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The Crazy Lovers – Season 1 – Episode 18 [Completed]

Ben took Dav into a street without telling him anything, they entered a compound, Ben took him to a particular flat, he knocked at the door, to Dav’s greatest surprise, Stella opened the door, setting her eyes on Dav, she tried shutting the door but Dav stopped her “What are you doing here” “Please, can we come inside the house” Dav requested “Sir, I have to leave now” “Okay, thank you” he followed Stella inside. “Stella I’m sorry, believe me, I knew what I’m doing, even if I’m insane, I can’t marry Susan” “She is about to give birth to your child” Stella replied with tears “Don’t you trust me?” he asked staring in her eyes, Stella tried looking away but she can’t help it than to stare at him as well “I trust you” she finally, then Dav hugged her “I’m happy to have you back” he wiped her tears, Dav was still holding her when her phone rang, Kevin’s name appeared on the screen, Stella tried bringing it up but Dav stopped her “who is he?” “He is a male friend that had been helping me” “Don’t try blinding me, is he not same guy that was crushing on you” “I met him few weeks ago after I left” “Stop every communication you are having with him, I’m not comfortable with that” “He is the one that had been helping me, I can’t cut him off just like that, remember, you are now married now” Dav stood up with anger “You are in love with him right?” he asked almost in tears “I can’t believe you are giving up at the finish point” Stella stood up and held him “Understand me, we want to be together but nothing is happening” “Stay away from Kevin, I’m here now, I can provide for you, you won’t like my reactions on him” “Okay I will” Dav lowered his lips to hers and kissed her for a long time, Stella braked up the kiss “Go and stay with your family” “My family is here with me” “I know, at least for now” “Okay, I have to go” he left and Stella closed the door. Paul opened the gate for Dav as he was driving inside, immediately he parked the car, Paul ran to him “Sir boss is really angry with you, he said that you left your pregnant wife going to unknown place” “Thank you for the information” instead of going inside the room from sitting room where all the family members where waiting for him to get home, he went inside his room from back and locked his room. Kevin went to Stella’s apartment, she welcomed him inside looking confused, they left the door open and sat down “Are you surprised to see me?” “Yeah I’m bait surprised, you never told me that you are coming” smiling “You know I love surprises” “Yeah I knew” Kevin smiled at her, he knelt before her and brought out a ring “Stella, will you marry me” Stella was shocked, she never said anything but kept staring at him, Dav walked in holding a flower with smile allover his face, everything disappeared when he set his eyes on Kevin, both Stella and Kevin turned to his direction, Stella started dropping tears staring at Dav. “Stella I’m here to tell you that our war is over but.. ” Dav said as tears drops from his eyes “I have to go” he turned to go “No!, wait Dav!” Dav turned back to her “Stella?” Kevin called back with heartbroken “I’m sorry Kevin” Kevin left with pain, she walked closer to Dav “I’m sorry” Stella said holding his hand, Dav hugged her “Is all over, I will take you to my father’s house tomorrow” “Why?, what of Susan” “I want her to be there when we will alive” “I trust you” he gave her the flower “I have to go now, I have a little thing to finish up” he pecked her and left. Dav was driving to his father’s house with Stella, she was very worried that something might come up “Are we doing the right thing” “Yes Stella, today is her dead line” Stella did not say anything else, he kept driving until they finally arrived at David’s house, Paul opened the gate, they drove in, another car followed them in immediately, Stella was totally confused “Welcome home Stella” Paul said smiling at her, Stella looked up at Dav looking more confused, David patted her back and grabs her hand as they walked in together, the two men follows him. They entered the sitting room and met Susan Mr and Mrs Anthony, they all sat as if they where ready for him, immediately Susan and Mrs Anthony set their eyes on Stella, their hearts skipped off “Stella” Susan called out “David, what is the meaning of that, you are already married to Susan” Mr Anthony asked with anger, Mrs Anthony and Susan carried their faces down with shame “Father, I’m not stupid enough to get married to a woman that intentionally got pregnant from another man just to tie me down” Dav replied with a smiling face “Dav we are married for Christ sake” Susan finally said with tears “Let me officially let it be known that I’m never married to Susan” they all looked up to him in disappointment “What are you talking about” Mrs Anthony asked after gathering her courage that she can defend herself “Yes because everything about our marriage was fake, I can prove it” “How could you… ” Susan asked in pain, just then, a man that dressed as a priest on their wedding day appeared “Nathan here is my good friend, after pleading with him, he decided to help me” he brought out his phone and shows them the place they took as church, it was a restaurant “Why are yrdtou so heartless David, what will happen to your baby that she is carrying” Dav turned to Stella and smiled at her “That child is never mine” he brought out his phone again, he shows them a nude pictures of Susan and a man on the bed, he also gave them a voice recorder “Are you surprised? referring to Susan “I got it by bribing him” “How could you, after everything, despite all my support” Mrs Anthony asked “Finally, father, I want to let you know that, mother and Susan are responsible for Stella’s missing, they plotted to kill her but I rescued her” “How can you say such a thing about your mother” Paul walked in holding a phone “Paul here is my secret spy in the house, I planned everything before my actions” Paul gave them a voice record where Mrs Anthony and Susan was plotting on how to kill Stella “Paul, thank you for helping me” “You are welcome my good friend” “Son, I will give my blessings on whoever you present to me as a wife” Susan and Mrs Anthony knelt down begging him for forgiveness “Susan, just go inside, park your things and leave this house” Susan walked in with tears “Please my son, Stella, forgive me” “Instead of getting support from you, you went ahead stabbing me at back” Dav replied with pain “Please Dav, forgive your mother” Stella pleaded trying to kneel down, Dav dragged her up “My love, is over now, we can have peace” Dav helped his mother up and hugged her “My son let me know whenever you fix for your wedding” “Thank you dad” Mrs Anthony hugged Stella, just then Rose walked in “I missed you Stella” she hugged her “I’m sorry Rose” “He told me everything” Mr Anthony also hugged her. Dav took Stella to see her family, her mother was happy to see her again, he also told her about his intention to marry Stella, she was very happy, Dav left her to spend some nights with her family and went back home. . . . THE END.

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