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The Church Accountant – Episode 9

When I was about going home, I saw the light of the bookshop on. What could be happening? I thought. I tiptoed to the bookshop, there I met Iyoaye sitting on the chair and placed her head to the table. I entered into the bookshop and quietly sneaked to where she sat. It was when I coughed she raised her head, her eyes were red and swollen.
Iyoaye: Accountant, you are still around?
Me: yes. Can I seat with you?
Iyoaye: please do. Accountant I want to explain what happened.
Me: go on
Iyoaye: I bought some extra copies of the book personally so that I will use it to augment my allowance. But I am sorry that I did not inform you
Me: OK but how is Pst. Onihaxy your husband?
Iyoaye: (hisses hard) Accountant, ejoo e ja mi kuro loro yen (please don’t bring his issue up)
Me: (hugged her) what happened dear? (yinmu for my mind)
Iyoaye: (tears forming in her eyes) Can you believe that Pst. Onihaxy’s fiancée came to the bookshop today and insulted me that I want to snatch her husband and was calling me all sort of names? (she burst into tears)
I held her hands and allowed her to release the built – up emotions in her. Later I consoled her that she should try to forget what has happened between the both of them. Me: Iyoaye, about the issue on ground, I have decided to strike it out from my report (As soon as she heard that she was happy) but I want to ask you something, Why are you just avoiding me for the past three months? I mean when Pst. Onihaxy resumed?
Iyoaye: I thought I offended you. You decided to stop calling and sending your usual sweet SMS. And Pst. Onihaxy has been the one who have kept me lively all this while.
Me: so both of you have started sexting?
Iyoaye: N O no.
Me: but I saw him smooching your…….
Iyoaye kept me quiet by kissing me. We kissed for a while but I had to stop because we were in the church.
Me: can we go to my place?
Iyoaye: sure
We closed the bookshop and I locked my office. Within minutes we were at my place. I told her that I want to shower. I undressed and went into the bathroom to shower. When I was through she went to the bathroom too. While she was there, a call came in from Pst. Onihaxy to her phone. I took her phone to her and as soon as she knew it was Pst. Onihaxy she told me to end the call. After she finished in the bathroom, she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. A text came into her phone and when is stylishly checked it was from Pst. Onihaxy. I pretended that I saw nothing. After we were through with dinner, a call came into my phone. When I saw the screen, it was Aisha!
Me: hello banker. How are you doing?
Aisha: Collins. Saanu kwana uku (it has been a long time). You have forgotten me abi?
Me: Aisha I didn’t forget you. Remember we have e-statement activated and most of our transactions are being done at your branch closer to the church.
Aisha: ok o Short Man Devil. I will be coming to your office tomorrow morning.
Me: Ba damuwa (no problem)
Aisha: kina ji Hausa? (Can you speak Hausa?)
Me: Hausa keremi keremi (I can speak little)
Aisha: (laughs) Sai gobe (we’ll see tomorrow)
Me: Tau (OK). Yoo wa, yoo ri ti o po
Aisha: Collins, you will never change
Me: Amen (call ends)
I turned to see Iyoaye fuming with rage
Iyoaye: WHO IS THAT?
Me: that is our Account Officer Aisha
Iyoaye: (calmed down) ok. I thought it is one of these girls that always come to your office.
Me: what do you take me for? (getting angry)
Iyoaye: (coming closer to me to calm me down) I am sorry for making you angry. I thought I was just a cheap “PLEASURE WORKER” to you that was why I asked.
She moved closer to me and placed her Weapon of Mass Defence to my mouth, I grabbed it and s—-d it like I have been starved of food for 14days. After a while, I undressed her and …….

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I woke up in the middle of the night only to see Iyoaye Weapon of Mass Defence rested on my chest. I stood up to take a glass of water in the kitchen only to find out that we did not lock the main entrance to my apartment. I locked it and went back to the sitting room. I started pondering over my life, when I will settle down. I jolted back to reality when Iyoaye touched my chin.
Iyoaye: You are not sleeping why?
Me: (hissed) I don’t feel like
Iyoaye: what are you thinking about dear? (sits beside me)
Me: everything.
Iyoaye: so, am I part of what you are thinking about?
Instead of answering her, I faced her with a glare in my eyes and went straight for her lips and started kissing her. She responded back and we kissed like hungry lions. I went for her Weapon of Mass Defence and as I was s—–g it I took my fingers to her navel. She shuddered and started shaking like a fowl drenched in the rain. I continued my business and used one finger down to the holiest. I started “manipulation” her and she was responding by grinding her waist to me. She pushed me to sit on the chair and started s—–g my OPA-MOSE and mouth – fcuking me. I used my hands to rub her hair and her back while she was being gagged. After 7 minutes, she sat facing me and started riding me I used one of my hands to squeeze her Weapon of Mass Destruction while the other hand was being used to squeeze the trigger of her Weapon of Mass Defence. We fcuked for some minutes and we reverted to the usual and always common style – the Missionary Style. We both climaxed some minutes after and we slept off.

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