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The Cleaning Lady (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 16

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

Monday morning. Kunle had told his boss he was leaving early that day. His mind was focused on his date with Sheila. He had heard about a lovely restaurant in Victoria Island that overlooked the sea, and after making inquiries, had made reservations for that evening for Sheila and him.

He got home at 3pm and changed into a new shirt he had bought for the occasion. He remembered the last time this had happened, and immediately shook his head to clear his mind. No, no thoughts of Lara tonite please. Tonite is Sheila’s night. He called her up to tell her he was on his way to pick them up for their date. Knowing very well that her aunt wouldn’t tolerate her coming home so late at night, she had told her she was going to visit an old friend’s sister from back home for a few days. Her friend’s sister lived somewhere on the Island and had agreed to let her stay for the night.

Kunle called his cab-man pal with whom he had arranged to chauffer him for the night. He gave him the directions to Sheila’s friends place and within 45 minutes, they had pulled up in front of a pretty building. He came down and dialed Sheila’s number.

“Hello baby, I’m here” he said when she picked up.
“Okay honey, I’ll be out.”
Ten minutes later, she came out with her friend’s sister. Kunle only had eyes for her and didn’t even see the friend. She had on an armless blood red gown which molded her figure perfectly showing off an ample amount of cleavage and stopped just below her knees.

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She wore a beautiful deep-blue jacket over the gown. She had recently braided her hair and her luscious lips were colored with a shade that matched her dress. Her silver ear-rings sparkled in the dim evening sun, a matching necklace around her delicate neck. A pair of high-heel shoes adorned her feet. She looked stunning. He finally found his voice and greeted the friend, not taking her eyes off Sheila for a second. Even the cab guy gaped like a slowpoke.
“Bros, this your babe set well oh.”
He smiled and took her in his arms, planting a quick peck on her lips.
“Please don’t keep her out for too long oh.

This is Lagos.” Her friend said.
“Don’t worry, she’s safe with me.”
They got into the cab and zoomed off to their date.
Lara just wasn’t happy at all. Kunle never called her and she knew he had received the text. She had moped throughout the day at work and finally decided she had to go home.

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She had been at home for a couple of hours when her phone rang. It was Dupe.
“Iyawo Kunle, bawo ni?”
“Shey o gbadun bayi?”
“O je ma pa ara e. Where you dey?”
“Where else I go dey? I dey my house.”
“Okay. Dress up. We are going out tonight.”
“Iwo ati tani?”
“You and I ni. Since you don’t want to forget about that guy, a couple of guys made reservations at a restaurant in VI for six. You are included, and we are not taking no for an answer.”
“Dupe, mi o lo jare. I’m not in the mood.”
“Ma fi ironu pa ara e. For all we know, maybe na the guy rod you dey miss. You should let Charles give you a nice, long fúck, maybe you will forget about Kunle. Ki o do e a do fa idi ya ko ma le ro ti elomi mo (He should fúck you to the extent that you can’t think of anyone else).”
“Ode ni e Dupe. Onisokuso oshi.”
“Abeg get ready jare. We will be heading your way soon. Ko ti mura ki a to de oh!!!!”
“I don hear.”
Kunle and Sheila arrived at the beautiful restaurant. He told the cab driver he’ll call when they were ready to leave and taking Sheila’s hand, he led her into the posh restaurant.
“Wow Kunle, this place is beautiful” she remarked.
“Not as beautiful as you my princess” he replied.

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He confirmed their reservation with the maître d’ and he led them to a table on the covered deck overlooking the ocean. The view was breathtaking and Sheila was mesmerized. A waiter came over and placed two menus in front of them. Sheila glanced at hers and gasped.

“Kunle, these prices!!! Can we afford this?”
“Let me worry about the cost. I promised you a date and money is not going to be a problem. Let’s just enjoy ourselves. Just order whatever you want.”
Sheila stared at the menu, unsure of what she should have. The names were strange to her.

She looked at him confused.

“I…I really don’t know what to order.” She stammered.
“Okay, I’ll order for you. I’m sure you will like it.”
As if on cue, the waiter appeared beside them and he ordered a Shrimp Alfredo pasta with baked salmon for her and a Chicken parmesan pasta bowl for himself. He ordered a pair of Chapmans to drink and after a few minutes, the waiter brought a bowl of garlic bread sticks and Caesar Salad while they waited for their main dishes. Kunle watched her while she nibbled on her salad. Her expression amused him as she tried the salad, screwing up her nose from the unfamiliar taste.
“Sheila, stop acting like a bush girl” he teased her.

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She looked at him and hissed. “You brought me here. How won’t you expect me to act bush?”
“Try the garlic bread. You might like it better.” He reached out gave her one. She grabbed it and took a small bite, chewed for a few moments, and took a bigger one. He laughed. She glared at him while she chewed.
“Okay don’t overstuff yourself. The main dish isn’t here yet.”
She smiled and set the delicious item down, picking up her napkin and wiping her lips. The evening sun setting behind her over the ocean was a breathtaking sight. He had to capture it. He grabbed his phone and told her to smile. He took three shots. The pictures were beautiful. He got up, sat beside her, pulled his arm around her, and took some more shots of both of them.

“This is a moment I want to capture forever” he said.

He showed her the pictures and she smiled after, their main dishes arrived and they settled down to eat.

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