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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 4

“..Osimmili!!!…Mother of the Sun and the

Moon”Priestess Osimmili called out to her gods

“Why have you kept quiet to our cries and

plea”She began

“Children dies in tens per day and hundreds

per week. Are you no longer our

Mother??”Prietess asked the gods walking

around the shrine pouring grounded white

chalk all over the shrine. She later sat down

pouring kola and wine on the moulded images

“Osimmili!!!! Answer me!! The people are

crying bitterly”She shouted shaking her staff

“Osimmili!!!! Great Mother!! Arise!!”Priestess

shouted and great thunder struck around the


“Yes!! Mother of all,speak to me”Priestess said

and a mighty female voice came from the

rushing wind that blew

“The calamity that has befallen Umuanyanwu

has just began. Umuanyanwu will suffer more

pain”The voice said

“Great Mother please,that is why I have come

to you”She said kneeling down

“What shall we do to appease the

gods??”Priestess asked but everywhere became

calm again without her getting a reply

“No Mother please answer Us”Priestess said in

tears standing up..

“Chaii! Umuanyanwu is finished”She lamented



“What happened to you my Son, where is your

water pot”Mrs. Nworie asked Anochie who

walked in with Ada

“Eehmm.. Mama”Ada began

“It was the Prince”She said

“Prince kwa? How?”Mrs, Nworie asked

“He tried to molest me and in Anochie’s quest

to save me, he broke his pot Mama”Ada said

“Ewoo!! Nwa m,it’s alright. Is that why your face

is like this because of a water pot”Mrs. Nworie

said holding Anochie

“But hope he did not penetrate you my

daughter”Mrs. Nworie asked

“Hmm..Mama,he almost did not until he and

his guards began to hold their faces claiming to

be slapped and ran away”Ada said as Anochie

brought down her pot from his head

“Thank God ooh. But this Prince is going too

far. Why must he be molesting young

ladies”Mrs. Nworie said

“And Mama,I heard this is not the first time he

is doing it”Anochie said in a bit anger

“Chi m oo. Does the Igwe knows about

this?”Mrs. Nworie asked but everyone kept




“My Prince please stop,I am tired”One of the

guards said and they stopped breathing heavily

“What was that back there??”The Prince asked

but the guards looked at him without a reply

“My Prince,I think it was that Anochie”One of

the guards later said

“What?? How?”The Prince asked

“My Prince,he is the most quiet person in this

land and never associates with anyone except

few people. What do you think my Prince”The

Guard said

“I see,he must have something fetish hanged

to his loins”The Prince said

“My Father must hear this!”The Prince added

“Let’s go”He ordered,wore his robe and they

went home but his face but swollen due to the

effect of the slaps.



“Nna anyi, this is getting too much, I heard he

has been molesting ladies before, you have to

do something”Mrs. Nworie complained to

Maazi Ukadike with Ada and Anochie standing

besides her

“Hmm.. Thank God he did not get my

daughter”He said holding his daughter

“Don’t worry, I will meet the Prime Minister

about this. We once talked about this but the

Igwe paid deaf ears”Ukadike said shaking his




“Onowu my good friend”Ukadike called out to

Udemba the Prime Minister as he walked into

his compound

“Yes,who is there”Udemba asked

“It’s Ukadike”Ukadike said

“Haaa..Maazi”Onowu called coming out from

his hut greeting Ukadike in the local hit walking

stick greeting

“This one you came to my house this

afternoon. Have a sit”Onowu said and Ukadike

sat down

“Onowu”He began removing his cap

“Isn’t the calamity that has befallen this land

enough that the Prince wants to add his own

eeh Onowu”Ukadike asked

“Maazi,take it easy. What did he do this

time?”Onowu asked

“Onowu, can you imagine he attempted rape

on my daughter,thanks to the gods who saved

her”Ukadike said

“Chi m ooo!! Abomination”Onowu shouted

hitting his walking stick on the ground

“Upon the fact that we have told the Igwe

about this, he did nothing”Onowu sililoquised

“Cheii..Maazi,I am very sorry for all that

happened. But the Igwe must hear this one, it

is getting too much. Let me go and call other

elders in council let’s go”Onowu said as he

entered his hut and came out with kola locking

his door

“Biko have Kola,the atmosphere won’t hinder

the blessings of Kola”Onowu said

“Onowu the Onowu”Ukadike hailed Udemba

and they walked out



“My Son,what happened to your face?”Nwaaku

the Mother of Prince Azuka asked him looking

all over his face gazing at the swollen face

“Mama,is it not Anochie”The Prince cried

“Anochie? Who is he in this village?”The queen

Nwaaku asked

“He is the son of Late Maazi Nworie your

highness”One of the guard said

“What!!! That rat that is nothing in this

village!!”The Queen barked

“But where you not there when he was beating

him??!”The queen angrily asked the guards

“Sorry my queen,but he used fetish powers,we

also are affected”The othe guard said turning

the swollen part of their faces

“What!!!?”The Queen barked angrily

“So he wants to use evil powers to kill my Son

just like he killed his Father. Alright, I know

what to do!!”She said breathing out angrily

holding her son close to her chest


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