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The Crazy Lovers – Season 1 – Episode 14

Dav sat with Susan talking and laughing, she was very happy, Mr and Mrs Anthony left for work and left Susan and Dav
“You are not preparing to see your parents”
“I don’t want to be far from you, besides my parents wants me here”
“Okay, I have something for you” Dav brought out a wrist watch from his pocket
“I brought this for you” he puts it in her wrist
“This is beautiful, thank you” she hugged him
“Promise me never to remove it from your hand no matter what”
“I promise you that” she hugged him again.
Mrs Anthony was inside her room when Dav knocked, he opened the door and joined her
“Good morning mom” she did not reply, Dav knelt before his mother
“I’m sorry mom, that will not happen again”
“The only thing that can make me to forgive you is for you to marry Susan”
“Is okay mom, I will marry her”
“That is my son” she helped him up and hugged him
“I have something for you mom” he brought out a wrist band from his pocket and puts it in her wrist
“thank you my son, I will always put it on to remember when my son got back to his senses”
“Thank you mom” he hugged her and left, Mrs Anthony was smiling looking at the wrist band.
Dav entered a house where he met a young man, he is Ben by name, they both sat down
“Listen Ben, I has tracker on them now, watch them closely, I think they are up to something, of curse I don’t know but we have to find out”
“Alright sir”
“Don’t forget to call me if you finds out anything”
“But sir, what if they remove the bands and do something dangerous”
“I have spy in that house, trust me”
“I will do as you said”
“I will be going” Dav sneaked out from the house.
Stella sat at sitting room when she heard the bell rings, she got up and opened the door, she hugged him
“I was expecting you since yesterday”
“I’m sorry, I was trying to confuse my parents” they sat down
“Dav, I’m worried about my mother, I don’t know what to do now, also Stella”
“I will go and see your mother”
“What will you tell her”
“I will tell her that you died”
“God!, that will not be easy”
“You have to be strong, especially now”
“Alright, come over to the dinnen and eat something”
“No, I still have somewhere to go”
“I don’t understand you anymore, you are getting slim”
“I know but I can’t have peace if I don’t put everything to an end” he held her hand looking deep inside her eyes
“I love you, I’m ready to do everything for us to be together” Stella could not say anything but kept staring at him
“I have to go now, don’t forget to call me if anything comes up”
“I will, take care”
“Okay” Dav opened the door and left.
Susan went inside the bathroom to take her bath in the night, after that, she forgot her wrist watch and went inside, on her way to her room, she remembered that the electric bulb in her room has stopped working, she walked over to Dav’s room to ask help from him, when she got to the door, she found out that the door was not locked, she got inside and met Dav fast asleep, she found out that he was drunk, he went to party with his friend Ken, Susan locked up the door and returned back to him.

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