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The Crazy Lovers – Season 1 – Episode 16

Stella sat down in the sitting room shedding tears, her mind was shattered, she did not eat anything, she was there when she heard a knock from the door, she looked through the opening at the door and saw Dav, she opened the door and returned to her former position, Dav sat besides her “Stella, we need to talk” “Okay” she replied without looking up “Look at me” Stella kept quiet for sometimes and finally looked up “You need to trust me, I’m going to work everything out” “Are you going to Wed her?” “Yes” “What?” “I can do something else but I’m worried about you, they might start hunting you again, I need to end everything” “I’m going to leave this house, you might not see me again” she replied getting up “No Stella, it has not gotten to that, can you just trust me” Stella did not say anything and went inside, Dav left as well. Susan was seriously preparing for her up coming wedding, like wise to all the house holds, Dav was also preparing, Dav sat alone thinking when Susan walked to him “Dav, where are we going to Wed” “I prefer outside the city” “Why outside the city?” Dav looked at her and smiled “That is where I want my wedding to hold” “You are the man, I accept that” “I have selected a beautiful wedding dress already” “That is good” he got up and left her alone. Dav went to visit Stella but found the door locked, he saw a white paper and the house key behind the door, he opened the paper and reads “I’m sorry Dav, I’m not going to destroy your wedding, everyone now believes that I’m dead, I’m going far where no one can see me” Dav found him self dropping tears “This can’t be” he opened the door and saw the wrist band with tracker that he gave her, he lost hope because he can not trace her. Piggy returned from school running inside the kitchen to meet his mother “Good afternoon mom” “You are welcome my son” “Mom, I saw sister Stella, I was running to her direction but I can’t find her again” “Listen Piggy, your sister is dead, you might see someone that looks like her” “No, my sister is alive, I saw her, she looks more beautiful” “Is okay, go inside and take your bath” Piggy left, his mother started crying afresh. Stella was standing at the car park when she heard someone calling her, that was Kevin, she took another direction and Kevin lost her. Stella traveled to the next town, she rented a house and moved in, she disconnected any means Dav could reach her. Dav and Susan finally did their wedding, on their wedding night, Dav left the room for Susan and lays at the sitting room, Susan came out and sat at the opposite chair “Dav, we are just married, are we not supposed to be together” “I hate you Susan, you can go back to the father of that thing in your womb” “You are harsh on me” Susan said looking sad “You have not seen anything” he picked up his car key going outside “Where are you going” he left her without saying anything. Stella went to shop rite to pick some beverages, she was doing her selections when she came along Kevin, she tried to go but it was too late, Kevin grabbed her hand “Why are you avoiding me” “I have to go now” “Talk to me Stella, I went back to same house, your friend told me that you are dead” “Are you not afraid of ghost” Stella replied with fear “What is going on, why do you want everyone believe that you are dead” Stella opened her mouth but could not give out a word “Is okay, do you live around here” “Yeah” she replied cleaning up her tears “Maybe I will drop you, I lives around here as well” Kevin paid their bills and they drove off. . .

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