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The Cleaning Lady (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 6

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

Kunle woke up from another restless sleep. He stretched and yawned, becoming aware of the tent he was pitching in his boxers. He groaned and got up sleepily, stretched and walked into the bathroom, his hard cöck leading the way.

He had been religiously using the herbs for almost two months and now his morning erectiöns were stiff and becoming very painful. He felt he could safely stop using the medicine,
but he just couldn’t figure out how to know for sure whether it had worked EFFECTIVELY. He thought of Lara and quickly banished the thought out of his head. Forget about that one. He didn’t want to open that door anymore. He wasn’t the type that picked up höökers either. His mind went to Sheila. Sheila, he thought. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship. He didn’t want to do anything that will make things awkward between them, but who else could he turn to? He wasn’t even sure of himself anymore.

For the next three days, he tried to figure out what to do, how to be sure he had finally cured his predicament. His mind kept going back to Sheila. He felt there was no other way. Worst case, if she refused, he would apologize profusely and then let her be.

He was so glad with her when she told him she was going to sit for her JAMB exams and he had encouraged her to study hard. For the past two weeks, he had not seen her. She had written the exam the previous Saturday and he had hoped and prayed for her. Kunle sighed.

The little tyke was getting under his skin. There was no day he didn’t think of her. To make things more uneasy for him, she was always calling him. Morning, noon, night. Always wanting to know what he was doing, always had one funny story or the other for him.

Saturday afternoon, she came by for her weekly cleaning. He didn’t realize how much he had missed her so much until when she appeared, beaming from ear to ear at his door.

She immediately ran into his arms and they stood there for a while in a long embrace. They finally released each other and he led her inside.

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“So tell me, how did the exam go?” he asked, looking her over. She was still as beautiful as ever.
“It was soooo nice. I’m sure I will pass.”
“That’s my girl. So what school did you apply for?”
“I chose the university here as my first choice and OAU as my second choice. Accounting as my course.”
“Good. By God’s grace, you will make it.”
She stood up looked around the room.
“Wow. This place really has missed me.”
“Yeah. And so have I.”
She looked at him affectionately. “I missed you too.”
They both stared at each other for a while. “I guess I should get to work now. No work, no pay.”
She grabbed her bag and headed into the room to change. “I guess those are some other “work clothes” you have in there right?”
“Yes, I can’t work in what I’m wearing, can I?” she replied from inside the bathroom.
When she came out, he had to be sure his eyes weren’t deceiving. His hart lurched and began to beat.
“Sheila, one of these days you are going to make me have a heart attack. These your clothes are too revealing” he said.
“I thought you liked them.” She replied.

As usual, what she had on was breathtaking.

She had on a tank top was so low her bööbs were very visible. She had on a tight pair of cotton leggings that molded her round butt, hips and smooth legs perfectly. He could almost swear that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He could see a hint of her nìpples poking slightly through the blue tank. She was bare footed and her plaited hair made her look like a bústy sixteen year-old.

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She grabbed a broom and started cleaning. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and he watched as she moved around, cleaning here, dusting there, arranging this and that. He followed her to the kitchen and watched her as she cleaned.

His heart really melted and he wanted to take her into his arms and feel that lovely body against his. After about 30 minutes he went back into the room and switched on the TV. He flicked the channel to MTV to listen to some music. His mind kept on telling him to make a move on her.
“She has given you the signals.” His mind told him. “She wouldn’t dress up like that all the time in front of you if she didn’t want you.”
“But she’s so young. You will be taking advantage of her. She’s an innocent girl.

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Don’t betray her trust in you.” His other mind implored.

He wrestled with his thoughts as he fought with himself. He absent mindedly watched the music being played on the screen. He could hear her singing along to to the music in the kitchen. When the channel began playing “Chandelier”, he was surprised when she burst out of the kitchen in glee.

“I love this song” she exclaimed, and began to twist and turn her body to the music.

Kunle sat dumbfounded as he watched her turn her body exactly the same way the girl did in the video. He was surprised as she flipped, twisted, and turned in sync. Not only was Sheila pretty, but she had poise and grace too.

“Whe…where did you learn how to do that?”
She didn’t respond and she continued to dance. When Maddie did her full split in the video, Sheila yelled “I can do that too!!!!”. He watched, not believing his eyes, as she slowly lowered herself into a full horizontal split, her legs straight as an arrow. As the music ended, she bent backwards, looking at him as he sat there and applauded her, impressed with her display. In her position, her top had ridden up, exposing her smooth tummy. Her jugs had popped out and were literally spilling out from her low neckline. He could see a hint of her red knickers [email protected] below her belly as she stayed bent backwards in her split.

“Where did you learn how to do that?” he asked her, still in awe.
“I took a lot of dance classes in high school. I was the captain of the Calisthenics team and we were always in one competition or the other. We represented our state at various competitions.” She replied, still in that position looking up at him.

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Kunle looked at the beautiful girl on the carpeted floor and made up his mind. It is now or never.

“Sheila, I need to talk to you about something” he said in a serious tone, his heart beating rapidly.

Her expression changed and in one quick and fluid movement, she turned and sat cross-legged in front of him.

“What did I do? Did I do something wrong?” she asked worried.

“No you didn’t do anything wrong you silly girl. Just come here.” He replied.

She crawled cat-like to where he sat on the bed. He pulled her up and sat her down on his lap. He looked at her lovingly, from the bespectacled face that was peering at him curiously, her bare arms, her lovely chest.
“God, you are beautiful.” he remarked.
“Thank you” she replied coyly.
He adjusted her top to contain her bust that had almost spilled out. His hand shivered as he touched her hot skin.
“If I may say this again, your brèasts are perfect.”
“Yeah I know. You have been staring at them all day” she emphasized, cupping them with both hands.
“Are they real?”
“Did you give me any money to get fake ones?”
“So they are real?”
“Of course they are. No single inch of plastic on this body baby.”
He nodded in appreciation. His fingers gently traced the outline of her half-cup bra. “What size are they?”
“The girls are 36DD. This one,” she replied, cupping her left brèast “is called Tanya. Her twin sister,” she said, shaking the other one “is named Sarah.”
“Nice to meet you, Tanya and Sarah.”
“You haven’t met them yet. By the way, are you one of those guys who appreciate a woman only for her chest?”
“I appreciate a woman, regardless of whatever make or model she is.”
She looked at him for a while. “Well, what did you want to talk to me about?”

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