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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 9

It was getting darker and darker as the sun

hides it’s smiling face in the atmosphere

depicting the sign of dusk. Anochie sat down in

front of their hut on a long bench holding his

flute in his hand with some many unspeakable

thoughts in his mind. He thought for a while

and began to blow his flute. His mother came

out, looked at him and ascertained the

moment to ask him several questions about

what has been happening around him

“Anochie My Son” Mrs. Nworie called from

behind and Anochie stopped playing the flute

aand turned to her

“Mama, you are still awake?” He asked

“Yes My Son, I want to ask you something” She

said sitting down with a serious face

“Questions about what Nne?” Anochie asked

“Just answer me well and tell me the truth”

Mrs. Nworie said holding him which made

Anochie a bit confused but he listened to the


“My Son, have you been going to another god

apart from Osimmili the Mother of

Umuanyanwu?” Mrs. Nworie asked and Anochie

was surprised

“Why are you asking Mother” Anochie replied

with a question

“Eerhhm.. The happenings and incidents both

with the Prince and the Guards still baffles my

imaginations” Mrs. Nworie said

“Aah.. Mama, why do you think of such. The god

of the innocent always protects the poor and

Innoocent Nne, I do not serve any other god.

They got the wrath of the gods upon

themselves” Anochie said looking straight into

the eyes of his mother

“Hmm, alright My Son, if you say so” Mrs.

Nworie said and stood up

“I will go to bed now” She added and tried to

leave but Anochie called her back

“Nne” Anochie called

“Yes My Son” She replied

“You still have not told me much about my

Father, anytime I ask you about it you

procrastinate the reply” Anochie said and Mrs.

Nworie stood shocked and a bit speechless

“You have to go to bed now” She later said

“No Mama, this is all you always say keeping

me in the pool of Ignorance” Anochie said in a

bit loud voice standing up from the bench he

sat on

“Alright, your father died when you were 7

years old. What else do you want to hear. Why

do you like reminding me of the pains of my

past” Mrs. Nworie said forming out tears

pretending to be crying which melted the heart

of Anochie

“Nne, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that it will hurt

you this way” Anochie said moving close to his


“It’s alright my Son. Good Night” She said and

went inside the hut leaving Anochie who gazed

at the stars with his hands on his waist. Later

on, he went in and laid in slumber. As he slept

his legs made a slow melodic movement

depicting his spirit in wonderland



“What is all this??” Anochie asked himsel as he

walked down the bushy path of Umuanyanwu

that leads to the Igwe’s palace seeing dead

animals all over the place, both fowls, goats

and sheeps where all over the area lifeless

“Chim ooh!!” Anochie screamed and ran as fast

as he could. When he got tired, he stopped but

surprisingly he began to see dead humans that

looks familiar to him all laying dead. Tears

rolled down his eyes as he viewed them closer.

“Cheiii!!.. I must meet the Priestess” He yelled

in tears. On running to the Shrine he met

Priestess Osimmili standing like a tree with no

movement and her eyes looking above.

Anochie called her severally, even touched her

but no sign of life in her

“What is happening in Umuanyanwu eeh!!” He

exclaimed as he ran to the palace in quest to

seek solace there. Through all the roads and

bushes he passed, he met no one showing that

he was the only one still breathing, all he saw

was dead bodies and animals. As he ran into

the palace, everywhere was filled with blood,

he stopped and looked around to see if he

could find someone. Suddenly, he heard a

laugh so loud that he covered his ears, the

ground began to shake and a figure appeared

sitting on the throne. He tried comprehending

the image, but the quake of the earth couldn’t

allow him. Just then, the image disappeared

and great thunder struck the throne into


“Nooo!!” Anochie screamed…



Anochie was sweating profusely as he jumped

up from the bed shouting “No”, his breathe

became heavier and his heart pumped faster.

His Mother ran in immediately and held him

close to her chest

“Nwa m (My Son), take it easy, it’s just a

dream” Mrs. Nworie said understanding that

only a bad dream could cause such physical


“Tell me about it my son” She added raising his

head up but Anochie said nothing looking at

her. This motion took few seconds before he

spoke up

“Dead Animals, dead bodies, immoveable

Priestess, destroyed throne” He said throwing

away his ace as these were the only words that

could escape his mouth and his mother became


“Nne, I see evil befalling Umuanyanwu!” He

concluded and they looked at each other…


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