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The Cry – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 10]

The Cry

The Cry

“Priestess!! Priestes!!!” Ada’s voice echoed afar

off from the shrine. Priestess Osimilli heard

her name and stood up immediately depicting

danger from the voice that called her name

and immediately Ada fell in front of her crying

“What is it my daughter??” Osimmili asked

“My Broda is dying Priestess” Ada said

“The gods forbid” Osimmili said as she carried

all necessary things she required with her staff.

Ada told her the place where Anochie was

“I will be there now” Priestess said

“Please be fast Priestess” Ada cried and ran out

directly to their house to inform her father.

Amara, Chimma and Adanna. Where walking to

the stream annd saw Ada as she was running

like someone being chased by a ghost or rather

a masquerade so the ran into the nearby bush

to hide. Ada ran past them without noticing

them, they peeped from the bush and saw that

nothing was after her so they came out

“What is chasing her.. Why is she running?”

Chimma asked and Amara clapped her hand in

a gossiping way

“Biko let’s go” Adanna said and they left but

never ended the talk about Ada…


“Papa ooh!!” Ada cried from their compouund

and Ukadike ran out from the house farm he

was with his wife

“What is it my daughter??” Ukadike asked

“My daughter what is it??” Her mother added

“Anochie….” Ada said

“Anochie did what??” Ukadike asked curiously

“Anoochie is dying” Ada said

“Chim oooh!!” Ukadike dropped the small hoe

he had in his hand and ran out with Ada

“Heii!! Anochie” Ada’s Mother ran and closed

the door adjusting her wrapper and ran after


Priestess, Ukadike and Ada reached at same


“Thank God you are here” Mrs. Nworie said

“What happened to him” Ukadike asked Nworie

“I don’t know, Priestess please my son oooh”

Mrs. Nworie cried as Priestess Osimmili looked

at Anochie, On seeing the flute she felt the

power again but pretended. Ada has already

placed Anochie’s head on her laps slowly

rubbing his hair. Ukadike held Nworie in

consolation and Ada’s mother arrived

immediately. Priestess Osimmili brought out

some herbs and applied them on Anochie. As

she applied it, she felt something shine above

her head so she looked up but saw nothing, so

she continued and finished

He was bitten by the dread leaf of the bush”

Priestess said

“But how??” Ukadike asked

“That I can’t tell, I saw him earlier fetching

firewood maybe he stepped into the leaf

unknowingly” Priestess said

“But hope he will be fine?” Ada asked


“Yes, he will be fine” Priestess said, carried her

herb bag and left..

“This is not an evil power, it’s a power of

peace” Priestess thought in her mind as she


“I wonder who he is” She concluded and left

“My dear take it easy, the Priestess said he will

be fine” Ukadike said to Mrs. Nworie who was

now held by Ada’s mother.

“Ada, go and get water and towel to clean his

body” Ada’s mother ordered Ada who happily

carried it out.



“He has not seen anything yet Nne” Azuka said

to his mother

“How have you been planning about what we

talked about?” Lolo Nwaaku asked Azuka

sending the guards away but Amaka the maiden

passed by but hid herself listening to all their

evil conversations against Anochie

“Heii!! Wickedness!!” Amaka silently exclaimed

“I have to warn Anoochie” She concluded and

went away.



“Osimmili, talk to me. Who is that boy?”

Priestess asked their great god mother doing

so many incantations but their gods said

nothing at all that made her confused

“Why is the gods of Umuanyanwu keeping me

silent!!??” Priestess angrily asked

“You no longer answer me to anything, even

when you do, it’s not understandable” Priestess

complained to their gods yet they said




Amara, Chimma and Adanna were coming back

from the stream as Ikemba walked towards

them escorted by his wrestling friend Egwuatu.

The ladies ignored them and tried passing but

they blocked their way

“Ikemba what is all this nonsense??” Adanna

asked angrily

“Get out of my way!!” Adanna exclaimed

“I have been pampering you ever since but you

are proving stubborn, now you must give it to

me by force

“Give you what?” Chimma interfered

“You better keep quiet” Egwuatu warned

“Remember, we are the owners of this

community” Ikemba said

“And so what, biko get out from the way”

Amara said in anger trying to pass but Ikemba

grabbed Adanna whose waterpot fell on the

floor but luckily it fell on a grass that made it

not to break. He took her into a nearby bush

covering her mouth. Before Chimma and

Amara could scream and run away, Egwuatu

brought out his knife and ordered them to

keep quiet directing them also into the bush

“Please” They pleaded

“So you can plead now right, I thought you

were ranting your mouth” Egwuatu said and

knelt both of them down still checking on who

to lay with first. Meanwhile Ikemba’s power

was more than that of Adanna, so he succeeded

in undressing her completely

“Now you will see the other part of Ikemba!!”

Ikemba said and started untying his local

wrapper he wore…

Nwadike and Egwudike has finished hunting for

the day and decided to go down to the stream

to wash their bodies and quench their thirst

also.. On getting closer to the stream, they

heard noises from the bush so they

immediately set their guns thinking it was a

bush meat.

Ikemba has untied his wrapper and covered up

Adanna in raging sexual potentials

“May the gods forbid!!” Nwadike exclaimed and

Ikemba quickly jumped up from Adanna.

Egwuatu tried to run but Egwudike stopped


“What do you think you are doing??

Abomination!!” Nwadike exclaimed again.

Adanna, Chimma and Amara ran to them in

tears explaining everything to them.

“The Igwe must hear this!!” Egwudie said

“Hope he has not penetrated?” Nwadike asked

Adanna who nodded her head negatively

dressing herself back again. Ikemba and

Egwudike lifted their hands up as they couldn’t

fight against guns

“Let’s go to the Igwe!!” Egwudike ordered

“Please, it was the devil’s handwork” Egwuatu


“You will tell that to the Igwe” Nwadike said as

they walked out of the bush towards the Igwe’s

palace. The ladies quickly helped Adanna in

dressing, picked up their empty water pots and

followed them….


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