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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 8

The Next day being Nkwo Market day in

Umuanyanwu, women and young ladies were

seen carrying different farm products on their

heads and also on bicycles. Young men also

were moving to and fro with their cutlasses and

hoe in their hands and shoulders. Nkwo Market

day in Umuanyanwu is usually a busy day as

other communities and villages comes to

Umuanyanwu for exchange of goods and

services. Morning pleasantries filled the air

amongst by-passers. Anochie and Ada where

already preparing for the market as Ada who

was ready carried her basket o cassava and

came to call Anochie

“Who is around.. Anochie!!” Ada called from the

front walking to the backyard

“Ada, my daughter welcome” Mrs. Nworie said

carrying down the basket down from Ada’s


“Cheii!! Your father always have the best of

cassava in Umuanyanwu” Mrs. Nworie


“Thank You Mama” Ada said and Anochie came

out looking more handsome that morning

“Ada, welcome” He said as Ada gazed at him

“Are you alright Ada?” Anochie asked and she

recovered herself

“Ooh.. Sorry, just that you look unlike you

today” Ada complimented and Mrs. Nworie


“That is what I tell him always to be putting a

smiling face to make him handsome but he

wouldn’t listen” Mrs. Nworie said and they all


“Ada, are you seeing what Mama is saying now”

Anochie jokingly complained to Ada

“Don’t mind Mama, let’s go we are already

late” Ada said and Anochie carried his own

basket of vegetables and few cassava and they


“Ahia Oma oo (Make good sales)” Mrs. Nworie

said as they left.



“Dike! Dike!!” Igwe Ebubedike called on his

guard and he came kneeling down

“Go and call Lolo for me” He said and the guard

left. Few minutes later he came back followed

by Lolo Nwaaku who walked majestically and

bowed before her husband

“You may sit” Igwe said and she sat besides him

“Lolo” He called

“Igwe” She replied

“I called you here about our son Azuka. I know

I have been supporting him but it’s high time

we do something about it” Igwe said and Lolo

looked at him in a disrespectful way

“And what is it he has done again?” Lolo asked

“See Lolo, this is not the first neither is it the

second time that I have been getting

complaints about our Son raping and molesting

young Ladies in this Community and it’s not a

good image of Royalty” Igwe said with a low


“And how does that concerns us?” Lolo asked

raising her voice

“Even if he impregnants all the girls in this

village, I don’t care afterall he is the heir to the

throne” Lolo said

“What??!.. You don’t have to talk that way Lolo”

Igwe said

“How then should I talk. And come to think of

it, if you said he has been sleeping with all the

girls in this village, how many of them has

come with Pregnancy crying to you eeh Igwe..

Why are you behaving like this thing in your

head is no longer a brain” Lolo said stylishly

insulting the Igwe

“That’s true, none of them has come with

Pregnancy” Igwe affirmed what she said

“You see, they are all our enemies Igwe. They

want to dethrone you” Lolo began to poison his


“Hmm.. I see, even the Onowu is amongst

them” Igwe said looking at his wife

“Onowu my foot!! If you like keep calm and

watch them kill you like a chicken. I am going”

She said and stood up to leave

“Lolo, wait” Igwe called her back

“How do I fight back my enemies” Igwe asked

knowing she will have an answer

“Ehee.. Now you are talking Igwe” Lolo said

smiling and sitting down

“We will first begin with that evil Anochie

because if they succeed in bribing him just like

they bribed Priestess, we are doomed” Lolo

said in a low tone for the guards not to hear it

“Yes, I know but how?” Igwe asked

“Leave that to me” Lolo said beating her chest

in pride

“Hahahha” Igwe laughed

“I trust my Lolo” He praised her

“No one will take this throne from me” He

concluded and Lolo left in smiles..



On Anochie’s way to the market with Ada, they

met Ete who was busy sipping his wine from

the bottle gradually staggering besides the


“Haa.. Etewine, what are you doing here while

others are running to the market” Ada asked

and Ete looked at her closely

“Market? What market is better than my wine”

He said sipping another

“Ete, stop this drinking of yours and behave like

the man you are” Anochie said and Ete laughed

“Just forget all about that. There is something I

want to tell you” Ete said walking closer to


“What is it again Ete” Anochie asked

“Some people are planning for your doom, be

careful.. Shine your eyes Anochie, I smell evil

men wanting to destroy you” Ete said looking


“What?? Who?” Ada asked in surprise and a bit


“Are you asking me.. I have said my own” Ete

said and tried leaving as Anochie stood in

thought o his words

“Yes, help me refill my power bottle” Ete said

as his words removed the thoughts from the

mind of Anochie

“Haa.. Ete, we are still going to the market”

Anochie said in smiles

“Alright, Let me be going” Ete said looking at

his bottle of wine almost finished and

staggered out.

“Anochie, what does he mean by that?” Ada

asked Anochie

“I don’t know” Anochie replied

“Let’s take it as the words of a drunkard”

Anochie said but Ada still wasn’t comfortable

“Ada, it’s nothing. Let’s go” Anoochie said

“Are you sure, hope you have not engaged in

anything bad with anyone because I won’t like

to loose you” Ada said with a gloomy face

“I said don’t worry. He is been controlled by

wine” Anochie said

“Trust me, nothing will happen to me” Anochie

added and played the flute for her which made

her smile and they went to the market. From

the moment they left the spot, the thought of

the words of Ete flashed away from Ada’s mind

that she remembered it no more..




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