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The Cleaning Lady (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 18

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

Sheila stood in front of the mirror staring at herself. She didn’t want to believe what the lady had just told her. Could it be true? Did Kunle just want her for her body? She didn’t want to believe, but somehow the lady had put some doubt in her mind. I mean, why bring her to such a fancy restaurant if he didn’t just want to impress her? Why all the prim and properness?

She thought back to the evening two days ago.

Had she made a mistake giving in to him? They had been so passionate in their love making. He remembered what he had said.
“Sheila, I………I want to make love to you…..”
“You…you want to make love to me?”
“Do you remember when I told you about my problem? My S#xual problem?”
“I don’t want to disappoint any girl again.

I talked to someone who recommended some local herbs to me. The herbs are over there……….”

“I don’t know whether it has worked yet. That’s why I want to ask you if you could help me…………………”
“But why me?”
“Because….because I care a lot about you Sheila. You are the only one I can turn to right now………………………”
“Please don’t think I’m toying with you or taking advantage of you…………….I just need your help……………….You are the only one I could think of……………….please do this for me……………..”
Had she made a mistake having that hot passionate sèx with him, even before he had asked her on the date, before they had finalized their relationship? Had she fallen for nothing but his charm? Had she made herself look cheap?

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“No” she mumbled to herself, “Kunle loves me. I love him dearly. There’s no way he would do this. I’m just letting her words get to me.”

She peered at herself in the mirror. She thought back to her previous relationships. Both guys had just loved her for her body and she had been too naïve and young to figure that out until it was too late. Is it about to happen again?

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She had to know. “Does Kunle really love me or am I being used just like the others?” For the first time in her life she cursed her body. Why was she blessed with such a hot irresistible figure? Her bööbs were her main attraction. Why did she have such huge brèasts? Why was her arse so round and perfect? Why can’t I just be like other people who aren’t so hot?

By the time she left the restroom, she was in a state of doubt. She walked dejected back to their table, a sad look on her face. Kunle looked up as she got to their table and one look at her face made him stand up.

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“Baby?!! You okay? What’s wrong?”
Sheila stared at him without a word. “Are you just using me? Do you like me just because of my body?” she thought. Kunle was alarmed at her sudden coolness and pulled her down to sit.

“Baby what’s wrong? You were all so happy a few minutes ago.”
Sheila sighed. “Nothing really. I just got a bad headache. Can we leave?”
Something was definitely wrong, Kunle thought. Something happened in the past couple of minutes that soured her mood. He was going to find out.

“Do you hate the food? Baby please talk to me!”
“I said I’m fine!!! Leave me alone!!!” she shouted at him.

Her response shocked him. What happened to her? Did he do something wrong? He didn’t expect their very first date to go like this.

“I think I want to leave” she stated.
“Okay.” Kunle replied. He signaled the waiter for the check. He paid him, left a 500 naira note as a tip, and called the cab driver. Sheila just looked down and they didn’t exchange any words until the cab driver arrived. He took her arm gently and they walked out of the restaurant.
Dupe watched closely as they both walked by.

From the looks on the beautiful girl’s face, she knew her friend had said something and she was angry at her for it. She turned to face Lara and saw her smirk as she watched them walk out of the restaurant.

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“Ki lo so fun omo yen?” Dupe asked her.

“Mi o so anything fun. Why are you suddenly so curious?”
“I don’t like the look on her face. You definitely said something to her that made her sad.”
“Dupe, ki ni ti e? What’s your problem sef?”
Dupe regretted her actions immediately. So Lara can stoop this low? Just to get a man. She remembered how she had treated Kunle at the party a few months back. It wouldn’t surprise her if she had told the poor girl off just to get Kunle back. Lara thought she owned everything. Her ego was getting too big for her.

Since she had been dating the regional manager of their bank, she had grown wings that were too big for her. She felt she was untouchable. Now she wants to ruin someone else. She knew that Lara just wanted him back to have someone to control. Hell, she treated Charles like trash too. There was nothing else to it.

Dupe felt very bad. She shouldn’t have advised this possessive self-centered bìtch how to win him back. It was all her fault.

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