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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 3

Onowu, this is getting out of hand” Uchendu

said as they all went home after being pushed

out by the guards.

“I wonder why the Igwe is behaving this way. It

baffles me” Okwanku said in addition and the

Onowu sighed

“I don’t just know my elders. But we should tell

it to the Priestess” Uchendu suggested

“Eeh??! I’m not going with you. As I am seeing

this igwe’s matter even reporting to the

Priestess might worsen things because he is

capable of Killikng” Okwanku said

“I agree with you Okwanku” Onowu said

“Our people said that “He that is eating with a

devil should use a long spoon” Onowu made an


“Cheii!! Umuanyanwu is dead!” Okwanku


“But I figured out something” Onowu said

drawing the attention of Uchendu and Okwanku

“I think Lolo is the cause of all this” Onowu said

“Chi m ooh (My God) How did you know?”

Uchendu asked

“Didn’t you see that the words of the Igwe

changed immediately the Lolo came and

dragged him behind the house?” Onowu asked

thereby recalling their minds to the event at

the Igwe’s palace

“Ewoo!!!” Okwanku exclaimed

“I thought as much” Uchendu added

“Women and their evil ways!!” Uuchendu added

“My elders, we can’t stand here and talk about

this all day. Let’s leave it all to the gods” Onowu


“Yes Onowu, they know better” Uchendu said

and they began to walk again

“Let’s go to Ukadike’s house, he has to hear

this” Onowu suggested

“That’s a good idea, let’s go” Uchendu said and

they went through the path that led to

Ukadike’s house..

Walking few meters, they got to Ukadike’s

house but found no one after several knocking

so they decided to go home and come later. On

walking out, Ada’s mother met them on the


“Haa!! Good day my elders” She said

“Ehee, Good day” Onowu and others


“We came to see your husband but no one was

at home” Uchendu said

“Oh! He is at his late Brother’s place” Ada’s

Mother said

“Hope all is well?” Onowu asked

“Yes, all is well” Ada’s mother covered up

“Alright, I guess we will then go and see him

there” Onowu said

“Ok My elders” Ada’s mother said and went

into the house….



Anochie has already regained consciousness, so

he sat upright on the mat but the boils was not

yet all that gone. Ada was beside him with a fan

in her hand. Ukadike and Mrs. Nworie sat on a

bench opposite him trying to figure out what

happened to him

“Anochie my son” Ukadike called and Anochie

looked at him with his eyes a bit closed

“What actually happened to you” Ukadike asked

him and Mrs. Nworie interrupted

“I warned him not to go, I told him to wait for

Ada but he refused!!” Mrs. Nworie lamented

“Woman, it’s alright. The deed has already been

done. Just wait for him to talk” Ukadike said

and Mrs. Nworie kept quiet cleaning the tears

in her eyes. Just then Onowu, Uchendu and

Okwanku arrived

“Maazi Ukadike” They hailed him walking closer

and Maazi Ukadike stood up immediately

honouring their presence. He shook hands with

them in an elderly way and offered them a sit.

Uchendu sighted Anochie and was shocked

“Osimmili eeeh!!” He exclaimed and sat

immediately followed by others.

“My Son, what happened to you?” He asked but

Anochie said nothing

“Nna anyi good Morning” Ada and Nworie

greeted and they reciprocated

“Talk to Us Anochie” Onowu said

“He has been like this since yesterday. Today is

even better than yesterday, yet he has refused

to say anything” Ukadike complained. Just then

Priestess Osimmili arrived

“Peace be unto this house” Osimmili greeted

“Greetings Priestess. Eyes of the gods” They all

reciprocated standing up. She moved closer to

Anochie taking a very good look at him

“He is already well, in few days, the boils will

go off” Priestess said

“Thank You” Mrs. Nworie appreciated the


“He is a boy of good qualities, and good things

attracts good also” Priestess said and they all

agreed her words

“Gbam!!” Okwanku said in affirmation

“But has he said anything about how he

touched the dreaded leaf?” Priestess asked

“He has refused to say anything, rather he

occasionally plays his flute as a reply to our

question” Ukadike said helping Mrs. Nworie

who was speechless.

“Anochie” Priestess called and Anochie looked

at her

“Speak to Us. They are your Parents. All here

for you. Speak to Us” Priestess said and

Anochie sighed adjusting his sitting posture.

“As I was coming back from fetching the

firewood…” Anochie began and they all

listened carefully and curiously to him.

Few minutes later, He finished explaining and

the atmosphere changed

“Cheii!!” Ukadike exclaimed

“You mean the Queen and Azuka pushed you

into the bush and didn’t even notice you were

there” Onowu asked

“Onowu, this is getting too much. Something

must be done about this” Uchendu said angrily

“The river has began to stink from its source”

The Priestess made an adage and shook her

head looking above

“This is what I am talking about. We were just

coming from your house to tell you what we

went through at the Palace today” Okwanku

said to Ukadike

“What happened?” Ukadie asked curiously

“The abominable happened Ukadike” Onowu

answered him immediately which made the

Priestess interested in hearing what they were

saying.. Uchendu then explained everything

that transpired between them and the Igwe.

“The gods forbid!!” Ukadike exclaimed

“You mean he let them go without even a

punishment?” Osimmili asked

“Not only that, he said it was a conspiracy we

used against him” Uchendu said

“Evile hovers in the air and something must be

done” Priestess said. Anochie, Ada and Nworie

were just looking at them saying nothing

“Let’s go to the Palace” Priestess said and they

all stood up immediately walking away with the


“I will be back. Take good care of him” Ukadike

said to Nworie and Ada. Just then, Anochie

began to play his flute which made the

Priestess to stop and turn around

“Is anything the matter Priestess” Onowu asked

“Noo.. Let’s go” She pretended not to have felt

anything and they all left..


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