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The Crazy Lovers – Season 1 – Episode 15

Susan walked closer to Dav, she set her phone camera with time, she lays on Dav and removed her towel, he got up immediately “Susan, what are you doing” he asked looking away “You can’t say no now” she said trying to touch him with her body but Dav stood up immediately and left the room, Susan picked up her phone and smiled. Dav visited Stella’s family, he was offered a sit. “How is Stella my daughter, I had tried but I can’t reach her” “I’m sorry ma’am” Dav replied looking sad “Talk to me, where is my daughter” she said becoming uncomfortable “Stella is gone, we can’t find her Corps” “This can’t be true, tell me where she is” “Cool down ma’am” she started crying loud that attracted sleeping Piggy “Where is sister Stella” his mother looked at him and stated crying again “You sister is gone” Dav calmly replied patting him, he tried to console them but to no avail, he finally gave them some money and went home. Rose walked to Mr Anthony where he sat drinking and reading news paper “Good day sir” “How are you Rose” “I’m fine sir” she replied but kept standing, Mr Anthony removed his glasses and looked up at her “Is there any problem” “Yes sir, I want to resign and join my husband” she replied looking sad “I won’t like you to resign Rose” “Sir my husband wants me to stay around the house” “I understand, you know what, I will allow you to go home each day after work” “Thank you very much sir” Rose replied with a smile and left. Mrs Anthony sat outside when Susan walked to her with a paper, she opened the paper and looked into it “You are pregnant?” “Yes ma’am” she replied looking bit sad “I believe David is responsible” “Yes ma’am, I can show you my evidence” she turned on the camera, after looking at the camera, she hugged her with a smile, Susan was so happy “Have you told him?” “Not yet” “I will tell him myself” she started laughing happily. Dav was inside his room when Rose informed him that his parents wants his presence, he stood up and joined his parents innocently, he was surprised that Susan was there as well, he sat down looking at his happy parents “You sent for me dad” “Yes, when are you fixing your wedding with Susan” “I don’t understand dad” “You have to understand now because she is already pregnant for you” “Pregnant?, by who?” he asked looking shocked “Don’t try to pretend because she has all the evidence against you” “I have never touched her talk more of.., whatever it is, I will never marry her, I’m tired of all these” “Try to fix your wedding date or you will hear from me” “Susan?” looking at Susan who was punching her nails “Yes you are responsible” she replied “Whatever you plans might be, it will never work for you, Dad, mom, I’m not responsible for that” his parents stood up without saying anything and left. Susan’s stomach was gradually coming out, Dav finally fixed a date for their wedding, Susan was very happy that her arms was finally achieved, Rose was very angry with Dav, he had ruined Stella’s life, now he wants to marry Susan with his unborn child. David visited Stella, they sat down for a long time but he did not say anything “Dav, what is wrong with you, you had been silent for a long time” “I’m really in a big mess with Susan and my parents” “What is it this time” “Susan accused me of getting her pregnant” “Hence you know you didn’t do it” “Not just that, they have fixed a date for our wedding” “What?, and you are going to marry her right?” “Believe me, I will find my way out” “After getting married to her?, my life has ruined because of you, now you are planning to leave me” she replied with clouds of tears in her eyes “I’m not leaving you” he tried to held her hand but she dragged her hand out “After getting married to her?” she left him and went inside, he stood there for a long time before he finally left. . . .

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