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The Cry – Season 2 Episode 10 [Completed]

Ada and Nwamma walked down to Anochie’s

house, but they met Ete on their way

“Ete, good morning” They greeted but Ete

didn’t reply them trying to pass by but he


“Ete, is anything the matter?” Ada asked Ete as

he has never given silence as an answer to

greetings, but Ete still kept quiet looking at


“This one you are smiling like this, what evil

are you up to?” Ete asked Nwamma staggering

“Haa!! Ete, what did I do?” Nwamma asked

“Asking me as if You don’t know, even the trees

know that you are a wolf in sheep clothing” Ete


“Ada, be careful” Ete said to Ada who was

speechless and left singing to himself

“Nwamma, don’t mind him. He is just under

the influence of wine” Ada said and Ete heard it

and stopped turning around

“That’s how people always see the truth. They

call it foolishness” Ete said and finally left and

Nwamma pretended to be hurt

“So sorry Nwamma, Don’t mind him” Ada said

to Nwamma who dries her tears and they

moved on…

Anochie was busy with his flute as he sat on the

bench in front of the house. He later stopped

playing the flute and began to look at the flute

very closely, turning it around in admiration.

Soon, he found a mark made on the flute and

he looked at it closer. He tried to comprehend

the mark very well but Ada and Nwamma

walked in immediately.

“Anochie, what are you looking at?” Ada called

back his mind from the flute

“Ooh.. You are here already?” Anochie asked

“Good Afternoon” Nwamma greeted which

Anochie reciprocated. He walked in, brought

out another bench and they sat down.

“Where is Mama?” Ada asked

“I think she went to the market, although I

didn’t see her when I didn’t meet her at home”

Anochie said

“I guess she went to the market” He added

“Ok” Ada said… They chatted for some time

and Nwamma brought out the fruit she came


“Hmm.. Nwamma, fruits again” Ada asked


“That’s all I can bring” Nwamma said

“The last one was so palatable” Anochie said

“You liked it?” Nwamma asked

“Yes I did” Anochie replied and went in to bring

a bowl. They put the fruits (Grape and Oranges)

in the bowl and Anoochie tried washing them

“No.. I have washed them already” Nwamma


“Ook” Anochie brought it back, sat down and

they began to lick but Nwamma wasn’t licking

“Nwamma, don’t you want to lick?” Ada asked

as same thought was also in Anochie’s mind

“It’s just two and I have licked mine at home”

Nwamma said and convinced them why she

don’t want to lick

“This is very sweet” Anochie said

“Anochie keep quiet biko” Ada said and they


“Hey!!” Nwamma exclaimed after some

minutes which shocked Ada and Anochie

“I forgot to lock our door” Nwamma cried in


“Ewo!! Rush and go now” Anochie said as Ada’s

mind was no longer there.. Nwamma quickly

ran out but hid behind a plantain plantation in

front of their house..



“How sure are you that she will not fail?” Lolo

asked Azuka her son

“Nne, don’t worry, she won’t” Azuka assured his


“Alright, let me go and see your father” Lolo

said and left for the throne. She greeted Igwe

Ebubedike who reciprocated, she later sat down

and infested his mind with evil, like a charm

went out her words as she warned him never

to spare Anochie.

“He must be banished!” She concluded with the

Igwe and left.



The Sexual aggressor poison put in the fruit did

not affect Anochie due to the power of the

Flute but Ada’s case was different as she her

eyes turned around. Her real self was lost and

she dropped the fruit immediately

“What is it Ada?” Anochie asked due to how she

dropped the fruit

“Anochie please make love to me” Ada pleaded

drawing closer to Anochie

“What?.. Are you out of your mind. You are my

sister for crying out loud” Anochie said shifting


“It’s being a long time I admired you Anochie,

forget this brother thing” Ada said as she

breathed faster holding Anochie who removed

her hands immediately

“Ada, what has come over you?” Anochie asked

as his mind went to the fruits immediately. He

struggled with Ada as he never wanted to

injure her. Ada’s sexual urge increased the

more that she undressed and self forcing

herself on Anochie

“Ada stop this!!” Anochie barked at Ada and

Nwamma rushed in immediately

“Chi m oo!! Anochie, what are you doing?”

Nwamma twisted the case

“Nwamma, it’s not what you think” Anochie said

“Eeh!! What else do you want me to think”

Nwamma said and began to scream untop of

her voice calling the villagers.

“Nwamma please don’t do this” Anochie

pleaded still struggling with Ada. Just then, four

youths passing by heard Nwamma’s voice and

rushed in

“Osimmili eeeh!!!” They exclaimed and began

to beat Anochie who never stopped pleading.

Nwamma touched Ada on her back and she

regained herself. She saw herself naked and

was ashamed

“Anochie planned raping you” Nwamma told

her immediately

“What?? Anochie? Me your Sister” Ada said to

Anochie who was already beaten blue black in


“You want to take advantage of me?” Ada asked

still disappointed in Anochie and Anochie

wondered what was happening.

“Let’s take him to the Igwe” One of the youths

said and they carried Anochie who was already

half dead. On their way out, Nworie came back

from the market, immediately she saw them

she threw the basket of food stuff she carried

on her head away and rushed them

“What did my Son do.. Anochie!!” She asked and

called in confusion

“Woman, you will know when we get to the

Igwe’s Palace” One of the youths said and

pushed her away. She cried bitterly and ran to

Ukadike’s house in tears but he was not around

as the wife said, so she told the wife and ran to

Onowu’s house which was where Ada’s mother

said he was. Ada’s mother also ran after her

trying to calm her down..

On their way to the palace Anochie’s voice was

low as her cried

“Please, I didn’t do it. I am telling the truth”

Anochie cried as his mouth was filled with

blood and swell up all over his body. Even his

eyes bled. Ete saw them and pitied Anochie,

when he saw Nwamma he frowned his face

“You have succeeded in destroying the poor

boy” He said to Nwamma who ignored him still

consoling Ada who felt assaulted.

“Chai!!” Ete exclaimed and followed them.

Villagers who saw them also followed them

including Amara, Adanna and Chimma. Some

said good about Anochie while some said evil.

They got to the Igwe’s palace singing an

abomination song. They droppped Anochie who

spat out blood occasionally still crying

“I didn’t do it”

The Igwe ordered them to keep quiet and

Immediately Onowu, Ukadike, Nworie and

Ada’s Mother rushed in. Nworie rushed

Anochie who was in the pool of blood but the

Youths dragged her out. Igwe pretendingly

requested to know what happened and a youth

said what he knew. Then Nwamma came out

and twisted the whole matter

“He tried to rape his own sister is not that I

intervened” Nwamma said and a great snooze

overtook everywhere. Nworie cried bitterly

“Anochie, who taught you this?” Ukadike asked

shaking his head. Lolo and Azuka walked out

immediately and made an Eye “Thank You” at


“With no much talk about this, we all know the

punishment for this crime” Igwe said and they

all agreed but Onowu disagreed

“Igwe, it will be an injustice because you left

Ikemba and Egwuatu, afterall his own was still

an attempted rape, he has not done it” Onowu

said and they detested him

“That is absolute nonsense Onowu” Igwe said

“Ok, Igwe let’s inform the Priestess about this”

Onowu added

“I can see you are siding evil Onowu, my words

will be final here!” Igwe said angrily. Ukadike

shook his head in annoyance and pity

altogether. Lolo and Azuka frowned at Onowu

who was angry all the way. Ada’s mother went

to Ada trying to find out what really happened.

Everywhere went silent waiting for the Igwe to

throw his judgement

“From this day onward” Igwe began

“Your foot will no longer step on the soil of this

land. If you are found anywhere within the

bothers of this land, your blood will not be on

the head of anyone who kills you” Igwe added

and Anochie cried bitterly. Amaka, the maid

came out and couldn’t believe her eyes, her

conscience at her up that her heart beat faster.

Nworie couldn’t bear it that she fell in bitter

tears pleading very loud. Anochie looked at

Nwamma and Ada severally as he pleaded for

his life..

“You are hereby BANISHED from this Land!!!”

Igwe concluded and tears of bitter agony

overtook Anochie and Nworie. She ran and held

Anochie but the youths pushed her away

carrying Anochie to the borders of the Village.

Amaka ran out immediately as her conscience

judged her and she couldn’t bear it at all.

Onowu rushed out to the Priestess shrine. Lolo

and Azuka smiled in victory. Ete shook his head

knowing that was what will happen and he

lamented. Ukadike couldn’t do anything as he

was confused… Ada herself couldn’t bear the

sight and what she heard, she fell down and

fainted, her mother and Nwamma rushed her




********THE END*******

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