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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 2

Ikemba and Egwuatu were a bit lucky that the

path to the stream was normally lonely.

Nobody passes there always, yet their shame

still covered their face. Due to the fact that

Adanna was the daughter of Onowu Udemba,

she ran home to call her father leaving Amara

and Chimma with the boys.

“You people are not ashamed of yourselves”

Nwadike broke the shameful silence that was

between Egwuatu and Ikemba

“Strong youths who should have gone for

marriage trying to rape girls. Tufiakwa!!”

Egwudike added but neither the girls, Ikemba

nor Egwuatu said anything.

Etewine was already on his way back from

Mama Nkwu’s place. As usual, he sneaked out

because he does not pay for the wine and

drinks he takes. With his wine bottle under his

armpit, he sang a drunk’s song and went

towards the stream path.. On walking few

meters he sighted Ikemba and Egwuatu walking

shamefully at gun point

“Heii!!… I said it!!” He exclaimed from afar

“I said it that this boy is an…” He paused biting

his fingers

“What should I call him now??” He asked

himself walking closer

“Yes, a pimp!! An Idiot, amu ezughi ike

(Unrestful Manhood)!!” Ete said boldly as he

stopped in front of them. The twins and the

girls greeted him which he unwillingly replied

as his mind was with Ikemba

“I told you” Ete said looking into the eyes of

Ikemba and hissed. He then turned to the twins

“There is no need asking what they did because

I know all about him” Ete said

“What are you going to do with them?” Ete later


“We want too take them to the Igwe for proper

punishment” Egwudie said and Ete laughed

which made them surprised

“Why are you laughing?” Nwadike asked

“Did I just hear you say Igwe?” Ete replied with

a question

“You are just wasting your time. If you are not

careful, your so called Igwe will punish you

instead of them. But if you insist, you will come

back and testify to my wine” Ete said and left

immediately without them saying anything.

They watched him walk away but later moved

on taking his words as the words of a drunkard..


Adanna and her father Onowu Udemba were

already at the Igwe’s Palace with two other

Chief elders Uchendu and Okwandu. Ukadike

was not present as he was with Anochie to

ensure his wellfare.

The twins entered with Ikemba and Egwuatu.

The Igwe angrily stood up immediately Adanna

already explained what happened. Ikemba and

Egwuatu knelt down pleading to the King.

Amara and Chimma went to Adanna. The twins

stood aside saying nothing as they felt that

Adanna has explained everything to the King

“Thank You Great Sons of Umuanyanwu” Igwe

commended the twins

“You have averted a great crime that will come

to our Land” He added

“Thank You Igwe” They replied. The queen and

Azuka were behind watching what was going on

“As for both of you, you know what you

committed” Igwe said

“Aru!! Abomination!” Uchendu exclaimed. The

Onowu swallowed his anger in silence not

trying to do anything silly.

“Now you know what faces you. You know the

consequence of your crime” Igwe added

“Igwe please!! Igwe please forgive Us” Ikemba

and Egwuatu pleaded falling on the floor but

the Igwe didn’t hearken to their plea. Lolo saw

what was happening and walked to the Igwe

dragging him behind the house

“What are you trying to do?” Lolo asked the


“What does it seem like I am doing” Igwe asked


“Igwe, sorry to say but you are foolish!! Infact

you are stupid!!” Lolo insulted the Igwe

“How dare yo…” The Igwe tried to say

“Hold it Igwe. Spare me that authoritative

speech” Lolo said which statled the Igwe

“Ikemba and Egwuatu are the bravest men in

this village who will stand by you in everything”

Lolo said

“Yes, I know but they committed rape.

Abomination Lolo” Igwe defended

“There you get it wrong Igwe, they didn’t

commit rape, they attempted Igwe or did she

say they raped her?” Lolo asked

“No.. She was saved by the twins” Igwe said

“Igwe think!! Reason well” Lolo said hitting the

head of the Igwe with her hand

“Onowu and his crew has been planning to

dethrone you, and now they want you to banish

your strongest men who will fight for you then

so that they can easily do it and you want to

dance to their tone Igwe. You better reason

well” Lolo said and it rang a thought bell in the

Igwe’s head

“He didn’t rape her.. He never did Igwe” Lolo


“I have said my own” She concluded and left

and the Igwe bought her idea.. He walked out

to the throne again and stood

“Both of you stand up” Igwe ordered Ikemba

and Egwuatu who were still on the floor

pleading and they stood up

“Dry your tears” Igwe said and they cleaned

their eyes

“I warn you now that you never try such thing

again in this Land” Igwe warned them and the

elders and the twins were surprised

“You can go now, your sins are forgiven” Igwe

concluded and the elders went mad

“Igwe no!! This is not right!!” Uchendu said

“What is not right” Igwe asked sitting on his


“Their punishment is to be Banished from this

land Igwe” Okwanku added

“But according to the Onowu’s daughter, he

didn’t rape her, he was about to do so” Igwe


“Igwe Aru!! You have done and said the

Abominable Igwe” Onowu spoke out. The twins

stood frozen as they recalled the words of Ete.

“How sure am I that they did it?” Igwe asked

“So we are lying or the twins are stupid to have

brought them here!!” Onowu asked angrily

“Maybe” The Igwe said disdaining them. The

twins left in disappointment. Ikemba and

Egwuatu happily left thanking the gods. Much

arguments and exchange of words between the

Igwe and the elders the Igwe got furious

“Get out from my Palace!!” Igwe ordered

“Igwe, you are chasing us?” Uchendu asked

“The calamity in this land is not enough for you,

you want to create another one” Okwanku said

“I said out! Guards!” The Igwe called on the

guards and they left in anger

“Adanna, let’s go” Onowu said to his daughter

and they left with the guards pushing them out.

“Nonsene!! Idiots” The Igwe exclaimed and Lolo

came out

“You did well Igwe” Lolo said and Igwe looked

at her

“Thank the gods I married a woman like you”

Igwe complimented and Lolo smiled but

frowned at the elders who were already

pushed out of the palace and walked out.


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