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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 6

The suspicious atmosphere in Anochie’s

compound released a little and the fast running

heartbeats calmed down a bit. Anochie went

out to fetch firewood from a bush not too far

from their house, Mrs. Nworie was behind the

house cooking with thoughts still flowing

through her mind while Ada was at the front

picking the melon she poured on a tray.

Moments later Ada looked up to see four angry

looking guards walking into their compound so

she dropped the tray of Melon immediately

and ran to the back yard

“Mama!! Mama!!!” She called as she ran to the

backyard which alerted Mrs. Nworie and

eradicated all the thoughts she had in her

mind. Mrs. Nworie left the firewood she was

about to add to the fire and ran holding Ada

who was already shivering

“What is it my daughter” Mrs. Nworie asked

adjusting her wrapper

“Warriors are coming to our house” Ada said

pointing at the door

“Warriors kwa? Is that why you are shaking like

someone who saw a ghost?” Mrs. Nworie said

to Ada

“Their faces are not good at all” Ada said

“Alright, Let’s go meet them” Mrs. Nworie said

walking to the front door and Ada followed


“Great warriors of Umuanyanwu I greet you”

Mrs. Nworie on reaching the front view of the

compound said to the guards who already

where standing waiting for someone to come


“To what do I owe this august visit?” Mrs.

Nworie added

“We are here to take your son” One of the

guards said

“What for?? What has he done?” Mrs. Nworie

asked again more serious

“We are not here for questions and answers,

bring out your son for the Igwe wants him

now!” One of the guards said

“Please, biko nu (Please), tell me his crime, in

fact take me instead of him” Mrs. Nworie said

kneeling down

“Woman, we are not here for tears patrol,

bring your son” One of the guards said rudely

“Search the house” The chief guard said

“He is not at home” Ada said interrupting their


“He went to…” Ada tried to say but Anochie

emerged with a firewood bunch on his head.

On seeing his Mother kneeling down, he quickly

dropped the wood and rushed to her raising

her up

“What are they doing here and why is Mama

kneeling down?” Anochie asked

“My son, you should have stayed in the bush

ooo, let them take me” Mrs. Nworie said

“Anochie, the Igwe calls for you” The chief

guard said

“On what ground?” Anochie asked

“You dare not ask me silly questions!” The chief

guard barked at Anochie

“Bring Him” He ordered two of the guards but

before they could walk two steps closer to

Anochie, thunder struck in front of them

making a demarcation line between them and

Anochie and everybody including Anochie was


“Don’t be kids,bring him!!” The chief guard

ordered again and immediately they crossed

the demarcation to lay hold on Anochie, an

unseen force lifted them meters above the

ground and they hit themselves on the ground

and everyone was shocked.

Maazi Ukadike and the others including Onowu

has arrived the entrance of the compound only

to see what they didn’t expect.

The Chief guard and the other boldly moved to

lay hold on Anochie but a ball of fire struck

them, thereby disfiguring the left arm of the

Chief guard, so they ran immediately back to

the palace with two carrying the Chief guard

who was lamenting in pains.

“What was that??” Onowu asked as they walked

into the compound. Anochie was still holding

his Mother surprisingly and Ada freezed in

shock and fear

“My elders, I greet you” Anochie greeted

“My Son Anochie, what was all that?” Uchendu

asked but everyone kept quiet. Soon enough,

Anochie’s mood changed, he left his mother

and sat on the nearby bench playing his flute…



The guards ran as fast as their legs could carry


The Igwe and Lolo were already standing in

front of the throne chambers waiting to out

pour their anger on Anochie. Azuka stood

behind them still feeling the pains of the


The guards ran in and dropped the chief guard

in front of the Igwe, all kneeling down

breathing heavily and painfully and the Igwe

was surprised looking at them

“What happened? Why is my chief guard

wounded?” Igwe asked

“Your Highness, Anochie”One of the guards said

“Anochie did what? You couldn’t get a common

boy!!” Igwe barked at them

“Your highness, all this happened to us on our

ordeal to get him” The other guard said and the

Chief guard groaned in pain

“What!!” Igwe exclaimed

“Igwe I told you this boy was evil but you never

agreed” Lolo Nwaaku said to the Igwe whose

hands was already on his waist looking above..

“Igwe, the gods never seize to fight for the

innocent, caution your son” The voice of the

Onowu echoed from the entrance as he walked

in with Ukadike,Okwanku and Uchendu

“Your Son Ukadike did this to my Son and now

to my guards!! He must pay for this” Lolo said

and walked out angrily

“The calamity in the Land is enough already,

don’t allow your son create another” Uchendu

said to the Igwe and they all left the Igwe with

their words ringing in his ears.

“What is all this??” Igwe asked himself

“I Ebubedike, this boy might one day come to

take the throne away from me” Ebubedike

thought in his mind and shook his head

“Guards!!” He called and two other guards

came kneeling down

“Make sure you take good care of Him and my

Son” Igwe said pointing at the Chief guard and

he walked back to his throne in thoughts..



“…This has been the only thing Our Great

Mother Osimmili says to me for the past weeks

now” Priestess Osimmili said to herself

“Hmmm.. More calamity befalling

Umuanyanwu. This is becoming too much.

Tears of Babies and their Mothers has never

ceased in this village” Priestess said to herself

“This is getting out of hand and I must meet

the Igwe to tell him this. I think from now

henceforth, some critical matters will be

brought to me first before being done to avoid

more calamities”

“Yes, that is what I will do” Priestess concluded,

gripped her iron staff and with a backward

movement went out of the Shrine and headed

for the Igwe’s palace.


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