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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 7

Priestess Osimmili walked froom her shrine as

fast as her legs could carry her. Indigenes of

Umanyanwu that saw the look on her face went

out of the road for her to pass, some even

jumping into the bush. Priestess Osimmili at

intervals stopped and look around sniffing the

air and shaking her head.

“Who knows what is going to happen again?”

“The Priestess is not always like this”

“I smell more danger in Umuanyanwu”

“Hmmm, may the gods save us ooh” These and

more were the murmuring of the people who

met Osimmili on her way to the Igwe’s Palace.

Igwe on the other hand has been killing himself

with thought on the incident that transpired

between Anochie and his guards. The thought

overtook his mind that he didn’t recognise

Amaka, the maid who was greeting him until

she touched him

“Greetings My King, what bothers you My Lord”

Amaka asked touching the King and kneeling


“Greetings to you, how long have you been

standing there?” Igwe asked

“Long enough to notice the never ending trance

of which your mind was lost into” Amaka said

“You never seize to amaze me Amaka. It’s

nothing really, you may go now” Igwe said

“As it pleases my King” Amaka said and left.

“Hmmm.. Anochie!!” The King called into the

thin air. Just then Priestess Osimmili arrived

standing right before Igwe Ebubedike

“Greetings from the Shrine Igwe” Priestess said

“May the gods bless this day” Igwe said

“Has there been any answer to this calamity

from the gods. Have the spoken to Us?” The

Igwe asked curiously starring at the lips of the

Priestess but her face automatically changed

which baffled the Igwe

“Osimmili, please talk to me. What did the gods

say?” Igwe asked and just then the Prime

Minister (Onowu) and the other three elders in

Council arrived to see the Priestess already in

the Palace, so they listened to her words. Lolo

and her son Azuka hid behind a royal hut and

peeped to see and hear the sayings of the

Priestess. On seeing the mood of the Priestess,

the Igwe ordered the guards and maids present

to leave the arena and the left immediately

“More calamity will befall this community

Igwe” Priestess began

“Tufiakwa!!” Udemba rejected

“Heeii!!” Okwanku exclaimed

“Instead of Solutions to the ongoing calamity,

you are saying that more will befall Us.” Igwe


“Alright, but how are we supposed to appease

the gods or avoid further calamities?” Onowu

wisely asked

“Sure a wise man you are Udemba” Priestess

said to Onowu

“But….!!” She added and turned around

keeping silent

“But what?” Uchendu asked curiously

“Osimmili, the mother of the Sun and Moon

did not tell me anything further” She said and

they all folded their hands in confusion

“Cheii! Why is our gods keeping us in silent

death eeh” Okwanku asked himself

“Priestess, you said they kept quiet. Are they

dead or what!!! If they say nothing, I will bring

other gods that will give us answers!!” Igwe

angrily said and went to sit on his throne

“You dare not say such things about the Great

Osimmili” Priestess warned

“The silence of Osimmili is never a death

notice. Reverse your words or be struck dead!!”

Priestess challenged the words o the Igwe

“Igwe withdraw your statement please” Onowu

pleaded as others watched. The Pride of

Ebubedike sealed his mouth to the plea of the

elders to withdraw his statement, then the

clouds began to change, forming thunder as the

eyes of the Priestess changed to burning fire

“Alright, I am sorryt, I withdraw my statement”

Igwe said and the clouds brightened up

“Good” Priestess said

“And from now onwards, every critical activities

and decisions in this Kingdom will pass through

me, I think by that way we will avoid further

calamities in the land” Priestess concluded and

left without waiting for anyone to say anything.

Onowu and the elders in Chief left also with

their hands still folded in confusion and minds

full of thoughts…

Igwe Ebubedike still sat on his throne as he has

hurt his Pride by pleading to the Priestess

“Nonsense!! This is nonsense!!” He said. Lolo

and Azuka the Prince came to him, greeted and

sat down close to him touching his thighs.

“I heard everything My Husband” Lolo began

“How can she say that she will take decisions in

this land? Eeh Igwe” Lolo furthered her speech

“I guess she is trying to overthrow you Papa”

Azuka added as Ebubedike listened to them

“The same gods made you the custodian of the

law of this land. You can change and do

whatever you which with the law. Or are you no

longer the King?? The custodian of our laws and

traditions?” Lolo asked looking straight into the

Igwe’s eyes arousing his pride

“Of course I am and no one will take that away

from me. Not even the gods” He concluded

“Good” Lolo said

“They are all our enemies, all of them desires

your downfall including the Onowu and elders

in Council” Lolo added

“I have been perceiving that right from the

onset” Igwe said breathing out anger

“Let me go and finish what I was doing behind

the house. Azuka let’s go” Lolo said and left

with Azuka leaving the Igwe killing himself with




“Haa.. Papa good Morning” Anochie greeted

Maazi Ukadike who came to visit them but he

did not reply

“Papa, why is your face like this?” Anochie

asked and Mrs. Nworie came out adjusting her


“Nna anyi I gree…” She paused looking at the

mood on his face and sat besides him

“Nna anyi, what is it?” She asked looking at

Anochie who looked at her with the face of “I


“Cheii! Umuanyanwu is finished” Ukadike


“Heii.. Nna anyi say no such thing” Mrs. Nworie


“I am just coming back from the palace” He


“Ehee.. What about it” Nworie asked curiously

“We met the Priestess there and she said that

more calamities will befall this land and all the

Igwe could do was to challenge Osimmili our

Mother. His Pride will really destroy this land”

Ukadike said and bent his head

“Calamity?? Pride??” Nworie wondered while

Anochie stood up looking around as I he was

monitoring something, later on he began

blowing his flute which marvelled Ukadike and




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