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The Cry – Season 1 Episode 10

“Nna anyi, this is how he has been since he

woke up from the bad dream he had last night.

All that he said was seeing dead bodies,

animals and the throne being destroyed” Mrs.

Nworie said as it was morning and the dream

was still disturbing Anochie which made him

quiet and gloomy. His Mother already has ran

to inform Maazi Ukadike who arrived with her

“Tufiakwa!!” Ukadike exclaimed

“Abomination” He added folding his arms with

his walking stick still in his hands

“Dead what?” He asked himself

“I am confused myself Nna anyi” Mrs. Nworie

said and Ukadike walked closer to Anochie

“Anochie My Son, it was only a dream” He said

to Anochie

“But Nna anyi, it was so real” Anochie said

looking at him

“I know my son, dreams always look real”

Ukadie said

“Just try taking it off your mind” Ukadike said

partially succeeding in changing Anochie’s


“Ok Papa. Thank You” Anochie said and Ukadike

stood up

“Mama Anochie, take good care of him”

Ukadike said to Mrs. Nworie

“Thank You Nna anyi” Mrs. Nworie said and he

left, but Anochie still sat on the bench

wondering about what he saw in his dream..



“Amaka!! Amaka!!” Lolo called walking out of

her room

“Where is this girl??” She asked herself

“Amaka!!!” She called again but no reply from

anywhere around the compound so she called

on a nearby guard

“Dike” She called on the guard and he came

kneeling down before her

“Go and look for Amaka in her hut” She

ordered and went inside her hut as the guard

ran out. Meanwhile, Amaka was a beauty

worthy to behold, a bit dark in complexion,

average in heaight with smiles always on her



“My Prince, please don’t do this to me, I’m

begging you” She pleaded as she struggled with

Prince Azuka who barged into her room as she

laid in bed

“You better keep quiet and co-operate with

me. Remember, I am the Prince” He said as a

warning to her pulling down his local trousers

hold her two hands together with one of his


“My Prince please!!” Amaka pleaded in great

tears shaking her head and struggling with him

“Even your tears won’t save you. He reached

below, loosed the wrapper she tied round her

waist leaving her with nothing to cover her

privacy, he admired her thighs and wanted to

begin the dance but they heard a knock on the

door and he immediately jumped off her

“Amaka!! Amaka!!” The voice of dike called

from the outside but the Prince ordered her

not to reply. He quickly gave her clothes to her

which she immediately wore and dried her

tears, forcing out a smile as the Prince ordered


“If anyone hears about this, you are dead!!”

Prince Azuka threatened and hid behind the

door as Amaka went and opened the door. Dike

almost left due to the silence he got as an

answer to his unending knocks.

“Amaka, what have you been doing in here that

you did not hear my knock” Dike asked as he

peeped his head in to know if he could notica

anything suspicious

“Sorry, I think I overslept” Amaka said

“Ehee.. You think?? Maybe you will tell that to

Lolo” Dike said

“Chim oooh..!! Was she calling me?” Amaka

asked in fear knowing that Loloo will not spare


“She has been calling your name all over the

palace” Dike said and Amaka placed her hands

on her head

“You are still standing there okwa ya? You have

not gone to answer her” Dike asked rhetorically

and left and Amaka immediately closed the

door and ran to Lolo’ chambers. As she left,

Prince Azuka came out making sure no one saw

him, he maintained an Unsuspicious mood and

walked away

“The gods have saved you today” He

sililoquised and walked to his mother’s hut.


“Amaka, where have you been?” Lolo asked

“Sorry My Queen, I was behind the palace”

Amaka replied with her face down and Azuka

came in

“Good Morning Nne” He greeted and his

mother patted him

“You better not try it next time” Lolo warned


“Go and get me a cup of water and a cup of

wine for my son” She ordered and Azuka


“What did she do Nne?” He asked

“Nothing to worry about My Son” Lolo replied

smiling at him

“What are you still doing here! Get out!” She

yelled at Amaka who rushed out. Azuka yet

lustfully admired her backside as she went out

which his mother noticed

“What are you looking at?” Lolo asked

“Nothing Nne” Azuka lied

“You know you can’t lie to me” Lolo said and

Azuka kept quiet

“My Son, they are your servants, do to them

whatever you which. You are the Prince My

son” Lolo encouraged his evil thoughts and he

smiled hugging his mother…


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