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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 12

In excitment Ada ran to Anochie’s house with

the basket of food. Anochie, was sitted in the

bench positioned towards the entrance to their

compound waiting for his mother to bring the

food she was cooking for him. Immediately he

sited Ada, he stood up in excitment as he was

thinking about her since she went home.

“Hope you have not eaten?” Ada asked Anochie

who smiled broadly

“Nne is still cooking for me” He replied and

they sat down

“Thank the gods, I brought food for both of US”

Ada said and opened the local plate from the

basket and the apetizing aroma of a typical Igbo

Melon soup overtook their nostrils.

“Hmm.. I am sure your mother prepared this”

Anochie said not looking at her and Ada hit him

on the arm jokingly

“You mean I can’t cook or what??” Ada asked

“I never said so” Anochie replied holding the

hitted arm. Mrs. Nworie hearing the noise

from the backyard walked out to see Ada and

Anochie laughing already washing their hands

to start eating

“Ada my daughter, you brought food for my

Son” Mrs. Nworie interrupted them

“Ahh, Mama, I didn’t want to disturb you that is

why I didn’t come over to the back yard” Ada


“It’s alright, at least you have lessened my work

of cooking today” Mrs. Nworie said and they


“Ehee, so Mama, you didn’t want to cook

before” Anochie said looking at his mother

“I will still eat after this one ohh” Anochie said

his mind

“You are not serious” Ada said and they

laughed. Mrs. Nworie went back to the kitchen

smiling. Anochie and Ada began to eat the food

in smiles intervally starring at each other. On

eatint the food halfway, a little bone hung in

the throat of Ada and she began to cough

beating her chest and immediately Anochie got

a cup of water which she drank from his hand

and she sighed as a sign of relief, just then

their eyes jammed to each others own but this

time they didn’t break the gaze. So many

thoughts ran through their minds. Mrs. Nworie

came out again to see the motion in the

atmosphere and she stood relying on the

frame of the door looking at them as they also

didn’t recognize her presence

“I wish you were not my brother” Ada thought

in her mind

“I wish you were not my sister” Anochie

thought also in his mind

“I wish they knew that they were not Siblings”

Mrs. Nworie thought shaking her head as she

couldn’t let the cat out of the bag, so

interrupted the lovely atmosphere

“You have not yet finished eating” Mrs. Nworie

said walking closer to them and they recovered


“Ooh… Mama, no we haven’t” Anochie said

“I had a bone on my throat, thanks to Anochie

who cared and gave me water” Ada said and

they all smiled

“Well, when you are done, you can still go and

take more from the pot inside the kitchen, let

me go and see your mother” Mrs. Nworie said

“Ok Mama” They both said and Mrs. Nworie

left… They ate happily like siblings but still

never stopped looking into the eyes of each




Nwadike and Egwudike were brothers trained

by their late father in humting. They were the

best hunters in Umuanyanwu, they kill both

Lions and Leopards and they were known for

that. They were seen coming out from the bush

after their hunting with their guns hanged on

their shoulders and two big grasscutters in both

hands. Amara on the other hand was walking

down the way they followed so they met

“Hmm.. Ejima Dike (Twin Dike)” Amara hailed


“Amara, how are you” Egwudike asked as they


“I am fine ooh, I can see you made a great

catch today as usual” Amara said looking at

their hands

“Thanks be to the gods” Nwadike said

“Yes oo, I was going to my friends house”

Amara said showing a sign that she wants to


“Alright, Nwadike said and brought out a nylon

of fruits from his hunting bag and handed it to


“I got this from the bush and we don’t like

fruits” Nwadike said handing the fruit to Amara

which she colloected and looked into it

“Haaa… Dike, all this for me. May the gods

bless you” She said

“We will be going now” Egwudike said and they

went opposite ways with smiles still on Amara’s

face as she calculated how to break the news to

Chimma her friend. Meanwhile, Nwadike and

Egwudike were twins although not too identical

but they had a resemblance, fair skinned,

average heighted and charming to behold. The

twins walked few miles away and met Lolo

Nwaaku who was taking a walk down the road

with two guards and Amaka, the palace maiden

“Greeting her Majesty” The twins greeted

bowing down their heads

“Greetings to you great hunters of

Umuanyanwu” Lolo hailed them and they stood


“You really made a catch today” Lolo said

“Yes Lolo we did” Nwadike said as he handed

one of the grasscutters to Amaka

“Please accept this from Us” They said and Lolo


“Thank You” Lolo said trying to play polite and

caring. They also went opposite ways after

some conversations…..


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