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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 5

As the Onowu, Maazi Ukadike and two other

elders in Chief walked a bit angry and

conversantly murmured about the behaviour of

the Prince so did Queen Nwaaku plotted and

decided to go and talk evil into the Igwe.

The Igwe was sitted all alone in the throne

chambers with two guards fanning him, two at

the entrance to the throne and two at the main

entrance all without smiles on their faces and

hand n the head of their swords and their

breast vibrating.

“This is getting too much” Maazi Okwanku said

to others as they walked to the Igwe’s Palace

“Cheii. We have not yet cleansed the land of it’s

disaster now the Prince wants to add another.

Tufiakwa!!” Maazi Uchendu added

“Despite the fact that we have warned him and

reported to the Igwe his Father eeeh..”

Ukadike said

“Let’s not just discuss this here, let’s get to the

Palace at first” Onowu Udemba concluded the




“Sorry My Son” Mrs. Nworie said to Anochie as

she used hot water and a towel to massage the

little bruises he had on his body

“Nne o na-afu ufu oo (Mama, it’s painful)

“Anochie Sorry” Ada said to him

“I know it’s painful but I…” Mrs. Nworie tried to

say but stopped as she gazed at Anochie’s body

in surprise

“Mama continue, why are you stopping”

Anochie asked with his face down

“Nne, what is it?” Ada asked as the towel

dropped off Mrs. Nworie’s hands and Anochie

looked up

“Mama, say something, what is it?” Anochie

asked holding his Mother and Ada drew closer.

Mrs. Nworie was speechless as she pointed at

Anochie’s body and Ada looked closer

“Chim eeeh!!” Ada shouted

“What is it now!! Why are you all shouting?”

Anchie asked feeling uncomfortable with their

face looks

“Your Bruises” Ada said

“Ehee, What happened to it?” Anochie asked

touching all over his body, Ada ran inside and

came out with a local glass they used as a

mirror and handed it to Anochie who collected

and starred silently at himself for he himself

was also confused and surprised.

“Where did the bruises go?” Anochie asked

indirectly to no one

“Are you asking me?” Mrs. Nworie asked as a


“This is strange” Ada said with her hands on her

waist as they both looked at Anochie in a

suspicious manner but Anochie ignored their

suspicious eyes..



“Mba nu (No), Igwe, this is getting out of hand”

Onowu Udemba said as they got to the main

entrance of the palace. On seeing that it was

the elders in council, the two guards at the

entrance disengaged their spears thereby

making a pass way for them. They entered and

greeted the Igwe

“Igwe!! Your Highness may you live long” They


“My Chiefs, what brought you to my palace this

hot afternoon or has there been anything

worse than the death of babies?” Igwe

Ebubedike asked

“Your highness, there will be more than what

you think I something is not doone right away”

Ukadike said

“What do you mean by that?” Igwe asked

“Igwe!! I have lost so many children and I won’t

like to loose my wife also just because of a silly

act by the Prince” Maazi Uchendu said hitting

his walking stick on the floor

“How dare you say such of the Prince of

Umuanyanwu Land” Igwe barked at Uchendu

“Onowu, tell me what happened” Igwe with a

lowered voice inquired from Onowu Udemba

and Udemba adjusted his sitting position with

the faces of others twisted in anger

“Hmmm, Igwe may your reign never end”

Onowu began

“The Prince has been……” Onowu tried to make

his statement but was interrupted by the loud

shouting voice of Lolo Nwaaku who was seen

dragging Prince Azuka in anger to the throne


“How dare that brat, that pimp to do this to my

son!!” She barked and they got to the throne.

She and her son ignored everyone and no

words of greeting dropped out from their


“Igwe!! My husband, I greet You” She said with

her body shaking

“Lolo” Igwe called

“Can’t you see that I am having a meeting with

my elders?” Igwe asked

“What sort of nonsense meeting is that eeh

Igwe, just take a look at your Son” Lolo said

throwing Azuka to Ebubedike

“What!!?” Igwe stood up in anger

“Who did this to you?” Igwe asked touching


“Is it not that wretched Anochie using evil

powers against my son. My own son, Igwe you

must do something” Lolo barked again

“My Queen with all due respect I bid you to

keep shut” Onowu said

“What?? I should shut up” Lolo asked more

angrily and the Igwe looked at Onowu

“Azuka deserves more than this” Uchendu said

“Do you know the weight of crime he

committed?” Okwanku added with a question

“Rape!!” Ukadike concluded

“And so what?? Has he raped your daughter

before??” She asked them with her eyes all

gulped out

“His attempt to do so to my daughter Ada

brought this upon him and point of correction,

Anochie did nothing to him, it was his guards

that beat Anochie blue black” Ukadike said in


“Even if he sleeps with all the girls in this

village!! Is that why a mere commoner will do

this to the heir apparent to the throne??!” Igwe

barked at all of them

“Igwe! Are you the one saying all this?” Onowu

asked all surprised

“And who is this Anochie?” Igwe asked

“Anochie is my brother’s only son, he is not

evil, the Prince should tell what happened to

him in his ordeal to rape my daughter” Ukadike

said boldly hitting his walking stick on the floor

“Gbam!!” Others affirmed

“Guards!! Guards!!” Igwe called and four hefty

guards came kneeling down

“Go and get Anochie for me, he must pay for

this!!” Igwe said angrily still holding Azuka

“But Igwe….” Uchendu tried saying

“All of you get out of my palace” Igwe ordered

interrupting Uchendu

“What??! Igwe you are asking us out of your

palace” Onowu said in shock

“You heard him, Out!! Or should I call the

guards?” Lolo said in Pride and disdain

“Don’t let me loose my temper, get out!!” Igwe

barked at them and they all stood up shaking

their heads

“Cheii.. Aru (Abomination)!!” Onowu lamented

“Umuanyanwu is finished!” Uchendu added

“The worst has happened!!” Okwanku added but

Ukadike ran faster to his late brother’s house

and other slowly followed him…


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