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The Cleaning Lady (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 3

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

He got down from the okada rider’s bike and paid him the 200 naira he had demanded. silly crook. Is it because he was dressed up, prim and proper in his shirt and tie? He dismissed the bikeman and he roared of in a cloud of smoke and exhaust.

Cursing the guy under his breath, he slowly walked the 5 minutes it took to Lara’s house.

He thought about what he was going to tell her, go down on one knee, telling her he was sorry, and saying his screw up won’t happen again. He was so mesmerized in his thoughts that he didn’t notice a bunch of posh cars parked in front of her house. The caliber of vehicles parked made him realize something was going on in Lara’s house. He met Aminu, the gateman sitting infront of the gate.

Immediately their eyes met, Aminu stood up and made an effort to going inside.

“Aminu Haba now. Why you dey troway face for me? Na me Kunle now.”
“Oga, madam don already talk am say if I see you make I no open gate for una. She tell me say make I warn you make you no reach this place again.”
“Haba now Aminu. You wan do that to your padi” replied Kunle, removing a 1000 naira note and folding it in half.
Aminu eyed the note greedily. “Oga…ehn..i know say you be my oga…but you sabi madam wahala. She fit send me comot.”
“Don’t worry.” Kunle replied, slipping the note into his black paw. “Just tell her you were not at the gate when I arrived. Tell her I opened it from outside.”

Amunu took the money and quickly pocketed it.

He opened the gate and Kunle slipped inside.
Walking towards the door, he heard music and laughter inside. He knocked on the door and after a short wait, it opened. It was Dupe, Lara’s friend and colleague at work.

“Hey Dupe bawo ni now? It’s been quite a while. How have you been?” Kunle asked cheerfully.

Instead of responding, Dupe hissed and stepped back inside. Kunle slowly entered and was greeted by a number of folks in Lara’s bank. There were bottles of expensive drinks and lots of food and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Lara suddenly appeared infront of him, a scowl of disgust written all over her face.

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“Ki lo n wa nibiyi? What are you doing here? Did I not tell you to never show your face here anymore?” she demanded angrily.
“But Lara, I came to apologize. I even brought these for you to show you how sorry I am” Kunle trembled, showing her the gifts.

She took one look at the things in his hands and hissed.

“Apologize for what? Do I look like a baby to you? All your mates buy expensive stuff for their girls. You bring these cheap things here.”
She knocked the flowers and perfumes and chocolates from his hands onto the floor. By this time everyone’s attention was already on both of them. Every word she spat out was like a dagger to his heart.

“I’ve told you already that we are no more. Finished. I no longer love you. Keep your cheap gifts to yourself or go give it to some other small girl someone your level deserves. We are no longer mates and we’re no longer in the same class. Please take your leave before I disgrace you further” She concluded.

A young man about the same age as him walked up to where they were. He stood beside her and wrapped a long arm around her shoulders.

“Baby? What’s going on? Who is this guy” he asked, waving a glass of wine in his direction.

“This is the impotent fool I was telling you about” she replied. The word “IMPOTENT” reverberated around the room and there was a gasp as everyone went silent. The only sounds were the music being played on the sound system.

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“Please, LEAVE NOW! Baby, please get this man out of my sight.” she repeated.
“You heard the lady” the guy said, taking Kunle by the arm. Kunle slapped away his hand before he could touch him.
“Don’t…touch…me…” he responded. His eyes had turned stone cold and his voice was filled with ice. “I can see myself out.”
With the little dignity he had left, he picked his gifts off the floor and stared around the room.

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Everyone was staring at him, wondering what he was going to do. Even Dupe had a scared look in her eyes. The macho dude had backed away.
“I’m sorry for disturbing your afternoon.

Please continue enjoying yourselves” he said before turning around and exiting the building.
“Lara, you took that too far. You shouldn’t have insulted him that much” Dupe scolded her friend.

“He deserved it. I’ve told him never to come and bother me again. Now I feel so bad.”
Her new beau tried comforting her. “Baby forget it. Don’t let a little pipsqueak like that upset you. You are above him. Come on, let’s dance. This party is meant for you.”
Lara shrugged and unhappily followed him as he dragged her up and started dancing to the beats.

Kunle walked dazed dejected to the main road where he could get a bike back to his place. He was still shocked from the insulting words he had just received from Lara. He still couldn’t believe it. Lara? Say all that to him? Insult him in front of all those people? He was glad he had controlled himself there and not knocked the silly grin off the face of that silly punk. He looked up in the sky and sighed. Is this how it is? A common girl insulting him just because she was more successful than him? A tear rolled out of his eye down his cheek. He looked at the tattered gifts he had bought her and a sudden anger began to envelope him. He threw them to the ground, chocolates, flowers, and perfume, and stamped on them hard till they disintegrated into a mess of brown mush at his feet. He tried controlling himself lest he made himself look like a fool. A couple of people were already looking his way. He quickly flagged a bike down.

By the time he got to his place, he was already seething and boiling with anger. How dare she?

Who the hell does she think she is? After what they both had gone through. He didn’t acknowledge the greeting of the mallam and stormed to his room in anger. He locked himself inside and didn’t go out again that day. Neither did he sleep at all that night.

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Thoughts of Lara filled his mind. Even when he was able to catch a few minutes, all he dreamt of was her. By morning, he was a total wreck.

He had a bad headache, his eyes were bloodshot. He was a mess.

Later that afternoon, he heard a knock on his door. He didn’t want to get up but when it became more persistent, he stood up dazed and walked over, intent on yelling on whoever it was to leave him the Bleep alone. He opened the door to reveal a beaming Sheila. One look at him and she
became alarmed.
“Kunle!!! What’s wrong with you?” she asked, shocked at his appearance.
He didn’t answer, just turned around and went back to his room. Sheila followed him, still asking him what was wrong. He couldn’t respond. After a while her persistent questions were getting on his nerves.
“Sheila, don’t you know when someone wants to be alone?” he asked.

She was taken aback. “Did I do anything wrong? I’m sorry if I annoyed you.”
“Yes, you are doing something wrong. You are pestering me. Don’t bother me again. PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he shouted at her.

He regretted it almost immediately. A painful, shocked look appeared on her face and she backed away, a cry escaping her lips.

”I’m sorry Sheila” he began to apologize, “I shouldn’t have shouted on you like that.”
With a wail, Sheila covered her face and ran out of his room. He called after her.
“Sheila!!! Sheila!!! Please wait!!! I’m sorry!!!” it was no use. She disappeared and he didn’t have the strength to run after her. It wasn’t her fault at all, but he shouldn’t have taken his frustrations out on the poor girl.

She was only being helpful, coming here on a Sunday, a day she wasn’t at work. His hand closed into a fist and he punched the mirror on his bedroom door, shattering it and cutting himself.

“DAMN YOU LARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he cried. “DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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