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The Cleaning Lady (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 25

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

“Oh God baby!!! You’re making me hotter. Spank me baby!!! Spank me hard!!!”
His hand whacking her butt sent another powerful orgasm through her and she collapsed on top of him.

“Oh baby!!! Oh Kunle!!!” she gasped. He continued to thrust into her from below.
“Oh baby you’re gonna make me Pour….oh I’m CUMMING!!!” Kunle roared.
Yes, Pour for me baby. I want you to Pour!!!!”
He gave a couple more powerful thrusts and his dam was breached. At the last moment, he pulled his slick J0yst!ck out of her moistness, stroked a few times and wrapping his other arm round her an squeezing her tight, emptied his Pour-filled balls over her arse. She squealed in glee as she felt the warmth of his man-milk wash over her jiggling butt.

Kunle gently rolled her Unclad, sweat-covered body off him. She rolled onto her back, eyes closed, chest heaving as she regained her senses.
“Kunle…please…you are intense. I can’t seem to get enough of you.” Sheila panted.
He leaned over her, stoking her Unclad body as she lay beside him peacefully. Her racing heart slowed down gradually and her breath slowly returned to normal. She opened her eyes and looked up at him affectionately as he caressed her, tracing his fingers over her Unclad skin, gently stroking her breasts, teasing her Tips as he watched them grow hard. He heard a soft gasp escape her lips.

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“Kunle!!!!!!!!!!! Is this how you are when you are angry?”
“Angry? Why would I be angry with you?”
“I mean” she said, brushing her hands against his face “after…what happened yesterday.”
“You mean at Lara’s? Please forget about her. I don’t want to hear that name again.”
She propped up against an elbow. “I feel kinda sorry for her.”

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Kunle stared at her. “Sheila, this is a lady who ruined my heart, who almost ruined US. She had it coming. Why should you feel sorry for her?”
“I don’t know.” She bit her lip. “I think you were….maybe a bit too harsh on her.

Maybe you could have been a little bit more subtle about the whole thing.”
“There’s nothing to be subtle about. She deserved all the words I gave her, and even more.”
“Wow. I don’t want to get on your bad side then. That Kunle scares me.”
“Baby, she had it coming. Whose side are you on anyway, huh?” he asked, grabbing her breasts with both hands.

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“YOURS BABY!!! YOURS!!!” she replied quickly.
He pushed her on her back, a b0s0m in each hand, and straddled her chest.
“I doubt it.” He began to sq££ze her breasts, pinching her Tips. She gasped.
“Why Sheila? Why do you feel sorry for her?” he asked, a smile forming on his face.
“No Kunle, I…**gasp**…I don’t feel sorry for her!!!” she pleaded, whimpering.
“I’m going to deal with you till you beg me to stop.”
“Please Kunle” Sheila gasped and smiled. “I’M ON YOUR SIDE!!!! I’M ON YOUR SIDE!!!!”

He grabbed his already growing J0yst!ck in his hand and pressed the head hard on each hard Tip. A shiver ran through her and a loud m0an escaped her lips.

“OOHHHH KUUNNLEEE!!!!!!” she m0aned out loud.

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He slapped his meat all over her jugs, jiggling them and poking her Tips with the head.

“You’ll learn the hard way to respect your man” he joked.
Sheila’s eyes flashed. In a iffy, she reached out and grabbed hos balls, paralyzing him in her grip.
“Oh, nice” she smirked, giving them a tight sq££ze “so you are not so tough after all.”
She continued to caress them in her hand, giving a warning sq££ze whenever he made any sudden movements.

“Okay Sheila, I give up” he exclaimed as she sq££zed again.
“Do you promise to stop bullying me?” she demanded, her eyes fiery red pieces of coal.

“Yes. I’ll stop bullying you.”
She grabbed his shaft with her other hand and started stroking. His head began to spin from the s£nsat!on of pain and pleasure. He tried getting off her chest but she held his balls in a firm grip, stroking him harder until he was blabbing, pleading with his eyes.

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