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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 14 [Completed]

Anochie didn’t go to his usual place of firewood

fetching to fetch firewood, he went the

opposite direction a bit into the bushes of

Umuanyanwu. On walking a bit farther, he saw

dry logs of Fire wood of which he began to

fetch from, due to the fact that he was strong a

bit he decided to fetch many so that he can

split into two and give one to Ada but he never

stopped looking at his left hand which was still

a bit red in blood. He wondered about it and

also about the dream he had…

“Who was that man?” He asked himself in

thoughts standing up holding his cutlass in his

right hand

“Why was I chased initially?? Where did the

attackers go?? And why did the old man say I

will suffer but he will always be with me?”

These and many thoughts ran through his mind

as he went lost in thought

“So important is it than a little boy will stand in

thought about in this early hours of the day”

Priestess Osimmili’s voice called back the mind

of Anochie from behind and he shivered. On

turning around he saw Osimmili and bowed

down in greeting

“Greetings of the Morning Priestess” Anochie


“Greetings my Son” she said walking closer

tying a white and red wrapper, with chalks used

to decorate her face, hands and legs in a native

way holding few leaves and shrubs in her hand

“I can see you came to fetch firewood”

Osimmili said to Anochie walking closer to him

“Yes Ma” Anochie said

“Alright, but be fast because wild animals

normally come here at the early hours of the

morning” Priestess said and walked past

Anochie to go deeper into the bush and pick

more leaves and shrubs, but on passing

Anochie she felt a great power around him and

she stopped and turned around looking at him

which Anochie noticed her motion

“Is anything the matter?” Anochie asked as

Priestess starred at the flute that hung on his

neck. Anochie traced her eyes to the flute and

used his hand to cover it and Priestess waved

her eyes out

“Who gave you that??” Priestess asked trying to

withold the power it contains

“My Mum said it was given to me by my

Father” Anochie said

“Is anything wrong??” Anochie asked


“No.. Nothing, I should be going now” Priestess

pretended and hurriedly left as she could no

longer withstand the power. Anochie wondered

why she acted that way but later waved it out,

tied his wood bunch, carried it and left the

bush. At the time he left the bush, the day has

already become very bright.

“Who is this boy??” Priestess asked herself in

the bush part she was

“Well, I will later find out” Priestess said



Lolo and Prince Azuka were taking a walk with

two guards chatting with each other and

smiling.. They walked to a two way path and

unknowingly went the path of which Anochie

followed. Anochie innocently began to walk

home with the quite heavy wood he carried on

his head. The path was a small one though with

bushes around it. Lolo and Azuka sighted

Anochie from a distant and their mood changed

to an angry one. Anochie who had nothing in

mind, walked towards them and diverted

towards the bush to create a good chance for

them to pass through.

“Good Morning Lolo”

“Good Morning My Prince” Anochie greeted but

they did not reply rather they shifted towards

the bush part on which Anochie was, on shifting

the more to create chance for them, Anochie

fell into the bush with the firewood on his head

and was stinged by several pin pointed grasses

in the bush. Lolo and Azuka never behaved like

anything happened as they passed without

looking back. Anochie stood up scratching his

body vigorously as the grasses were itchy, the

pain made him uncomfortable

“What have I done to deserve this treatment

this early morning” Anochie asked himself as

he ran into the bush got a leaf and rubbed it all

over his body you subdue the itching and pain,

but the scratch he made on his body made it all

swollen and a bit red. He looked at Lolo and

Azuka as they walked farther, he shook his

head, carried his firewood and went home..



“Nne!!” Ada called from the front of Anochie’s

compound holding a cutlass and Mrs. Nworie

came out

“Nne, good morning” Ada greeted

“Morning my daughter, how are you?” She


“I am fine Nne.. Where is Anochie” Ada asked

peeping into the house

“He has already gone to fetch firewood” Mrs.

Nworie said which made Ada feel bad

“He did not bother to call me” Ada complained

“No My daughter, he decided to fetch for both

of you” Mrs. Nworie said and Ada placed a little

smile on her face

“Ook, which path did he follow let me go after

him” Ada asked

“I really can’t tell, he will soon be back. He

went very early this morning” Mrs. Nworie said

“Ook Mama, let me wait for him” Ada said and

Mrs. Nworie looked far at the entrance to their


“Ooh.. He is back” She said and Ada ran to

meet Anochie. The effect of a leaf that causes

drowsiness and boils that touched Anochie

when he fell into the bush took it’s course on

his body. His eyes began to shake and dim, he

ignored Ada and bravely walked to the

backyard, kept the firewood and came back

“Chim ooo!! My Son, what happened to you?”

Mrs. Nworie asked running to Anochie who was

already about to fall. Ada ran towards them and

Anochie fell on his mother’s arm. On knowing

what it was, Mrs. Nworie quickly waved at Ada

as she was speechless in tears.. Ada came

closer holding Anochie

“Go and call the Priestess for me fast!!” Mrs.

Nworie exclaimed and Ada without wanting to

ask further questions ran out immediately

“Also call your father for me oooh!!” Mrs.

Nworie’s voice echoed as Ada ran faster than

she ever had..

“Nwa m biko nu (Please my Son), don’t die on

me” Mrs. Nworie pleaded to Anochie whose

body was not even shaking

“Cheii!! Chi m ooo (My God). Ada please be fast

oooh” She said to herself and tears ran down

her cheek as she touched all over the body of

Anochie. She rushed inside, got a fan and a

mat, laid Anochie down and began to fan him..


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