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The Crazy Lovers – Season 1 – Episode 17

Stella sat down with Kevin in her sitting room talking “You mean someone tried to kill you? “Yes, if they found out that I’m still alive, they might plot to kill me” “I understand, I will be coming to check on you” “Thank you” “Alright, I have to go now” he left and Stella closed the door. Dav sat at bar with Ken “Dav, I never knew that you can be so weak, how can you marry Susan” “You knows me too well Ken, I don’t talk what I have in mind but I have a plan on that, just watch and see what happens next” “You have to be careful, Susan can get to any length to be with you” “I need your help in this” “What will I do for you on that” “You said that you normally sees her with a guy, I want you to spy them for me, I need a strong evidence for everything” “Count on me my man, I will do anything to help you” “Thank you” Ken took a sip of his drink “what about Stella” “‘Seriously, I’m afraid, I might not locate her again, I don’t know what to do” “Don’t you think is better if you just move on with Susan and forget about everything” “I will rather die single” “Just clean up your mess” they continued drinking. Kevin visited Stella, he brought her some new clothes, she was so happy, they ate together at the dinnen “This food test so delicious” Stella smiled “That is your usual comments” “Thank you for the food” Stella packed the dirty plates to the kitchen and joined him at the sitting room “Let’s just go out and have some fun” “No, I don’t want to” Stella replied looking sad “I understand but you can’t keep hiding in the house all days” “OK listen, I’m going to make sure that no one sees you, can you trust me on that?” Kevin managed to convince her “Let me get ready” she stood up and went inside the room. Kevin took Stella to a beach, they sat together talking “I’m happy that I’m finally around you, I thought I will never see you again” Stella was just smiling without saying anything “Let’s get some ice cream” “Wow I love that” stella jumped up immediately walking along with Kevin. They started running around chasing each others, they took several pictures and played with sand, it was finally becoming late “we have to go now” Stella said checking the time “No, I’m hungry, let’s eat something” “You eats too much” “No I don’t play with food” “I knew” they started laughing as they walks down to the food joint. Dav sat at sitting room when Mr Anthony walked to him “Susan reported to me that you slept outside…..

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