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The Crazy Lovers – Season 1 – Episode 13

CRAZY LOVERS Episode 13 by _ #Cynthia_Chi_Godwin

Dav got home, he did not see anyone at home, he sat outside before Rose comes in carrying a nylon bag “Rose where is everyone?” “I don’t know sir” “Okay, have you seen Stella” “She was still in the house when I left for market” “Okay, I will call her” Rose left, Dav dialed Stella’s number severally but it was switched off. “Where could she be” Dav said becoming uncomfortable, he stood up and went inside. Stella got herself in a deep river, she could not breath properly, she tried to find her way out but she found out that, she was far from the shore, water was about to drawn her when a boat rushed to her direction and lifted her up, she looked up and saw Dav staring at her “Dav?” Stella called out and colaped in his arms, the boat rider speeds up. Stella opened her eyes in Dav’s arms, he sat on a coach behinds the beach “How are you feeling?” “I’m better” “What happened to you?” “I got myself in the middle of the river” “Can you recall anything?” “Big madam and madam Susan knocked me down and tied me up” “Don’t worry about that, I have spy all round, I will get to know all their plans, trust me” “Thank you for saving me” “You are not going back to that house again, we are going to keep your rescue secret” “I’m very tired” “I will look for somewhere to keep you, let’s go” Stella tried to stand up but Dav carried her in his arms. Dav took Stella to a portable house “I rented this house for you, just be careful, call me whenever you needs anything” “Thank you very much” “I want everyone to believe that you are dead to keep my parents eyes out from you, this is just between us” he brought out a little phone from his pocket “Use this phone to contact me whenever you needs me okay” Stella collected it from him “Thank you” “I have prepared something for you in the kitchen, I have to go now” “Okay, bye” “Alright, I love you” he pecks her and left. Susan and Mrs Anthony was drinking in the sitting room happily, David entered looking very tired, he wanted to go but turned back to them “Mom, did you sent Stella anywhere?” “No I did not, why do you ask” “I have not seen her since I got home, is getting late already” “How is that my business, maybe she is gone, she can even die” Dav quietly entered his room. Dav sat alone at the sitting room when Rose walked to him with tears, Dav turned back to her “Rose, what is the matter” “Sir, since yesterday, I have not seen Stella, and no one is talking about looking for her, I’m worried” “I’m also worried, in fact, halve of me is dead, I have invited the police but there is no good news about that” “Please try and do something, I don’t want to loose my friend” “Is okay, I will try my best to find her” “Thank you sir” she left. Stella was watching television when her picture appeared missing on the television, she switched it off, she sat down thinking about her mother and sick brother, she wondered how long she will remain dead, everyone will soon morn for her believing she is dead, as all this runs through her mind, hot tears runs down her cheeks. . .

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