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The Colleague – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5:

Tom breathes in, and she’s waiting for his response. Her nipples are hard, perhaps only from the cool air, but it sends another tingle through his loins.

He’s not going to give her an easy way out just yet, though.

“As for tonight, well, yes. I did realize you were on to me,” she takes a deep breath. “I was worried you were going to tip Stanton off.”

Tom gives a slight nod of disappointment, thinking it’s confirmation she’s just using him. But he allows her to go on.

She says, insisting, “I didn’t come here to force you to keep quiet, Tom. I came here because it was my last chance to win you over, to get you for myself. Leaving it any longer and it would have been too late. You would have been hunting a mole, and I’d only ever be a target for you.”

Tom stands like a statue. Her eyes flicker over his face, trying to read him. Trying to work out whether her final appeal has worked.

After a long moment-and-a-half, he says: “Two years, huh?” And he smiles. “You ever thought to just ask me out for a drink after work?”

Candice throws a shoe at him.

As she finishes dressing, she scorns him for the times she did ask him out for a drink after work, and each time he had assumed it was a work thing, and invited everybody else in the department along too.

He says, “So, you want to grab that long-awaited drink now? We could talk about all this – properly.”

“That would be lovely,” she says, offering him that heart-meltingly beautiful smile that he knows, ultimately, could get him to do absolutely anything in this world for her.

She traces her finger over his lips, but he can’t quite tell what she’s thinking.

He says: “You are… recruiting me, aren’t you? I mean, I really want to pursue this whole crush thing of yours, but…”

The dazzling brunette kisses his lips, and says: “Not recruiting, Tom, seducing. There is a difference. I just want to date you, you don’t have to do anything at work you wouldn’t have otherwise…”

“Apart from quietly fail to find a mole in the company.”

“I promise to make it worth your while,” she kisses him again. “You can tie me up and interrogate me if you like, probe me for answers.”

He says, “You haven’t even told me what all this is about – who you’re working for.”

She nods, says: “I’m working for the good guys, Tom, you don’t need to worry about that. The guys that want clean air for people to breathe, unpolluted water for people to drink.”

Tom feels something akin to relief wash over him. What had he been fearing, that she was a Russian spy like that other pretty brunette, Anna Chapman? An environmentalist – that wasn’t so bad. Much better than a simply case of corporate espionage, too, in his eyes. She was doing it for a reason other than money, after all.

She looks at him, and he can see her eyes skirting about, trying to read him again.

He says: “Tell me you’re not going to start climbing up the company’s smoke stacks or chaining yourself to a power plant front gate, making me look like an idiot for not finding our mole?”

“We’re not doing that kind of thing so much these days. It’s all about embedded activism these days.”

“Embedded activism?”

“We fund bright, motivated young supporters through college, get them the best possible corporate qualifications, and help them avoid any possible links with environmentalists,” she explained. “Then we feed them into key corporations.”

“Changing things from inside.”

She nods, but says: “We can talk later, where it’s safer. We shouldn’t leave together right now. Do you might staying a little while?”

“I was planning on it,” he says, a veritable cocktail of emotions running through him now, teetering on the edge between the sheer thrill of a new relationship with this stunning brunette, and the fear that he was entering a new and dangerous world, undermining the corporation that had been his home for so long.

“Come out of the building in half an hour. I’ll be waiting in the Starbucks down by the Metro station.”

“Do you mind that I’ll be driving?” he jokes.

She offers him a mock-stern look, saying: “I think we’ll have to talk about that SUV of yours, Mister.”

“You can give me some transport advice over dinner,” he says.

“Sure,” Candice kisses his lips again, and then she withdraws, heading over to the door. “But if you’re going to use me as a consultant, you’ll have to compensate me.”

“Compensate you?”

“I’m sure we can agree terms once you’ve got me home and in your bed.”

Tom feels a tingle between his thighs, things stirring even this soon after orgasm. Wow. This gorgeous girl wants him to take her home to his bed. His head spun, dizzy with thoughts of devouring this exquisite creature. Parting her thighs and burying his face in her sweet, wet pussy.

Then she says, seriously now: “We shouldn’t be seen too much together, Tom. Not at work.”

“Of course. No more than normal, at any rate.”

“Then I’ll say à bientôt, Tom,” she says, a sparkle in her eye, and then she’s gone.

For half an hour, Tom sits alone at his desk, just like any other night in the office. He breathes deeply, trying to keep calm. Even tries to get a little work done, as he might normally have done of an evening.

The stainless steel clock on the wall ticks steadily, monotonously, calmly, counting out the seconds until he can begin his new life.

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