I just woke up” Nworie

said and they looked at each other thinking

same thing and they walked out to meet

Anochie immediately

“Haa.. Nne you are awake” He said looking at

his Mum

“Good day Mum” He added in greeting

“Why are you killing yourself” She asked


“How Mama?” Anochie asked back

“You just got well yesterday and you are

stressing yoursel today” Ada said folding her


“Oh.. That.. I don’t feel any pain Nne” He sad

“But I am here for you” Ada said

“You see, she is here too help Us” Nworie said

“Alright, you win. I give up” Anochie said and

they smiled and he played the flute for them..

Later, they ate and Ada carried the firewood

Anochie fetched for her and tried leaving

“Let me help you” Anochie requested

“Noo, stay behind” Ada said

“Please” Anochie pleaded

“I disagree..” Ada said and Nworie just looked

at them..

Ada later won thr arguement and Anochie

escorted her to the entrance of their

compound and she left…


Ada walked happily to her house, on her way,

she met her long time friend Nwamma walking

opposite her with a bag in her hand

“Hey!! Ada, is this you” Nwamma asked as she

came closer to Ada

“Chi m ooh (My God), Nwamma, where went

you. You are now scare in this village.

“Nne m, I’m around ooh, what will an orphan

like me do than to stay at home” Nwamma


“Stop that talk please” Ada said knowing

Nwamma was just kidding and they laughed

“What about you Brother” Nwamma asked

“He is fine” Ada said

“Alright.. Extend my greetings to him”

Nwamma said and dipped her hands into the

bag in her hand and gave Ada some fruits she


“Thank you” Ada said taking the fruit

“It’s alright. Just give some to Anochie”

Nwamma said and Ada agreed

“We will see later” Nwamma said innocently

and moved her way.

“This girl eeh, she is too happy all the time

despite the fact she that she is an Orphan. She

can’t even hurt a fly” Ada said in her heart as

she went home….

Later On, she took Anochie’s part of the fruit

and gave to him

“Where did you get it from” Anochie asked

“Ooh, Nwamma gave it to me. She said I should

greet you” Ada said

“Hmm.. Where has she been since?” Anochie


“She has been around according to her” Ada

said and they licked the fruits.

“My dad said I should thank You for the

firewood” Ada broke the silence again

“It’s nothing. Afterall, you also do so even

more” Anochie said and Ada looked at him

“Don’t make me feel too important here” Ada

said with a childish face

“But of course you are” Anochie said and Ada

hit his arm and they laughed……


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