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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 11

At the end of the Nkwo Market day, the roads

and paths of Umuanyanwu began to be quiet

due to the decreasing number of people and

the arrival of evening. Adanna, Amara and

Chimma on their way home talked about so

many things. Adanna then brought up the topic

of Ikemba

“Girls” She called their attention

“What is it” Amara asked as they stopped and

stood at a spot

“Can you believe Ikemba is pestering around

me” Adanna began

“Ehh!! I didn’t hear you well” Amara exclaimed

dropping the basket she held with the support

of her armpit

“Heei!! Wonders shall never end” Chimma


“What does he have that he wants to have an

Angel like you” Amara said clapping her hands

“Nne m ask me ooh” Adanna said also

“But wait ooh, what did you say?” Amara asked


“What else will I say? I said No now” Adanna

said looking at Amara in the eyes

“Gbam!!” Chimma loved her reply

“You answered him well” Amara said nd hissed

“Biko (Please) It’s getting late, let me come and

be going” Chimma said and they went their

different ways. Adanna on her own route that

was quite bushy with just a little land as the

path shook her waist and buttocks as she

walked which made her more attractive.

Suddenly, someone touched her from behind.



“Papa, we selled well ooh, the gods are always

good to Us” Ada said to Ukadike his father and

her mother who was sitting besides him smiled

“Good girl” Her Mother praised her

“Go to the kitchen and carry your food” She

said and Ada happily went to the backyard but

came out with the food in a plate (Locally

Made) placed in a basket and her parents were


“Where are you taking that to?’ Ukadike asked

looking at the basket of food

“Erhhm.. Papa, I want to take it to Anochie so

that we can eat together” Ada said not looking

at them

“Hiaa!! You and this your brother eeh” Her

mother exclaimed and Ukadike smiled

“You can go. That is how a family is supposed to

behave don’t mind your mother” Ukadike said

and Ada smiled walking out happily

“I hope you did not carry all the food in the

pot” Her Mother asked

“Yes Mama, I did” Ada’s voice echoed from the

outside of the compound

“Chim oooh.. She carried all the food” Her

mother said looking at Ukadike

“Then cook another one. I really love how they

are relating together as one blood” Ukadike


“Nna anyi, maybe you will be the one to cook

the next foood she will take to Anochie” Ada’s

Mother teased Ukadike and they laughed…



“Ikemba!! What sort of nonsense is this, why

are you following me??” Adanna asked Ikemba

angrily as she came out from the shock of the

fright of which Ikemba caused her

“I’m sorry my Love” Ikemba said

“Who is your Love, Mind yourself Ikemba”

Adanna warned and began to walk away but

Ikemba caught her by the hand again

“Please Adanna, I truly love you” Ikemba said

“But I don’t love you now leave me alone”

Adanna said tapping her foot on the ground and

Ikemba tried to kneel down and plead to her

but Etewine interrupted

“Heii!! Ikemba, what do you think you are

doing?” Ete asked stagger-Walking closer to

them and Ikemba stood up immediately

leaving Adanna’s hand

“Eeh.. So the calamity that the Prince is causing

by raping girls is not enough for you. You want

to begin your own” Ete said already close to

them and Ikemba looked at him angrily

“Why are you looking at me like that? Will you

beat me?” Ete asked raising his head high

“Ete, what is it again. Why are you always being

an Enemy of Progress” Ikemba said angrily

“Which Progress?? Eeeh, Ikemba. Progress of

rape okwa ya. See Adanna let me tell you” Ete

began to talk to Adanna

“Ikemba does not have a heart, nothing like

Love at all” Ete said but Adanna left both of

them hissing and walked home

“Ete see what you have caused now” Ikemba

said to Ete who wasn’t even concerned but

walked away also

“I caused nothing. Go and find something

better to befit your life” Ete mocked Ikemba

and walked away

“Chaii!! What I was almost done in getting”

Ikemba lamented as he missed Adanna by the

presence of Ete.

“Alright, tomorrow is another day” Ikemba

concluded and jumped into the bush..



Lolo was seen with Prince Azuka in her hut

talking without smiles on their faces

“How can we get at Anochie” Lolo asked

“Nne, I have told you to leave that to me”

Azuka said

“I know, but I don’t want him dead, I want him

to suffer pain and agony. I want him

banished!!” Lolo said and Prince was shocked

“But the Priestess said….” Azuka tried to say

but his mother interrupted

“Forget about the Priestess, she is not the King.

Your Father is” Lolo said

“Like I said before, she was bribed” Lolo added

“Yes..” Azuka agreed

“Now all you have to do is lure Anochie into an

Unforgivable crime that will be tagged

Abomination, then he will be banished for

good” Lolo said

“I see.. Anochie, I’m coming for you” Azuka

said touching his cheek on which the slap marks

he incurred from the attempted rape of Ada

was still showing a bit….


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