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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 4

They walked faster than ever imagined to the

Igwe’s Palace, the guards at the entrance seeing

the anger they where coming with tried

stopping them but the Priestess lifted up her

staff and a wind moved them out of the way,

even the Igwe stood up immediaely he saw

them coming

“What brought the Priestess to my honourable

abode in such a displeasing mood” The Igwe

asked not concerned about the Presence of the

chief elders.

“Igwe, the cry of a mosquitoe in the ear is not

an attack notice, it’s only a noise that it cannot

stop making” Priestess made an adage

“You Speak in Parables Priestess, kindly come

down to my level” Igwe requested

“Someone who dances Surugede dance should

be careful because Surugede is the dance of

the Spirit” Priestess made another adage

“Gbam.. That is it!!” Uchendu affirmed her


“Priestess, why don’t you say what I will

understand” Igwe said

“Where is your wife and Child Igwe” Priestess


“They are inside the hut” Igwe said and sent

someone to call them

“I know you haven’t heard they pushed

someone into the dreaded leaf two days ago”

Priestess inquired

“No I haven’t Priestess” Igwe said and Lolo

arrived followed by Azuka

“Igwee!” They greeted and stood beside him

“How wicked will you be to infest on an

Innocent boy the wrath of the dreaded leaf”

Priestess asked Lolo and Azuka

“And who is that?” Lolo asked

“Anochie of course” Ukadike said annoyed

“Ooh, that boy” Lolo began

“He was walking on my path and on passing, he

fell with his firewood. After all, he used his evil

powers on my sons face” Lolo said

“Shut Up Woman” Priestess ordered

“The evil deeds of your Son gave him the slap

he received” Priestess said

“Be careful before the gods strike your mouth”

Priestess added and faced the Igwe

“Your highness, what did I hear you did this

morning” Priestess asked the Igwe

“I don’t know what you heard, but whatever lies

they fed you with is what happened” Igwe


“Your highness, Pride goes before a fall”

“The gods are becoming unhappy with you”

“I told you to inform me before taking any

critical decision Igwe and now you have left evil

go unpunished” Priestess said

“I should inform you as what?” Igwe asked

standing up

“As the Custodian or as the traditional ruler?”

Igwe asked further which startled the Priestess

and the elders

“Ask her?” Lolo added

“Mind your tongue Igwe. A tree never make a

forest” Priestess said

“The gods are…” Priestess tried to say but Lolo


“Which gods?? Eeh Priestess or whatever you

call yourself” Lolo interrupted

“Gods dead or alive?” Lolo added and the

elders were shocked the more

“Lolo, you are crossing your bounds” Priestess


“Oh, I’m I??” Lolo asked

” After being bribed by these old men, you

come here to blab your mouth? Better start

going” Lolo said and the elders removed their


“Abomination!!” Onowu exclaimed and others

shook their head

“Lolo, you have beaten a drum harder than

your palms and chewed a kernel harder than

your teeth. Be ready too dance to the tune you

played” Priestess said

“Priestess please spare her” Igwe tried to plead

in pretence

“Tarrh!! Igwe” Lolo barked at the Igwe

“Plead foe who?? Spare who??.. Is like you don’t

know who I am Igwe” Lolo said proudly

“I am the Lolo of Umuanyanwu” She added.

The chiefs did nothing but rather shook their

heads in sorrow

” Lolo, mind your words for the gods placed

you where you are” Priestess said in anger

“They did nothing. They are useless, if they

cared they would have brought a solution to

the long aged calamity which befell the land”

Lolo said as Azuka was supporting her. Even the

Igwe said nothing again

“My Husband the Igwe is the custodian of the

Law of the Land, so he does not need any

external help. Nonsense!! Pack of Conspirators,

evil men!!” Lolo exclaimed and left followed by

Azuka who laughed the hell out of them.

Without saying anything further, Priestess

looked at the Igwe who sat unconcerned. She

angrily took her staff and left the Palace with

the chief elders who were speechless. As they

left, the Igwe mocked them…

Lolo came back to the throne and they laughed


“See how she was threatening Me Lolo” Lolo


“Papa, these people are really wicked siding

the boy that did this to me” Azuka said touching

his cheek

“Don’t mind them my son” Igwe said to Azuka

“Igwe” Lolo called breaking the mocking


“It’s high time we bring another god into this

land” Lolo said

“What??!” Igwe asked in shock

“Yes Igwe, as you can see, Osimmili has been

bribed against Us. We need go be fortified in

all aspect. Or did you think I boasted here in

vain?” Lolo said and asked at same time

“If you rely on Osimmili, they will kill you like a

fowl” Lolo said and left leaving the Igwe with a

mind full of thoughts…



The Priestess walked straight into her shrine in

anger and hit her staff on the floor thereby

causing an Earthquake and thunder strikes

“Osimmili, are you dead??!!! Are you deaf!!!??”

Priestess angrily asked and the thunder


“Speak to me and Prove the Lolo wrong!!” She

exclaimed and a beam of light appeared in the

thunder and a voice was heard from the light

“The War For Peace isn’t an easy one. It’s path

aren’t straight but the end is a beautiful field

filled with goodness

“Why speak in parables.. Tell me what I will

understand” Priestess requested as tears filled

her eyes

“Patience… Patience is what you need” The

voice said again

“What patience when more calamity is befalling

the land?” Priestess angrily asked

“I have spoken!!” The voice said

“What about the insult and Pride of the royal

family?” Priestess asked looking directly at the

light but the light disappeared saying nothing

and Priestess fell on her knees and lamented..



“Nna anyi, why are your faces like this?” Nworie

asked as the elders and Ukadike entered with a

soured face but they said nothing. All they did

was sat down shaking their heads which

concerned Nworie, Ada and Anochie

“Nna anyi, talk to Us” Nworie said again

“Umuanyanwu is dying Cheii!!” Uchendu


“How?” Ada unknowingly asked

“The royal family insulted our gods in disregard

and threatened to bring another god to this

Land. Even the report we went to make turned

into a fight of words between them and the

Priestess” Ukadike said

“Heii!! What is going on in this land?” Nworie

asked rhetorically

“Well, I don’t blame them, I blame the gods

that have been keeping silent all these while”

Uchendu said but Onowu picked his word


“The gods are not to blame Maazi Uchendu”

Onowu said

“Then why are they keeping quiet?” Okwanku

asked siding Uchendu

“Their ways are not our ways” Onowu

concluded and they sighed and hissed also.

“I will be going now” Uchendu said standing up

with Okwanku

“My Son, take care of yourself” They said to

Anochie who smiled at them and they left. Few

minutes later Onowu left in like manner. Just

as they left all the boils on Anochie’s body

disappeared leaving his body more handsome

than before. Anochie didn’t notice it neither

did Ukadike nor his mother.

“Papa.. Mama, the boils are gone!!” Ada

exclaimed hugging Anochie as she was the first

to discover it and they all looked at Anochie

who was also surprised himself.. They touched

him to make sure none was remaining

“Thanks be to the gods” Ukadike said raising up

his hand

“Nwa m (My Son)” Nworie called smiling for the

first time since Anochie was on the mat

“You are smiling now” Ukadike said to Nworie

who smiled the more. Anochie was also happy

as he embraced Ada

“Thank You” He said to her but Ada said


“I will be going now, let me take this news to

my wife. She will be very happy to hear it”

Ukadie said and Ada stood up to leave with him

but he stopped her

“No no.. Ada, stay here till morning and help in

little things. Also make sure he is fine” Ukadike


“Alright Papa” Ada said with her mind blowing

in happiness

“Thank You Papa” Anochie said

“You are welcome my son” He replied and left

“Go well ooh. My greetings to her” Nworie said

as he left. They happily stood Anochie up, Ada

folded the mat and they went inside the


Ukadike told his wife the news and they were

all happy that Anochie is well again

“What of Ada?” She asked

“I left her there to help Anochie’s mother”

Ukadike said

“Alright, she won’t reject as long as it is

Anochie his brother” She said and they laughed

“Is he not her brother? Or is it your brother?”

Ukadike jokingly asked and they laughed again..


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