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The Cleaning Lady (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 14

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

The Cleaning Lady (18+)

Kunle returned to his room happy. He now had a beautiful young girl to himself. He was glad he had gone ahead to ask her, and now he knew he was feeling better. He thanked his lucky stars and thanked God for curing him of this ailment and for bringing this beautiful angel his way.

He picked up his phone to give her a call. By now she should be home. He switched the phone on and scrolled through his contacts. He immediately changed her name “Sheila” to “BabyGirl”. He noticed a text message come in but he was too elated with himself to read it. He dialed his new baby’s number and she picked up at the first ring.
“Baby, I’m home!!!! I was just going to call you” she heard her say.

“Great. I hope your aunt wasn’t angry you came in late.”
“No. Infact I met only the kids at home. She and her husband went out.”
“Honey, I’m glad you came today. Thank you so much for helping me out today to find out…you know…”
Sheila laughed over the phone. “I know baby, I know. I’m glad I was able to help you, but you don’t need to thank me. I told you, I’m yours now. Just promise me one thing.”
“What’s that?”
“Promise me that with your new found energy, you won’t fúck me to death.”
“Come on baby,” Kunle laughed.

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“I’m serious Kunle. I was scared when I saw that huge snake of yours. I almost fainted from the size alone.”
“Okay I promise I will take it easy on you anytime we make love.”
“You sure?”
“Trust me baby.”
“Trust you? With that weapon you have? Mba!!!”
Kunle laughed. “Sheila, I will not do anything to hurt you. I promise.”
“You promise me? You give me your word?”
“Yes I do.”
Sheila sighed. “You know what Kunle? I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately.” She paused. “I have to confess something to you.”
“What’s it?” he asked.
“Ever since you told me about your problem, I had been hoping you…you know…open up more to me about it.”
“But I told you all about it.” Kunle replied.
“I know you did. What I meant was I was hoping you come out, ask me to…you know…help” she whispered shyly. “But when you asked me bluntly today, I wasn’t too sure anymore.”

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She sighed again. “I’m glad you had me make up my mind about it afterwards.” She concluded.

Kunle looked at his watch. They had been talking for almost 30 minutes. “Sheila, baby” he said, “You were the only person I knew could help me. I honestly wasn’t sure how you were going to react. I was nervous as well, but I’m glad you saw it my way. Now I have you. I promise I’ll never let you go.”
“Kunleeeeee.” she sighed.
“Yes dear?”
“I don’t know…I’ve not felt this way in a while…I think…I think I’m falling in love with you.”
“Please don’t think about it. Do. I love you already.”
“Now you’re making me miss you. I wish I was right by your side now.”
“Baby, I promise you, we will make it official on Monday. I promised you a date, remember?”
“Yes, I remmeber.”
He heard some chattering in the background. “My aunt and her husband are back. I’ll call you before I go to bed tonite.”
“Okay baby. Kisses.”
“I…I…I can’t say it.” She said in frustration.
“Go ahead baby. I know you do, but just go ahead.”
She paused for a while. “I…I love you Kunle…”
“I love you too baby. I’ll talk to you later.”
Kunle hung up the call, his mind and body at peace.
“I’m not going to disappoint this one,” he told himself. “No matter what, I’ll try my best.”
Sometime later after devouring a large bowl of eba, he remembered the call that had been trying to come through earlier. He picked up his phone and navigated to his missed calls. He didn’t recognize the number but saw that it had been used to send him a text. He opened the text and read the contents. He sat up in surprise when he realized who it was from.
“Hello Kunle. I’m so sorry for bugging you today. I wanted to come over but I got holed up at a meeting at work and traffic was just not my friend. I know I’m the last person you want to set your eyes upon right now after the way I treated you, but I really need to see you. Please call me when you can. Miss you so much.
Lara ke? What the hell ?!!!!

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